56 thoughts on “500 Years, TV Ad, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

  1. @Ozabald1 In the very last scene?? That's a rising sun. It's supposed to be a rising sun. It signifies the new day. The sun setting in the scene before the Newfoundland and Labrador splash frame is a sun setting in the west (with the old guy on Signal Hill).

  2. I think it looks great. Although Newfoundland has a lot more beauty other than St. Johns. Why not portray some of the other thousands of places in this Province once and a while?

  3. @actuallywhocares Everything I saw was accurate. You might no get a beautiful sunny day with the horses on Water st. kids playing soccer in Bannerman park etc etc all on the same day but it all exists. It was done in HD, but none of the buildings or ppl were photoshopped or CGI's in there. That is St. John's…why don't we show the tourists chalker place and some other unattractive parts of the City to show an"Accurate" depiction of St.John's

  4. Newfoundland is a beautiful place, and now people around the world can see it's beauty thanks to these commercials, and hopefully they will come here to see it first hand. Great job, I'm a Newfoundlander born And bred and I'll be one till I die!

  5. Its amazing…growin up in Goose Cove I have memories of a place dull, brown, foggy, cold and grey…probably cause I knew of nothing else….the last few times I have ventured "Home" have revealed a province so vibrant, so full of color and life, the sweet sale in the air and the crsip clearness of the sky….christ I get homesick so fast!

  6. Looks just like Scotland with some very Norwegian houses. Never been there but passed it twice on my way to and from the states. It's just under 4 hours away from shannon, but mist likely require a connection. in Canada or the states.

  7. Every Newfoundland commercial is astoundingly breathtaking. I think this one is my favorite though, it's just so beautiful 🙂

  8. I believe those were members of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary mounted patrol. I used to see them all the time when I worked in downtown St. Johns'.
    And I've seen the odd unicycle too …

  9. Newfoundland was originally called the New Land, discovered by Leif Ericson. It wasn't named by the Portuguese. Infact, we were never apart of portugal or any spanish nation. The Portuguese visited and charted some areas however we were never apart of the country or culture. John Cabot landed in 1497 under orders from the British Empire and in 1583 we were officially a colonly of England and then later a dominion until we joined Canada in 1949.

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  11. My parents tell me that Newfoundland was one of if not the best vacation they ever had!
    They went back several times! Loved the people, the places and the food!

  12. I've only been for business so far.
    Even brief 18 hour and 36 hour business trips have been amazing.
    People, food and the spirit!

  13. Beautiful. My wife and I will be visiting in just over a months time and seeing this is making us very excited. Cannot wait.

  14. Does anyone know the name of the song and artist for this ad (500 Years, TV ad) or was this song done specifically for the ad. I wish to purchase this song.

  15. One of my favourite commercials. NL has some of the best created commercials on TV. Of course they all look a lot better, sharper on a big screen TV. Love the music in this one. 

  16. Thanks for uploading the great video.  My mom and her siblings used to live in the featured house (Queen's Battery Barrack) on Signal Hill from 1937-1959.

  17. This is my favourite Newfoundland and Labrador commercial, primarily because of the music. Matches perfectly the theme of the commercial.

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