(500) Days of Summer (5/5) Movie CLIP – All That True Love Nonsense (2009) HD

(500) Days of Summer (5/5) Movie CLIP – All That True Love Nonsense (2009) HD

you know what sucks Realizing that everything you believe in is complete
and utter bullshit. sucks what do u mean ? uh, u know destiny and soulmates true love and all that childhood fairytale non senses you were right, i should’ve listen to you no yeah, what why are u smiling?! ohh what! why are u looking at me, like that well, you know I guess it’s ’cause… I was sitting in a deli
and reading Dorian Gray, and… a guy comes up to me and… asked me about it, and… now he’s my husband. Yeah. And… so? So, what if I’d gone to the movies? What if I had gone
somewhere else for lunch? What if I’d gotten there
10 minutes later? It was… It was meant to be. And I just kept thinking, – Tom was right.
– No! Yeah, I did. I did. It just wasn’t me that
you were right about. I should go. But I’m really happy to see
that you’re doing well.

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  1. This scene gets me so hard. I broke up with a girl that I was still in love with, the same thing. And I remember the last time she touched me. The way he stares at her … Damn. I felt that. One of my favorite movies ever.
    If you've ever been in love , but for real, u get it

  2. idk how anyone can justify what Summer did to him. especially in this scene. bitch should have just left him alone forever. what she does here is like kicking an injured puppy just when it's starting to recover and spitting in its face.

  3. Summer's not a bitch, it's true that she should've handled some situations better but I can't really blame her for what's going on in this scene. They helped each other – thanks to him Summer realized that love and destiny aren't fairytales, and in return she showed him that it's not healthy to project an image of his perfect love on a girl and that sometimes we make mistakes in choosing a partner, but it's alright. She's been honest with him since the beginning by saying she's not looking for a relationship and he took it as a challenge instead of accepting the truth. He chose his own vision over her straightforward attitude and neither listened or confessed his true feelings to her. Summer's words from this scene must have been told, otherwise he would never get better and move on. She's teliing him that true love exists and he surely deserves it just like anyone else, but she's simply not The One. That's how adults should behave.

  4. 01:58 That look of longing gets me every time. In that moment you just know that he was still in love and would have gotten together with her again in an instant.

  5. im drinking and thinking about the past and remembered this scene :/ i aint depressed or sad im just thinking i like hearing objective views , idk im just babbling but i do know one thing everyone here is on the same boat in some way and you all need to know you are worth it out there dont end up bitter and meh like me do something and be amazing 🙂

  6. Im currently in love and if my boyfriend ever did this to me, i would honestly……actually, i dont know…i dont know what i would do..thats the thing about love: it's a gamble. You pray and hope that the other person wouldnt do something like that to you. I absolutely loved joseph's acting here as well. It got me so hard that i started bawling at 6 in the morning.

  7. Feeling in love feels like a fairy tale. You remember it you feel it at times. It feels good being in love and being loved. When it ends that feeling well it feels that everything and everyone is gone. You can say forever when it won't ever happen.

  8. When your girl dumps you, that shit hits us hardcore. I feel like our ego get bruised, and we feel like the power and the confidence we had just went away. You begin to ask yourself "why wasn't I enough for her". And drive yourself mad trying to figure out thousands of ways of convincing her to get back together with you. This movie is amazing, specially for males, because we finally have some sort of love type of movie to connect with at a personal level. This scene is the reality of every man who has been dumped. You just never made the "one for you" realize at the time, that you were the man for her. Also the line " It wasn't me that you were right about" hit me worse than a soccer ball been shooted directly into my balls. You go to sleep thinking about her, you make those little plans in your head about wedding, a house, kids, she loving you to death. The dream of finding your other half has finally come true, its HER! just to have reality slap you in the face. She wasn't the one, she never meant to be that, she was a lesson. It's hard to let go, but you have too. Realize the inevitable truth, that its fate that decides who you end up with, not you. Move on, and let life figure itself out, because it does. Just become a better you in the process, and apply what you learned next time.It's been 3 years and I still can't date anyone because of my trust issues, but I believe one day, I will try dating someone again.

  9. Feeling so sorry for Tom. I understand that it is true that Tom kind of ignored the fact that Summer did say she didn't want a relationship but feelings are hard to predict – especially with all the couple and intimate things they do with each other (kissing, holding hands, talking about personal feelings, sex etc.), it's totally understandable that even if both parties agree to enter into a relationship with the mindset of having fun, one of them will most probably develop feelings for the other. I mean, what happened if the roles got switched and Summer was the one to develop feelings for Tom? It really doesn't matter if you tell someone "I don't want a relationship" because just saying it doesn't really exempt you from hurting the other person's feelings in the end if they really did love you. It's only natural for Tom to want to spend time with Summer because he would've felt like he could change Summer's mind – and this might happen but it also might not. And yes, he should've realised and cut it off completely if he knew he was going to get hurt instead of going back in. I just feel that if Summer was perfectly set on just wanting to be friends with Tom, then she should've stuck with it and not venture into all the romantic things that couples typically do like hold hands, kiss, share feelings etc. Personally, I feel it's a bit too much if Summer continued to heavily shower Tom with hints and getting his hopes up, just to watch it crash down again and then to justify herself, said I told you so. She should've shown him and answered his question when Tom asked "what are we?" instead of saying "who cares". I'm really not trying to antagonise Summer because I get that relationships are messy and feelings get hurt either intentionally or accidentally and no one is really to blame but sometimes, I just don't understand what went through Summer's mind. It'd be really cool if they made a movie from Summer's perspective, so to speak.

  10. Just broke up with my boyfriend. He was my Summer. He never believed in true love or things like that. I don't think I can handle things as Tom did in this scene if I ever see him again…

  11. I was in the same exact situation a couple years ago when I broke up with my ex gf. In fact, I watched this movie shortly after. It really made sense to me. I did the exact same thing Tom did – I projected my dream girl onto her, I enforced my feelings to her, tried my best to win her heart. In the end it was all for nothing, and the idiot was none other than myself. But Summer did one thing that my ex never did and it was this. She never gave me an explanation or a closure. We never talked after we broke up and can't blame her for that. In the end, I had to make my own explanation. What Summer did here was an act of kindness, something that Tom deserved at least. I'm just thankful that I watched this movie because it was as if Summer was talking to me as well – we laughed, we loved and we tried, but she isn't the one.

  12. One of my favorite movies..

    If you allow me further to unfold the meaning of the movie, that this movie is not just about a man who believes in romantic stories in the movies, soulmates and get bitten with truth.. cause the truth unfolds more than that
    summer broke up with him, because he's indecisive during relationship and he's indecisive to escalate and lead the relationship further especially about marriage

    cause Summer really also believes in soulmates and romantic stories (you can notice clearly when they watched a marriage movie and she cried alot really feeling that emotion of really wanting something)

    And were just waiting for a happy ending with tom because they really vibes and like soul mates, but Tom just wouldn't pull out the trigger (it was good that he was able to escalate it into an official relationship, you can see Summer was happy) because he's not alpha,you can note this when summer said in the last parts:

    Tom: "why did you want to dance with me?

    Summer: "cause i want to" (hidden meaning, i want you to dance me, but you're not decisive and alpha so i always lead what to do)


    Summer: "it was just not me that you were right about" (hidden meaning:maybe you didn't really want to marry me") then in a while touched his hands (hidden meaning: i'm really sad you don't just get it Tom).

    "You never wanted to be anybody's girlfriend, and now you're somebody's wife." – Tom

    You can see from the movie that Summer always lead the relationship, which is not sustainable in the long term, as a woman she must be able to continuously express her femininity feeling secured and especially she was in the time of her life where she was already tired of being masculine to everybody. She needs someone to lead her now, and more alpha than her.

    It should have been Tom's role to lead the relationship. He was able to do in some scenes but he was very inconsistent, that's why Summer said she felt unsecured about the future.

    So you can see from the movie that she's really sad not ending up with tom because he really likes Tom. Tom just wouldn't get what summer really wanted = marriage.

    Everybody is blaming Summer, but it should be the other way around and this should be a big lesson for most guys out there to develop and improve their social intelligence, because these things happen alot in our society and most guys are clueless. You can't blame women for being women.

  13. I think this scene proves summer will never be happy. She married to settle down pretty much. She touches his hand and almost walks away sad to which Tom says, “ I really hope you are happy”. Almost like this talk got him over her and he may pitty her in a way as she seems to changed slightly but still has the same emotions towards marriage etc. in a way Tom knew she may never be happy meaning he never would either

  14. "It is just me that you weren't right about"… ouch… An amazing girl once said to me as we lied in bed "I love you, but I'm not in love with you"… dang the honesty stung, but at the same I appreciate that so much. We are still great friends to this day 🙂

  15. Sometimes with sad love stories like these, I need to remind myself that Zooey and Joseph are both in solid relationships now

  16. It's funny because I had a "friend" who had a crush on my sister but she wasn't interested and it made him depressed. My other friend compared my sister derogatorly to summer and after watching this I'm like, they missed the whole point of the movie

  17. The genius of this movie is that the 500 days are not of their relationship. They continue after they've broken up, because to Tom it still feels like she has a hold of him, and the process of letting Summer go takes even longer than the time they spent together (or they're at least comparable, I can't remember it's been some time since I actually saw the film). I just think that's so like life; Summer in't even in Tom's life anymore, married someone else and they don't interact on a regular basis, but every day that goes by till the 500th is hers is Tom's mind because she is still deeply imbedded in his psyche.

  18. This scene is so great. In all the film we see this yellow-orange light when we are with Summer, but in this scene all the collors are muted and cold. A methafor of the lost love (or the broken fantasy)

  19. You can see she’s hurting for him. I don’t think she’s a bad person. They’re both very flawed people. But she should never have strung him along while knowing she never wanted a genuine relationship with him. It’s clear that she regrets it though.

  20. The way Summer says, "it's just wasn't me you were right about" is just brilliant. The sadness on her facetells us that she wanted Tom; but being wanted is different from being loved.

  21. @1:52 the look on toms face is utter disbelief, not wanting to let go of summer and just wondering why it wasnt him she chose. Perfect acting by JGL

  22. i feel bad for the guy who married her i mean one day she just gonna wake up and sits in front of her husband
    husband : hi good morning
    summer: im bored
    husband : ok what's wrong?
    summer : i wanna divorce
    husband : what? why?..i..
    summer : i just feel like it
    husband : ………….wtf
    if u watched the movie u would know evey action she takes is based on whimb that she gets out of no where she is a time bomb that can go off at any sec i mean there are some real bad types of girls but she takes the cake

  23. This is exactly the point . When she was in her hand he never bother to ask her about marrying her .. when she left her he ran after her . Desperation kiss of death….

  24. The only thing worse than the movie's ending is that Joe did fell for Zooey and she considered him as a good friend.

  25. She loves him so much, you can see it. But she's not IN love with him. And that is a clear distinction people need to make.

  26. Watch this scene first, only focusing on Summer. Then do the same only watching Tom. You'll see two very different perspectives and performances.

    Below is my interpretation of each of their feelings.

    Summer is hopeful and at peace about the past. She realises she was wrong and has embraced her learning. She is kind enough to reach out to Tom and explain how she really felt (which usually doesn't happen in real life). She wants the best for Tom and still has a soft spot for him, but she's able to put boundaries on her feelings.

    But Tom is bitter, confused, angry, bittersweet and not sure if he wants to shout or cry. He feels he has learnt something too…until Summer tells him that's the wrong way to look at it. And now he doesn't know whether to focus on this new revelation (that maybe the world isn't bad), or simply to focus on the beautiful and mesmerising woman he still hasn't let go of. From 1:10 to 1:42.
    -The shrug of the shoulders
    -the unconvinced way he says "no"
    -the clench of the teeth as he swallows his feelings.

  27. @1:50 chokes me up everytime, the way he looks at her and that slight head tilt he does out of heartbreak and unrequited love

  28. In the end, Tom became a better man because despite the game she played on him, he lets go gracefully and with no ill will.

    I did the same thing to a partner who, after 8 months of me trying to become a thing, was able to become a couple with someone else barely 2 months after we stopped seeing each other. I wished him well. It still stings having been played that way, but I like to think I’m the better man by wishing them well.

  29. “This is a story of a boy meets girl. But you should know upfront, this ISN’T a love story.” – Narrator in the beginning of the film

    Most People in comments section: BAD Summer! She was mean to Tom because she didn’t love him back …

    Me: Did they actually watch the movie? Lol 😆

  30. The character of Tom actually portrayed the inner feeling of people: sometimes we realized how awful love might be but we are eager for it so desperately. From the confusion of Tom’s expression, I strongly feel the moment that people want to give up faith but can’t get out with it, probably we still depend on our innocence and purity. Thanks for 500 days of summer, neither ones are wrong, the only thing wrong is the time.

  31. Tom can console himself that there’s no way in hell Summer remained happily married. Yes, Tom was wrong about not seeing the signs Summer wasn’t interested in him long-term. The thing is Tom was also wrong about Summer being wife-material. She’s a classic flake. And the character was played by a real life classic flake – Zoey D.

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