50 HOTEL HACKS | Genius Travel Life Hacks

50 HOTEL HACKS | Genius Travel Life Hacks

(Music) Hi and welcome to the channel. My name is Megan and I am
super excited about today’s video, because I’ll be running through 50-plus – yeah, I lied, there’s more than 50 – hotel room hacks that you can
use on your next trip. Don’t forget to subscribe and give
this video a like if you enjoyed it. I’ll get right into them
because we have a lot to cover. (Music) Use the combination of the door lock
and the hangers in your cupboard to hold the door open
while you bring all of your luggage in. You can also use that hinge
that’s above the door as a bottle opener. I don’t have a beer bottle with me
but it would look something like this… Inside your cupboard you’re also going
to find hangers for pants, which are going to have clips on them. This is perfect
for that really annoying gap that’s letting all the
sunlight in from your blinds You can just clip the blinds together
and block that out. If you’re getting outside noise
coming from the hallway or any light that’s streaming in, take a towel and wedge it
underneath your hotel room door. If you forgot your phone charger
or if you don’t have the proper plug that’s going to work
in the country that you’re in and you don’t have an adapter, you can instead plug the USB
straight into the back of the TV. This is going to charge your phone
as long as the TV is on. If you do want an adapter
or a phone charger, us travellers are notorious
for leaving these behind so, definitely just head straight
down to the front desk and ask them; they probably have a spare
they will lend to you for the duration of your stay. To not be one of these travelers
that leaves this behind, definitely try looping
the cord of the charger through your keys to your car. This way, when you go
to leave in the morning and you go to grab you keys, you’re going to see your charger
and remember to bring it with you. You may also want to check out on Amazon
for one of the travel plug extenders, they’re very inexpensive
and they’re very compact. This is going to allow you to charge
your laptop and your phone without having to unplug
the lamp or the alarm clock that is in the hotel room. I hate having to watch TV series
on my phone or on my laptop, so I always travel
with a Google chromecast, which you can plug into the HDMI port
in the back of the hotel TV. This is going to allow you
to stream Netflix or whatever else is
on your laptop on the big screen. If you don’t want to do this wirelessly or some hotels won’t
let you do it wirelessly, you can also just bring an HDMI cord and then directly plug it in
to your laptop and the other end in the TV, and it’s going to mirror anything
that you have on your computer. If you don’t mind watching shows
directly from your phone, try repurposing your glasses
as a phone stand or, if you’re just looking
to listen to music, take the reusable glass
or mugs from the room and put your phone inside of it, this is going to greatly amplify the sound that you’re getting
out of your phone speakers. You can also use that folded sheet
as a bedside storage spot, just make sure that
before you get too comfy you check the bed for bedbugs. Now, this has nothing to do
with the cleanliness of the hotel, bedbugs travel very well and,
once they get into a room, they get into everything, the carpets, the couches,
the sheets… everything. So, even if the sheets are washed,
you may still have an issue. I have a PDF linked below that’s going
to give you all of these hacks as well as some links on how you can check
your hotel room for bedbugs. It’s becoming more and more common for hotels to charge their travelers extra
if they want to use their Wi-Fi networks. I’ve been able to get free Wi-Fi
every single time I’ve tried this by offering to write
a review for the hotel instead. What I’ll do is I’ll check in,
I’ll go to my room, and then I’ll go back down to reception and let them know about
how great the view is or beautiful the room was,
just something nice, and that I would love to write them a review but, in order to do so,
I will be needing the Wi-Fi password. It’s going to be a win-win
because they get a review and then you have the password
to use for the remainder of your stay. An extra hack to up
your chances of this working is to additionally offer to mention the name of the woman or man
that checked you in in your review. This is going to give them huge
bonus points with their employer and they’ll be more likely to support you
and giving you the Wi-Fi password to write this review. Ariport and hotel networks are prime
for having your information stolen. It’s essential that you use a firewall as well as a VPN on your network
when you’re browsing; Having a VPN is also going to allow you
to access American Netflix even if you’re in a different country. Once you have the Wi-Fi password, you might be keen to pull your laptop out
and get some work done, which you can do in an ergonomic way
by using the ironing board as an adjustable height desk. This way, you’re not having
to work from your bed or being hunched over
on the desk that they provide, that never seems to be the right height
for the chair that they also provide. It’s important to think
about how you will be keeping all of these devices,
and your passport, and your cash, safe while it’s in the room. I don’t trust the safety boxes
that they provide you with. I’ve personally had things
stolen out of a locked box and then, last month when I was in Mexico, I had a friend go through
the exact same experience. These safes can be
easily carried right out of the room if they aren’t bolted to the ground and I can guarantee that someone
in management or the staff has a master key or master code. Instead, I would suggest that you invest in a suitcase that’s
going to have a lock on it; you can use a bike lock to lock your suitcase
to a fixed object in the room; an example would be a radiator
or the water pipe. I’ll also leave the “Do Not
Disturb” sign on the door to indicate that I don’t want
my room cleaned. Personally, I would rather clean up after
myself than have the staff come in and have free range of all of my things, sometimes I’ll even leave
the TV on in the room to make it seem
like I’m there when I’m not. You may be wondering how
I’m able to leave the TV on when it’s the key card that you need to put the electricity on
in most hotel rooms. Well, number one, you can ask
for a second key card at the desk when you check in or, better yet, that slot is going
to take any type of card, so I’ll leave one of my business
cards or someone else’s in the slot and it’s going to put
all of the electricity on; you don’t need a special
key card to do this, which could be helpful
if you want to keep the AC running or you want to charge your devices. But please, don’t abuse this and don’t waste energy
if you don’t need to. Something else I’ll do for extra safety
as soon as I check in to a hotel room is I’ll leave and I’ll take the stairs
down to the first floor. Sometimes I’ll get to the bottom
and realize that the door is barricaded or that there’s actually no exit
from the staircase. It’s much better to figure
this out at the beginning than being in an emergency situation
and not being able to exit the building. On my way to the staircase,
I’ll also take a photo of my room number so I have it on my phone as most key cards are not going
to tell you where your room is anymore, which is very smart because you don’t
want key cards lying around with room numbers on them
in case you were to lose it. Hotel room hacking begins
right at the booking stage, and where you book your room
is also going to matter. If you tend to always use the same chain, I would say go directly to that
hotel’s website and book with them. If they have a good loyalty program, you’ll be the first in line
for upgrades and their loyalty points, which you can use
towards future discounts. I personally am not loyal
to a single chain so, instead, I will use
hotel discount booking sites to make my bookings
at the lowest rates. One of my favorites is HotelsTonight
and then Booking.com and Agoda. I’ll also pair Rakuten to get
a cashback on all of these bookings and then Honey to give me a discount code
on all of these bookings as well. I did a whole video on how I easily use both free browser extensions,
Rakuten and Honey, to save hundreds of dollars on all
of my flight and hotel bookings; I’ll leave that for you linked below. Another option is to look online but then not actually make
your booking online. If you’re in the area
and you can walk into that hotel, you can show them the discount
that you’re getting from that third-party site. They will have to pay
that site a commission and then also give you
the discounted rate if you were to book online through them so, instead, they may offer you “book directly with us,
but at discounted rate.” It’s a win-win; they don’t have
to pay a commission fee and you get a discount rate. If you’re booking online
with the hotel directly or over the phone or in person, if you have any reason at all
to be celebrating, let them know. If it’s your anniversary,
let them know how excited you are to be celebrating
your anniversary at their hotel. This may go nowhere but it may also put you
as the first one on the list for an upgrade if one were
to become available. Is that your aunt Louisa’s anniversary? Is it your cat’s birthday? Let them know. Not all rooms are created equal and this is something you can influence
when you’re actually booking your room if you know what to ask for. A room on a lower floor
is going to give you a poor view, you’ll probably hear some
of the street noise from outside, and you get less natural light. You will also be more vulnerable to theft. On the contrary,
you can evacuate more easily if you are in an emergency. High floors mean better views,
less street noise, and less chances of theft
from an outsider; however, you are reliant on the elevator and it’s going to be more difficult
for you to evacuate in an emergency. If the hotel you’re staying at
hosts business meetings or conferences, they’re usually held on the top floor. So, if you have a room on a higher floor, you may be getting noise
from one of these functions that seem to be happening
at the same time as your stay. My preference is to ask
for a corner room on the third floor right beside the stairs. This is going to maximize the benefits
of both high and low floors while minimizing the drawbacks, it also means it’s very easy for me
to evacuate through the staircase if there ever was an emergency. You’ll definitely want to avoid
a room beside the elevators, the ice machine, the fitness center
and the breakfast buffet because, of course,
there’s going to be extra noise coming from these areas; you can request this
when you’re booking online or when you go to book over the phone. Something else you want to avoid
is a room directly beside or directly above the pool because the aroma of chlorine is likely
going to be invading your hotel room. One of my favorite hacks
to save money on buying bottled water is to instead use the kettle, boil tap water and then
put the kettle in the fridge overnight. I’m also proud and slightly embarrassed to say that I have
boiled eggs inside of a kettle. I have some vegan friends
that will additionally make pasta and rice inside the kettle. The hotel staff is probably
not going to like you. They’re definitely not going to like me. Honestly, you can make pretty much
anything that you can make in an oven inside the microwave, just give it a quick google and you’re going to be mind blown at all
the different things that you can do. As for the hot water that’s going
to be dispensed from the kettle or that coffee maker in your room, some of my go-tos are
oatmeal for breakfast and then instant soup
or those cup of ramen noodles that you can also get cheap
at the grocery store. You can also get out
the ironing board if you have tinfoil with you, you can use this to make
a grilled cheese sandwich or I even know people that have put
tinfoil on top of the iron and then cracked an egg
inside of that and… had an egg. Many hotels include a breakfast buffet, they often give you breads and bagels
and then, over on another section, you’ll find eggs and bacon and all that
staple American breakfast good stuff. Many people don’t realize
that you can combine all of this and make an epic breakfast sandwich, you could also make several sandwiches, which you could pack
with you for later in the day. And those little packets
of butter or cream cheese, put them on the toaster beside your bread
while your bread is toasting; its going to soften them up
so you can actually spread them onto your toast once it’s ready
or into a sandwich. If you are planning
to take some food for later or if you plan to do some cooking
inside of your hotel room, make sure you grab a few extras
of those reusable bowls, plates, and the cutlery… If you don’t have access
to a breakfast buffet or you forget to do this, don’t be shy to call down
to the front desk and ask if they have any dishes
that you can borrow. Another use that you can get
out of your ironing board is to use it as a dinner table; this is also great if you have kids
and you don’t want them eating on the bed. Just take a towel and place it
over the ironing board so that you’re not leaving
remnants of food behind for the next time someone goes to use it. Regardless of where
your food is coming from, take the shower cap from the bathroom
and place it over your leftovers before putting into the fridge
to keep everything fresh for later. If your hotel does have a gym,
definitely check that out. If you have a reusable
water bottle with you, you can usually get
free water from down there as they almost always have
a fountain or water dispenser. They may also have free
water bottles available inside the gym as well as a basket of… fruit. Just check out the gym,
they often give away freebies. And, apart from the freebies, I would say avoid the gym, because, along with airplanes, gyms are one of the worst places where you can pick up a bug
that’s going to make you sick. There are a few other things
that you can do to avoid getting sick from the things that are found
inside of your hotel room. Pack hand sanitizer or wipes; at the very least, please, please, sanitize
the hotel room remote before you go to use it. Google it… Ooh… don’t Google it. Other things that you may want
to consider wiping down would be the alarm clock as well as the hairdryer in the bathroom
before you go to use it. If you don’t have any
hand sanitizer with you, then and grab the shower curtain or the bag that they give you
for the ice bucket and wrap that around the remote and use it for the duration of your stay. If the hotel is providing you
with reusable cups and mugs, definitely give them a good wash
before you go to use them. Personally, I don’t use them
because I don’t have the proper… soap… dish washing liquid? If that ironing board is now being used as either a dinner table
or an ergonomic desk for your laptop, or if you just don’t want
to be bothered to get it out, you can instead take
your wrinkled clothing and hang it on the inside
of the bathroom door; when you go to take a shower the whole bathroom is essentially
going to turn into a steamer and it’s going to get all of the wrinkles
out of of your clothing. Avoid placing your toothbrush lying down
directly on the bathroom sink counter, this area either wasn’t cleaned or it’s covered with chemicals
from being cleaned. Instead, take a disposable cup and poke your toothbrush
through the bottom. These cops are pretty flimsy so, if you just put your toothbrush
in it while it’s upright, it’s likely going to fall over. If you have wet socks
from a day out exploring, you can put the socks over the nozzle
of the hairdryer and turn it on; they’re going to be dry in no time. The room will also have
the lovely aroma of damp sock, but it doesn’t have to. Take a car freshener and clip it on
to the AC unit inside the room. And, to keep all of your stuff
smelling nice and fresh, and fresh, take that scented bar
of soap from the bathroom while it’s still wrapped up –
don’t use it first – and then place it inside of your luggage. You can also take the shower cap and put any muddy dirty shoes inside of it for when you go to pack them back
into your suitcase to take home. The shower cap is also great
if you have a wet bathing suit that you don’t want to mix in
with all of your dry clothing. I’ll sometimes take the sugar packets that the hotel provides you for free
with the coffee and the tea and I will use that as a
do-it-yourself face scrub on my skin. In addition to repurposing the body cream
that they provide you with as a makeup remover, you can repurpose
the conditioner from your shower and use it as shaving cream. Whatever it is, when you get
to your hotel room, if it’s noisy, if you don’t like the view,
if it’s too cold, if the AC doesn’t work, if you forgot something… just go down and ask. You and the hotel staff are
on the same team here, they want you to have a good stay
and you want to have a good stay. Trust me, they would so much rather
know about your complaints – if presented in a nice, polite way,
which I know you will do – than have you have a horrible stay
and then leave the hotel and write a terrible review for them. That’s just a lose-lose when, instead, it could have been fixed
right from the beginning. (Music) Well, those are all the hacks
that I have for you today, but definitely leave in the comments below
any additional ones that you have because, clearly, I’m obsessed. I’ve also put together a free PDF
with all 50-plus hacks as well as some handy links to things like how to check
for bedbugs in your hotel room, which you can download down below. I also really think you’ll like some
of the other travel hack videos that I’ve made right over here. Hit my face to subscribe because I’m back every single Tuesday
with a new travel video and I would love to see you next week. Until then, have a good one
and happy travels. Bye!

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