Don’t say nothin to me period and people say I’m not talented the tour link in bio Hi guys, it’s Tana Mongeau Welcome to my mediocre get ready with me or welcome back to my mediocre get ready with me I’m gonna be like really really real with you right now. I’ve been seeing every bitch on YouTube do like a two-hour transformation video Transforming myself from like this to this and like one side of the thumbnail is her looking like fucking Shrek and then the other side Is her looking like fucking Loren Beach on crack crazy crazy transformations, and I low-key feel like I invented that wait That’s literally just me being a narcissist I’m like by narcissus studies now. I’m getting rid of them I’ve been Transforming myself from like a 1 to like a passable 6 on YouTube since I started YouTube and now that it’s a trend I’m absolutely gonna hop onto it and if I can like do like a holiday but like a hoe The day that was stupid version of that. I’m gonna do it and try to get these welcome. Hi So yeah Jordans up my asshole to make this video and it’s like 3:00 in the morning and I have to do it or he’s gonna drop Me and go manage better people. So here we are I’m being way too brutally honest in this intro, but that’s just that’s just where we’re at So I look like this I would like to look at least 4 to 5 numbers higher. So that’s what we’re gonna do today Step. One of this transformation is tell your boyfriend who’s playing for tonight and wants nothing to do with you that he has a giant Cock, I think you look good no matter what usually attend right now. Yeah, you have a giant cock though. Mmm Ok, so eventually I’m gonna sit down with a ring light and like really hoe it out But right now I’m headed downstairs to be a little bit of hide Nik and make myself Significantly tanner and I forgot to mention this but I’m literally transforming myself into like a holiday party ass holiday glam ass. Hi I’m like a passable eighth ass bitch for no reason like the second I’m done filming I’m literally just gonna wipe it off and like get fucked and go to bed I am solely doing this because Jordan is up my ass to do it So if you’re watching this literally fuck you Durrel onna also because I can’t stop putting this facetune photo of me on absolutely everything I think this is my new merch and I literally hate myself. She said running late I swear to god you could literally give me all of the money in the world and I would still make my travels like this Okay, Wow. I’m busted as fuck so for me step one to all of this is Washing and exfoliating everything on my body and luckily. I just did that because I got dick I Fucking dick too much. I’m sorry. It’s just kind of my mate So this is in life right now itself very quickly on my body. I used soap & Glory flake away scrub. It’s absolutely amazing Hey, so Gloria if you see me, and you’re not expending all of your coin on Andrea Russett If you could just like mail me some of these cuz I’m like really say goodbye, man clean owe me body wash the same shit favorite body wash in the world and just literally smells like Like actual like if I make it to heaven, I’m like not hell cuz I said, okay, it’s gonna smell like this body wash It’s so good. It is completely smooth shave Gel just cuz it stops like any razor bumps everything just like perfect and smooth plus see good pussy Spicy pussy like good pussy go to the c-suite restaurant. Yeah, not sponsored bollocks sponsoring. It’s great And then I use a mens razor instead of a women’s razor. This shit is so gross Still living with razors get up closer shave and I’m obviously shaving me cuz I hate doing anything Or being a girl so anything we can make that like pop in less now. The next step for me is Absolutely, just like pivotal and that is using a spin brush I have super dry skin And I’m going to get up close like check out on my acne as you can see like right there and like right there That’s bad. That’s rough This is like the ugliest I’ve been on camera in so long My skin is so dry and literally like flake away and fall off That’s wonder why I have the wrinkles at 20 like thank you Botox. No, I can’t put my eyebrows So yeah, I feel like if I put makeup on top of that like flaky dry skin It just looks worse and Marc Jacobs remarkable the foundation I use is super drying So for me using a spin brush is so important. You’ve all actually just sent me a new one for Christmas My other one is in the shower And I don’t even want to show you the brush head from like scrubbing off my straight ends, but it is Yes, but like me right now. You’ve got ugly So yeah, I’m not gonna open this one and use a brand new one on camera I’ve gotta bring on Tony won’t be moving up to show you that I’m jacking off like no wonder you’re not mom if I would and then on that Spin brush I’m gonna use a mix easy face brush Which I also have been so obsessed as they also just sent me new bottles for Christmas But I just like broke one of them because I’m like this that you get youtuber I think super careful with the things. I think you need to put in my videos again It comes with all four brush heads face sensitive body and pumice stone. Pull my stone Roxy like a puma put my shoes I don’t know how to say it our word. I’m sorry And Samar. Oh my god gets you a girl looking new at all. God I’m such a sarcastic times and I like I don’t want me make you this video right now against fucking 3:00 in the morning Beat normal girl so in the last video using this everyone in the comments say you’re using the body brush up on your face and people were like Fucking mad about it, like really really really mad So I’m gonna use this face one because it’s be more mad about it But I still like to use the giant one of my face just because it’s literally faster and I’m literally lazy and unhygenic And like always I was dying to do all year and a half ago and to be working with them now is fucking nuts over Everybody the comments when I do this shit like oh this isn’t had like, okay I’ve spent my real money on it and every time I breathe it gets D monetize How do you expect me like make videos without working with brands sometimes and that’s just the fucking tea on that sister again? Like I will never over the brand my own fuckin support and love it for it to be one that I have and one spend My money on makes my dick hard. So yeah, you can use code Anna first 70% on and also 70% off of something that’s like normally expensive like why wouldn’t I want to share that with you if I was going to use a Spin brush. Anyway Stepanek 70% off. It literally makes the best gift I got everyone in my life spin brushes for Christmas last year fun fact just because if you haven’t been put on you need to be put on show up and it feels so good and Then I like a brush my teeth But like honestly if you’re trying to transfer you just like get veneers like I did then I’m gonna moisturize my face So what I like to do before I put on makeup and self-tanner is use a really good hyaluronic acid based moisturizer This one’s your Val Venis. It’s really really pricey I don’t know why I like Sonique Moisture Surge just as much and it’s a lot cheaper and a lot of the same ingredients But I also really like this one if you’re willing to splurge it also smells so weirdly like an alcoholic beverage but I like Also, focus it on places where I feel like I get wrinkles because I get wrinkles even on 20 I’m so like right here because I’ve dry skin so dry skin wrinkles a lot faster and then I’m going to use algin s black moisturizing spray, like even on top of that just because again like guys literally I Was this ain’t driving grit on pussy why is that always when I go to say when I want to describe How dry my skin is like a desert baby? Okay. So now I am ashamed to be admitting this on the internet like seriously I was like a camera on like That was obviously I’m seriously ashamed to even be admitting this on the Internet but pretty much whenever you see me out and I hope tan I’m only tanning the parts of my body that you’re gonna see like 70 percent of the time because I’m too lazy to do my whole body Say Jordan, I’m sick. I don’t want to be going Okay, literally so I think so yeah, you don’t have to turn your whole body why would you can’t you away I mean I don’t know everyone thinks like I’m really just like the laziest person on this planet and then like when I take off all my Clothes they look like 9 different skin tones and super sexy. So the next part of this video I’m really sad about this tanning company makes like my favorite self-tanner on this planet other than the Isle of paradise self-tanning water This stuff is fucking amazing but it only takes like 10 hours to develop so you can only do it if you’re doing it like the night before something and It’s by far the easiest to apply Just cuz you literally like spray it on and just kind of move them in around this isn’t sponsored by the way again I love paradise. My email is in the description check it out, but When it comes to like transforming yourself in like two hours, that’s not the one for that. So I’m using Youtuber it’s like why not be like, I love you so I’m just hoping like spend my money only and I’m really sad that I’ve been giving them free promo right now because like baby But it’s a great products and I can’t deny that and I am always honest with you guys So I felt like using another product because I’m butthurt would just be like a lot But like loving damn if you’re watching this it is never too late. Like I forgive you like. Oh, yeah I know we’ve been through a lot but like I forgive you in my email This is like legit the most pain I’ve ever known I can’t promise I know and it’s like really weird for me and I’m not looking for it. I start with my Yeah, and this camera isn’t super green. So the product ends up being like not original on everybody look at me Well things and just promoting your shit for free. I also use the two hour Express again for transforming yourself. So I’m also really bad at flying self-tanner though So I would take everything I’m saying with a grain of salt spam and maybe go watch like Jacqueline He’ll teach you how to solve I also literally don’t even do my back because I assume my hair is gonna be there like I’m such trash makeup by Samuel told me a while ago like your foundation will always apply your favorite way with a self-tanner and there like That’s what he would do on kylie jenner’s so I mean they come promptly gonna question it I always have a weird tan line around my Cartier bracelet, but you know, I’m just like It’s like a problem. Most people I can understand Most people would take them off but they unscrew and again, I’m lazy So I just kind of pretend like the channelings real and I’m like, yeah I got it the knight comes to Rita this burn my body is like legit already later And now what I’m about to do Is just so embarrassing So now normally if I was wearing like biker shorts or like a regular dress and like sneakers or something I’ll eat an all of my legs cuz obviously they would be showing but I also wear thighs a lot That’s a hickey. I’m literally just gonna tan the part of my legs Deserve a signal subscriber. I don’t even deserve to put like beauty in the tags of this video But I do this frequently actually, especially that’s what’s funny is like if I’m in a rush to go somewhere I’ll wear the thighs just so I know that I can do this faster. People will see me in bigger so put together a memory size and I go Like it really? because this is like the Fastest thing to do and I’m not gonna lie to you if you don’t watch this often eat at home or ten of your legs like it is so disgusting the way it looks so literally your thigh will be like I would do Hawaii and your legs are like I stayed in the house for three months and it’s just it’s it’s interesting for sure All right so now My thighs and tan my arms are tan My face is tan my neck and chesterton my back doesn’t Anna but if you like how often is manic upper back on Instagram And we’re gonna change the way that this looks Hello and welcome to tennis hello corner Okay So I’m not in gonna lie to you guys Step one is literally popping Every single black head on my face and then tweezing my eyebrows just because I cannot this is why I shouldn’t be a beauty guru Because most videos would just like never say this or do this, but I’m not claiming to be one I feel like like I said earlier self-tan already accentuates acne and blackheads and if they’re on my face I’d rather just get them out and I don’t want to put makeup on top of that either. I’m super anal about that It’s all part of the transformation Then I’m gonna pull my hair rock with this cute a plaid scrunchie because I’m trying to you know Stay trendy with the times and I’m like, I got a cup of coffee because it’s like 4:00 in the morning But I like me to finish this video so I fuck you Jordan. I just throw my hearing a little half-up half-down pony I’m thinking like prom first things first. I went a beauty sponge on top of wedding and I’m spraying it with tatcha luminous dewy skin Mist I saw Kim Kardashian’s Springer Beauty Blender with this Sun now I’m spraying my Beauty Blender with this then some eye cream because again I’m aging ten times more rapidly than any other fucking 20 year old on the planet I think it noticeably helps me look less like I’m running on one hour of fucking sleep at all times Then I’m gonna goes to face primed and peachy cooling Mattifying primer just to create an even more poreless base this also smells like peach so much to the point that literally Bella would always be like smelling or licking my No weird sentence and she would literally be like, oh my god, you taste like peaches like it’s awesome Damn, take the two-faced lip injections lipgloss and put it on right now This stuff is insane when it comes to pumping it literally can double your lip size and it’s also kind of painful but if you’ve been following you for a while, you know that I love slight pain so It’s kinda like burns a little bit But it’s like tingly you know flicks so good if I’m ever wanting like a nude lip or a glossy lip I’ll put it on after so that all day it can be pumping like that But today I’m doing like a red lip cuz like holiday you’re so funny having like a boyfriend that I’m like constantly with no and if I wear this shit and I kiss I’m gonna literally Make his lips bigger and like sting he fucking hates it but you know gotta do it You gotta go to the in Instagram slut I just recently changed the order of the way that I do my makeup for the first time in my entire life So this is like starting to hurt and living So basically, I’ve always always done like primer foundation concealer powder bronzer contour brows But I’ve been starting with my brows because I just recently discovered how much I love to Slightly carve them ever since I did start doing that. I’ve been getting so many more comments about my makeup looking really good so I think I’m doing something right maybe in the nose and I just kind of spray my brows and like dampen them because I think that it makes The brush strokes look more lifelike and I think it makes products glide on faster and easier. It might not do any of that I really don’t know shit. So I also feel like 19 in my tracks are showing right now So that’s always like fun and fresh and then I’m just gonna take a bourbon decay faint Just kind of loosely follow the shape of my brows But try to make them bigger darker and a little more symmetrical but mine are also Definitely definitely. She stars not twins as you guys can see my lips are already starting to light Which are low-key way before we love like some fresh via cells. Yes. Something’s wrong with me like who wants their lips to? Look, like I haven’t gotten lip filler and like almost a year now, which is actually really wild I’ve been kind of letting it like dissolve for like a hot second three like a little too big So, okay, so I felt and I look absolutely terrifying right now, but the next step for me So the next step for me is carving out my brows So then I’m gonna grab another angled brush and go in with a concealer or foundation and just kind of sharply probably not Cover up all parts of my skin that I don’t want to show I just kind of try to make them as symmetrical as possible I just kind of really bring me These Marc Jacobs, please at least just put me on your fucking PR list or star eye promo this foundation more than anything from shade 34 beige medium They’re just kind of like to pull it up obviously because I can’t raise my eyebrows because of the photog I’m talking like I know anything. Okay, so I again look absolutely fucking terrifying And I take a sip my coffee. It’s Relating a giant fuck you to Jordan. It is now five twenty four in the morning now I’m just gonna go in on putting the salvation all over my face I don’t know if you relate to me, but I am fugly so I’m just gonna do my best to Cover that up. I’ve really been working on myself as a person and one of the traits is not dragging my Beauty Blender So I’ll be back and one step closer to looking less like a hobbit I also went ahead and really made sure to like with my singers work it into my hair light and drag it on my neck And eventually I will drag it down my chest because I basically just want to make any sign of me being a fucking catfish Completely undetectable. I’m gonna take tart shape tape and place it underneath my eyes in a giant Triangular shape. I definitely use way too much of this, you know Just trying to cover exactly I feel like this is a really easy way to contour to Just by like instantly having this whole section of your face be lighter. Then I put it right here Just cuz my lip filler is way too big and I don’t want there to be any weird shadows And I don’t I think I have a fucking mustache because of those weird shadows. I’m just gonna cover up like Mount Everest Magic Mountain the Himalayans over here Literally the sound of this hitting my face sounds like something hitting plastic, okay So now I’m gonna set my face a little laura mercier setting powder. I don’t know if Kat Von D is cancelled Merch Lincoln Baio. I still use the calendar shade electorate to contour I’m just gonna use the middle bottom shade and basically carve out where I wish my cheekbones were try to make my forehead smaller without face too and refine and then just give myself some quick jawline lipo who’s gonna take any Fluffy brush pretty much ever so slightly contour my nose. I’m not good at this I’m not claiming to be good at this a little at the bottom. Just doing what my nose job didn’t I’m just blending. You know, I might be the girl. That’s like what you’re supposed to do, right? Okay, so it’s a little harsh right now, but I’m not even gonna blend that out I’m just gonna start applying too shimmery bronzer kind of all over the face focusing on the opposite parts of where I put the contour like if anything where the light would hit Versus not hit and my favorite bronzer in the world for this Too Faced chocolate Soleil bronzer This is probably one of my favorite products of 2018 I’m also debating doing our favorite products of 2018 video just for making myself Look overall tanner and I think applying this on my cheekbones kind of blends out the contour like all in one step It smells just like hot cocoa like chocolate literally so for all you people that like to say that I like a smile a dialer taste like fucking peaches and chocolate so I’ve so many nice morphe brushes and I insist on using this weird shitty Sonia Kashuk for Target like circa twenty fifteen brush now ever so slightly I’m gonna take the middle light shade and then just put a little bit in the inner Under eye area I cannot believe I just couldn’t think of the word under eye for that fucking law if I could fuck this I would like I’m like Bitch, it’s like $10 when every other setting spray, it is like 30 the mist is insane. I Don’t understand how some look like with are like weird misty shitty bottle and then they’re just done like, okay So you set your nose this to me smells like the inside of a Vegas casino like in a good way Not like cigarettes and hookers but like the like perfume I don’t know how to explain it if they ever Discontinued that I would feel like my childhood was being like ripped out of my arms. It’s time for eyeshadow I don’t really know what I want to do I know I want to do a red lip. And I know I’m lazy So a part of me wants to incorporate a little bit of red into my eye I’m really trying to unleash my inner artist But before I get into playing around with James’s palette my favorite palette on this planet is Jacqueline Hills It is so fucking incredible if you travel anywhere It is the only fucking palette that you fucking need the transition shades in this palette There’s like literally like a whole fucking row of them and they’re incredible. So I’m gonna take this shade. It’s so funny how beauty gurus in like This brown shade and a little bit of this orange shade and just blend that through my crease I’m always gonna pull my eyelid tight. When I do that. I know that it’s giving me wrinkles. I’ll get Botox I don’t give a fuck save your comments for someone else. I legit think these are the perfect Transition shades and then now I’m just gonna keep dipping into that brown shade and kind of drag it on to my outer corner I was originally getting his tape for this look which I love to do. I’m lazy Then I’m just gonna take a little fluffy brush and apply that same brown shade to my lower lash line This is also pivotal for me. There’s just something about it. That makes my cock throb So now I don’t think I’ve talked about this on camera and I’m like nervous To talk to you about this like it’s just it means so much to me this next I shadow in this palette Changed my life just brought on the side of me that I just didn’t even know existed I wish she sold it in individual pans I would literally crush it up and fucking snort it if I could use one I shadow in the world This is the second shimmery white shade in this palette, so I’m just gonna take a flat brush and heavily packets into my inner corner to feel like the second I started doing this was when I started getting comments about my makeup being Good. I feel like it makes people compliment your eyeshadow, even though my eyeshadow is literally a piece of fucking shit Bitch, I look crazy right now, but just bear with me even if I literally have time to do no eyeshadow I will do a light dusting of this then I just take it again and Put it along my nose and I also feel like this like tiny little line of shine is what makes my nose contour like look Okay, and put a little bit of it on my cheekbone. I’m not a big highlight girl I just feel like I look like a fucking sparkly dumb bitch who doesn’t know how to do her makeup but a little bit so that my You know cheek filler hits the fucking light Can you tell I’m so over filming this like I’m gonna take a pencil brush james’s palette some fucking you’re kidding. She star I’m just gonna kind of place this on my lower lashline. I Love a good pop of color on the lower lash lines because I’m not that kind of makeup at all and I think a pop of color on the lower lash line Really elevates your eyeshadow or a pop of color in the inner corner even and it looks like you tried but it also takes literally Nine seconds, very festive now I’m gonna move on to using another my favorite beauty products that I’ve discovered in 2018 3d fiber lashes. Mascara It comes in a cute little carrying case like this actually again just got a bunch of these as christmas gifts, basically It’s these two mascaras first You’re gonna put on two regular black one and the reason why I fuck with this. Mascara, my eyelashes are chones They are so fucking short and shitty and if my lashes were ever to come off by accident, I would like this look to be As wearable as possible So I try to make my lashes look as good as I can just so they blend in with the lashes as best as possible this mascara is super fucking long-lasting and lengthening and If someone complements my eyelashes They are normally like like now you’re gonna take the second product which is literally these like 3d fibers wait It’s literally just this brush with these crazy fibers on it. Oh, yeah, I’m gonna link this below along with everything else It’s literally only $15. I don’t know if you can see that But my lashes show up above my liner band ever so slightly obviously, but for someone with literal fucking chode ass eyelashes That is so exciting to me. Fuck now. I’m gonna throw on some Lily lashes, Miami This is the ultimate part of this transformation. I could do every single thing in this video But if I did not put on these eyelashes, I would still look like fucking chicked I’ve been using these eyelashes for over a year now, which has never happened to me in my entire life There just is no better one these are the best lashes on this planet are super dramatic and super pretty but they also look kind of real I’m gonna be Reusing a pair right now that I’ve already worn five times if I could have one product in the world It would be the split lash glue after a year of promoting their product every second of every day They finally gave me a coat Thank You. Lily lashes. It just like it Obvious duo gray – black blue because any other lash glue on this planet will literally gives me chlamydia I’ll be back and significantly more attractive I’m just like instantly a whole new bitch spending $30 on these lashes is like spending $30. I’m like getting dick. It’s crazy But as they dry I’m gonna focus on pushing the outer corners like up to kind of give it like a cat eye But also more realistic is that God I’m talking like I know anything. It’s literally 6:30 now so now you know why my lips I swear to God I could have 14 cc’s of Juvederm in my lips and I would still line them it gives a level of definition and Complete makeup and even like filling up here to make my upper lip look bigger. Normally. I would be a little more meticulous today. I a red lip So I’m really just using this to outline my lips so that the lipstick doesn’t this is Urban Decay lipliner in the shade Broken like me, huh? So Okay, so nam Nia’s Fenty Beauty Stunna lip paint in the shade Uncensored also like me. Yes uncensored and broken but this lip paint is so good. Oh my god It’s gonna like stain diamond ear I love that it is so thin this is really the only Liquid lipstick that dries matte that I feel like isn’t like sticky or thick like, it’s actually just fucking perfect Okay, so I’m not gonna lie to you I’m totally not perfect at applying lip products of you notice little flaws like this one fuck Okay And just when you thought this 9 Crippling years of hell of me turning myself into more and more of the catfish was over now It’s time to go to our hair if this wasn’t like a holiday transformation video, I would probably just leave my hair straight But I’m trying to like transform and I feel like curls just like say holiday. I legit started this video at 3 a.m I’m nowhere near done and the Sun is fucking rising literally eat shit Jordan Hello, we’re in my bathroom the lighting might change cuz you know, the fucking Sun is rising But I was significantly better than I did last time. We were here so that’s good Next up for me even when curling my hair is absolutely pivotal and that is taking a flatiron to These pieces and all of these pieces. I don’t care how good my hair looks if there’s a weird little crinkly waves It doesn’t look good to me. No matter what I don’t use a fire for another little trick that I want to teach you guys and talk about later so I’m going to be using the Duvall impulse far and for Flatiron for this they have something knowing as I gave my last one to my mom another incredible fucking gift idea I swear to god Duval is just a website of like good gifts ideas I am so fucking tired dude that I was just standing here and clicking this button on and off like Wondering why it wouldn’t turn on when it wasn’t plugged and While it’s heating up this is what you might have ready to go to flat iron I love it so much and you guys can get this flat iron right now with my vote for $55.50. I will link it along with everything else in the description. No pressure I really fuck with it if you’re gonna get mad at me for Doing an ad on something when I really fuck with you can suck a dick like Zach like that look like curve right there If I’m ever leaving the house in a rush to I will always turn on a flat iron and just do this because I cannot Oh like that Definitely some foundation in my hairline, but did you expect anything less? I really have to before even brushing my hair but I can’t we got it. Anyhow, my Nina died my roots right there I honestly adore like Revlon Conair Remington Like all of those cheap brands just regular curling irons for curling my hair and this color is probably a good one I just literally burn my dick and so I’m just gonna start grabbing pieces about this size opening the clam loosely wrapping them But then leaving almost like a half inch of space out of the flat iron if that makes sense But still leaving almost like a half inch of space out of the curling iron I think this is the easiest way to achieve that like Instagram curl where the ends are kind of straight and it’s kind of beachy it’s also way less Damaging to your ends until I fucking burn them later But and then after I curl it I just kind of hold it straight to loosen the curl but I Alternates by going over and under so that last piece I was going over the curling iron like this And now this piece I’m going to be curling under so that all of my curls are going in directions Silly when you crawl all in the same direction you get that Mike sweet 16 keeps on yet I lay all the same curl like I have this in seventh grade curl. I don’t you can grab bigger chunks and do this really quickly or you can kind of take your time for a more precise look and I just think the Messier and Different each piece is the better like that’s way too princessy So again, I’m just gonna like hold it as it cools off not even hold like you yank They’re just like accidentally turn off the curling iron and make a few times that makes everything like way more convenient To speed up this process you could also use bigger chunks of hair or use a bigger curling iron Fucking hire someone to do your hair. I don’t know Can you guys tell that I want to die more now? The Sun is literally rising and I get is 7 Okay, so I just curled the entire bottom section of my hair the way I just explained to you I save you from watching that because I’m Painstakingly miserable and the Sun is entirely out now now I’m gonna curl the top layer I just kind of make it less curly just because my top layers are shorter So if I make them too curly They’re like pretty short and weird and I do the majority of these curls away from my face. Fuck So now all of my hair is curled, but it’s still a little too Curly for my liking because I’ve been doing this for nine years The flat iron is heating back up cuz I’m like turned itself off ,cuz it thought i left the house but im just like still fucking here doing this awesome! While, that’s heating up. I’m gonna go ahead and start applying some products to my hair The first one I absolutely swear by is Drybar triple sec. Oh bitch ,changed my life your hair can be like three weeks dirty and triple sec Will just like revolutionize it there’s nothing on this planet like this product a three-in-one texturising Amplifying not that I know what that means. But I am on the tour called the amplifier right now so like link in bio So it does the job of dry shampoo, but it gives you this texture and this volume and this Beachyness I Just fucking blow-dried my hair even though I didn’t look I focus on spraying it toward the middle of my hair while I’m pulling it out like this And you can already kind of tell the difference in the two sides this is more like structured Separated curls and like world’s more voluminous. Are you kidding me? Like that’s that’s like not real, okay So now the trick I’m about to show you to me Revolutionized doing my hair at home for me and this entire method of curling I actually haven’t said this but especially this was taught to me by my beloved Hairdresser Jake B Martin, I literally refer to these curls as Jake B Martin curls. I could not curl my hair at home at all I would have to go to a hairstylist every single time before him and he just recently passed away. Very randomly. He was super healthy I literally had a hair appoiment with him like days after he passed away. I spent so many hours with him Just talking about life instantly the first time we did my hair we have this like insane connection and he was just an incredible person and such a talented celebrity hairstylist in LA when he passed away the amount of people that Lives were impacted by that. I guess including mine was crazy But I feel like if I’m ever gonna mention and thank him for everything. He did it would be doing his fucking curls Not a day goes by that I curl my hair that I don’t think of him. I just got goose bumps Yeah, he’s taught me a lot about life and hair as well So thank You Jake for teaching me and now millions of people how to kick ass at some curls at home I fucking miss you (we love u) so what he taught me was if you don’t like your curls to go in at the top of them and Really hit him with a flat iron, but then to also Go in at the edges of them with a flat iron and if any hairs are just like to curly at the end like so like for my liking this one. It’s just a little bit too curly. So I’m gonna go in and just like flat iron it. This trick also really saves my ass when I’m getting my hair done on set or somewhere and someone does giving me like princess curls I’ll wait till they like fucking leave the room and then turn on flat iron and flat iron Every single hair the way I just showed you and that will make any bad curls look beachy That’s the way the cookie crumbles sister so fucking awesome JP Martin girls and if this doesn’t say fucking a holiday hair I will now have wavy hair for the next like three to four days guys It is finally like 9 fucking years later Time to get dressed. I’m so excited. Oh She’s bitchy so I put clothes on I’m using natural lighting because it’s In the fucking morning now before I explain my outfit you can’t even see my face But honestly like this isn’t what I’m worth anyways all of my videos can be like this before I Talk about my outfit my final touches to pretty much anything are putting bronzer on my chest loosely Contouring my tits. I feel like people my Instagram comments are constantly accusing me of contouring the fuck out of my tits But in reality it just details and degrade my photos a little too much. So get your fucking facts straight I wouldn’t say a contour I would just say I make my chest match my face and I kind of add a little shadow But I guess if you thought my contouring salt I thought then I cover my entire body including my asshole with gucci bloom everyone ever Contrary to popular belief tells me I smell great when I’m wearing this dove deodorant dry spray because I’m literally too lazy to even apply Deodorant to my arms. It’s also fun. Like that was fun like and then hoop earrings I feel like no outfit for me is complete without a pair of earrings and one day I was at a party and some girl that dirty Dom was Fucking I was talking to me and she was like, I just love hoop earrings. I feel like they make your face look skinnier They like frame your face and I was like damn bitch You just spoke some einstein facts, like you’re already too smart to be fucking dirty, Don and then for jewelry I’m just wearing everything Cartier that I own I feel like for a holiday look like this if I was covered in like chains it would like take away From the classy aspect of it if that makes sense for my dress. This is from My dress is from Laura’s boutique I’m literally out of a Camry I kid you not it’s like under $30 and when you use code tana It’s like really under $30. I have these dresses in every single color This one is low-key a size too big so I pinned it but when they’re the right size These dresses changed my outlook on life. So I feel like they like cinch your waist. They make your hips look bigger They have pockets They’re a super thick double lined silky comfortable material, but normally when it’s in my size it is the best fitting dress I own the black one. I wear literally constantly. It’s 9:00 a.m. I get so many compliments on this dress again every single time I wear it of people thinking that it’s from like Neiman Marcus and I feel like it’s just it’s bitchy. It’s presidential It’s one of those dresses that says like I’m classy but I’ll also Fucking cut you and I feel like just having these in like every color or any color like it’s something that you can just never Go wrong with because it’s a little bit formal, but it’s like also that still like trendy inside You already have to use go tana. I don’t even want to sound like I’m selling out for this dress like that’s how good it is, like literally just experience it and that I have And I just feel like this says like merry fucking Christmas bitch. Happy fucking holidays. Ho ho ho Yeah, if it’s cold where you are, I would probably just throw a red little puffer jacket over it I’m not gonna lie to you guys No, like a hoe never gets cold But it’s cold outside and I’m still dressing like a thotty and then again because I’m a psychopath and everything I wear has to be like slightly grunge or you know, or else I feel way too much like a girl I’m just want to go home I would probably wear this cute little teddy bear back back from dolls kill bear because I’m a little emo girl But you know in a back Yeah, okay I forgot to mention that I also threw like a little red lace House of CB bra that under this just in case it did show so it was like something Cute just cuz this dress is kind of nip-slippy for me. So yeah that is my holiday Transformation. Shout out to Duval for working with me on this video and I hope you enjoyed this transformation video like I said I just wanted to try out this new style of video because every fucking YouTube hoe ever is doing it like I want those views too yes, I Am so miserable but every single item I use will be linked in the description below use code tana for some of them and if I don’t talk to you guys before then, Merry Christmas the best Christmas gift in the world to me every year for the past three years has been you guys and I wouldn’t get to Do anything in my entire life it wasn’t for the people supporting me and loving me and simply watching and clicking on my videos and watching me turn myself from a 2 to a fucking 7. So thank you guys for being with me for almost a fourth Christmas in a row She said in her fucking living room at 9:00 a.m. In red fucking fat Miserably, I’m gonna go wipe all of this off and fucking kill myself I hope you enjoyed this because if you didn’t I literally did it for fucking nothing. Fuck you jordan worona and Happy Holidays, a hoe never gets cold Its big huh, its big huh, it’snine am You know, but that transformation is real no like I was literally like fugly unfuckable two like six hours ago So that’s good and fresh and fun. I feel like amber Scholl we Fucking kill me

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