50 Airport & Airplane TRAVEL HACKS | Your BEST FLIGHT EVER 2019

– I’ve never actually been
asked to show proof of this. So, give it a go. (upbeat music) Hi, my name’s Megan and in today’s video I’m going to be sharing 50
airport and airplane hacks so your next flight can
be your best flight. Mm, yeah that sounded better in my head. If you’re new here don’t
forget to Like this video and Subscribe for more content. Let’s get into it. (fun upbeat music) Do not pay for water at the airports. Bring an empty bottle through security that you can fill up on the other side. My personal favorite is the Platypus because it flattens down into nothing and doesn’t take up any space in your luggage when it is empty. If you like ice water another option is to
freeze a bottle of water the night before you go to the airport. As long as the liquid is frozen, you can actually take this
straight through security and drink it on the other side. Buy a luggage tag that hides
your personal information. You do not want your address
and your phone number on display when it is very clear that you’re about to leave the country. When you get to the
security line, turn left. Most people tend to go right because it’s their dominate side. So if you go to the left, the line is often going to be shorter. I tested this out, it’s true. Put all of your valuables, like your keys, your headphones, money,
into an inside jacket pocket and then when you get to the security line you have to take your jacket off anyway. So you can take your jacket, it all stays together, put that in the bin and everything will go
through so you won’t forget anything on the other side. When you get through the security line, go directly to your gate and make sure you know
exactly where it is. I once almost missed a
flight waiting at Gate G10 for a flight leaving from
Gate G12 only to realize that G12 was actually
a 15 minute walk away. If your carryon luggage is overweight, take the heavy items out and
put it into the backpack. Generally the gate
agents will not weigh it. Take a shopping bag from the
airport or bring one with you and fill it with your extra stuff. You can have your carryon on your back, your rollaway carryon with you and a shopping bag ’cause it looks like you just picked something
up at the airport. When you’re choosing your
luggage don’t buy black. Buy something colorful that
you’re going to be able to see and find and identify quickly. If you do have black luggage
or other generic colors, try investing in a luggage sleeve. Not only does it identify your bag for you but it also will keep it closed and make sure that no one
is getting into that bag while you are not with it. Adding the fragile sign to your luggage means that it’s actually
gonna be put on top of all the other luggage. Which will usually have
it coming out first when you get to your destination. Some airlines will actually compensate you if you’ve been waiting a long time once you get to your destination to receive your checked baggage. Delta actually gives you
2,500 SkyMiles if you wait 25 minutes or longer for your luggage. Put a tracker into your checked baggage. I personally use the Tile
Slim which is less than $30 on Amazon and will track
from a GPS on your phone to show you where your luggage
is anywhere in the world. Finding plugs is always a struggle. So bring one of those compact
plug extenders with you. Even if you don’t need all the plugs, you can probably make some new friends. Nothing is worse than being
about to board a long flight and realizing that you have
2% battery left on your phone. If you forgot to bring a charger with you, head to the lost and found. Generally, any items that
are left here for 90 days or more are up for grabs. I’ve gotten quite a few new phone chargers from the airport lost and founds. Take a picture of where you park. You may think you’ll remember
but after a week on the beach, coming back late at night,
you can be overtired, who knows, take a picture. If you need to take a
taxi, Uber, Grab or Lyft do not book it from the airport as there is a surcharge for doing so. If you simply walk 10
meters away from the airport or across the street
and then call your Uber you will be saving up to 20%. If your flight ends up
being delayed or canceled, get in that long line
along with everyone else waiting to speak to the gate attendant. But also call the customer
service agent for the airline on the phone while you’re standing there and see which one you get to first. The agent on the phone will
be able to do everything, if not more, than the gate
attendant that is at the airport. For the best experience while
you’re still in the airport check out sleepinginairports.com. It’s gonna tell you the best
places to get some sleep, like airport chapels, which I
never would have thought of. Best places to eat. Where to find power plugs and so on. Make sure you check-in online and select your seat before you board. If the airline doesn’t
give you a detailed map and you want more information
on your seat selection check out seatguru.co. They’ll show you for the exact
plane that you’re flying on where you’re gonna get the most leg room, where the plugs are gonna be and so on. Let the gate agent or
flight attendants or both, know if you have a short
layover after the flight. They’ll likely move you up
to the front of the plane which is priority, economy
plus or even business. I almost always do have short layovers, but I have never been asked
to show proof of this. When they call you up
for general boarding, don’t jump, board last. If you board last, you’re
actually able to scope out all of the free seats and have your pick. When do put your luggage up, make sure it’s up directly
above you or in front of you. If you stow your luggage behind you, you’re gonna have to wait
for all the people behind you to get off the plane to go back
there and get your luggage. When you get to your seat,
empty the seat back pocket. All those magazines and
booklets that are in there actually take up way more
space then you would imagine and by putting them in the top with the rest of your luggage
you’re giving yourself an extra couple of inches of leg room. Keep in mind that the
window seats are colder. The front of the plane
gets you on the plane and off the plane the fastest. The middle of the plane by the wings is gonna be the least turbulence. But the back of the plane
is gonna be the best service because you have easy access
to all the flight attendants. If you’re booking as a couple
try to book the window seat and the aisle seat on a row of three. Best case scenario, no one
books that seat in the middle and you have the row to yourselves. And if someone does, unfortunately, have to sit in the middle, they will gladly switch
with you for the window or for the aisle so you
can still sit together. If you’re looking to get
some sleep on the plane, pick the window seat that’s on the side that you normally sleep
on if you were in a bed. Make sure you download
your music, podcasts, eBooks or even some Netflix
you can now download and save shows on your
laptop and your iPad. Do this before you get on
the plane because, obviously, you won’t be able to at that point. If are in a couple and you will be sharing
your entertainment device with someone else, invest
in a $1 headphone splitter. This way you can each
have your own headset and not have to do the one
ear in and one in theirs. If you were too late picking a seat and ended up in a terrible
spot check out expertflyer.com. You put your flight details in and it will send you a notification when anyone goes on
and changes their seat. This way you’ll know right away and you can go and grab the new seat. Airport lounges are the best,
because they give you a place to relax, there’s free
food, the Wi-Fi’s fantastic. However, they happen to be very expensive. I recently found out with my credit card that I get one free lounge
access per calendar year. So check with your credit card to see if you have any additional perks that you did not know about. Another option is to check
out Craigslist, eBay, Kijiji or any of these online marketplaces as there are many people that
are selling one time passes on them for incredibly cheap prices. If you’re not able to get into the lounge, at least sit outside the lounge
and steal their free Wi-Fi. If it’s password protected,
there’s a great website by foXnoMad that actually
lists all the user names and passwords for airport
lounges around the world. When you go to book your
flight or when you check in, consider ordering a special meal. Not only are they higher quality, but you will be served first, which can be up to 30 minutes faster than everyone else on the plane. No more cold, last-choice pasta. Consider packing some of
your own snacks, as well. I usually bring my own
instant coffee, tea, oatmeal and soup because you can get
hot water both in the airport and on the plane for free. If you do decide to bring any
nuts or dried fruit with you make sure you throw them out before you get to your destination because they will not be
allowed through security. If you have a sensitive stomach, avoid drinking carbonated beverages when you’re on the plane. The air bubbles will actually
expand in your stomach and with the altitude changes and this can lead to a lot of discomfort. Take gum with you and make
sure you’re chewing it during takeoff and landing to avoid that clogged feeling that
you get in your ears. Consider bringing a toothbrush, toothpaste and some face wash. This is especially helpful
if you’re on a long flight to feel refreshed and
ready to go when you land. Make sure you dress in
layers because airlines still insist on keeping their airplanes at subzero temperatures. Also, check out a pair
of compression socks ’cause they’ll not only
keep your legs warm, they’ll improve the
circulation on a long flight. A few of the things I bring
with me would be sunglasses, even if it is cloudy when
you get on the plane, as soon as you get above those clouds if you wanna look out the
window it is gonna be so bright. I bring melatonin to help me sleep, as well as, an eye mask and ear plugs. Another option is one of those pillows. If you wanna bring the
inflatable one to save space make sure you don’t
inflate it all the way up while you’re on the ground because with the changes in pressure it’s going to expand and then it may pop. Similar note, if you have
one of those water bottles that you press a little button and there’s a straw inside of it, make sure that you take the lid off and let the pressure out
once you’re up into the air, because if you click that button you will have a little fountain coming out of your water bottle. You can always bring an
empty pillowcase with you. You can then stuff it
with your extra clothes and use it as a pillow. But my back generally kills on these uncomfortable plane seats. I usually ask the flight
attendant for an extra pillow and I will place it between my lower back and the back of the seat. Airplanes are one of the worst places for picking up bugs from
other people and getting sick. The best way to combat this
is to not touch your face, use hand sanitizer or
Wet-Naps, frequently, and probably bring some cream with you because your hands will be
very dry after all of this. Leave the air vent above you
open to help circulate air and, this is the big one,
never, ever eat directly off that tray table that is in front of you. This is considered to be the
dirtiest place on the plane and it is not cleaned nearly as often as you would think it is. I’ve personally seen people
changing baby’s diapers on these tray tables and then
closing them back up, bah. Last tip is just to be nice. Be a generally good, patient human being. Because I can guarantee
that those flight attendants and gate agents are just as tired and just as stressed as you are. If you need some extra incentive it generally helps to be
nice to to those people that have a discretionary effort to improve your flight
experience significantly. And those are my 50 best flight hacks. If you have of your own
that I didn’t mention or if there’s any that you
would like me to test out I am flying from Canada all
the way to Thailand next week and I would be happy to give them a go. Please give this video a Like
if you enjoyed the content and I will see you next Tuesday. Thanks, bye. (upbeat music)

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