7 Best Summer Accessories for Men – Warm Weather Style

7 Best Summer Accessories for Men – Warm Weather Style

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!
In today’s video, we discuss the 7 best men’s summer accessories because there’s
a lot of color, texture, materials, they’ll make you stand out from the crowd. Along
with the heat, summer brings along the opportunity to embrace the more casual
side of classic menswear. Due to the heat and sunshine, tweed and wool will give way for
linen and fresco fabrics, they are just more breezy and feel cooler when you wear them.
Just because it’s warm or hot outside doesn’t mean you can’t still dress well.
At the same time, you don’t have to overheat necessarily. Of course, investing
in a full-fledged summer suit can set you back several hundreds or thousands
of dollars and so the easiest, quickest, and most inexpensive way to do that is
by adding summer accessories. The first one might surprise you because it’s usually
not top of mind for most men, it’s a woven or fabric belt. It’s one of the
most casual belt options out there and because of that, they really suit the
summer relaxed casual vibe. Woven leather or fabric belts are the best companion
for your boat shoes, your shorts, your seersuckers, and any other summer garment out
there. Of course, the classic rule is to always match the color of your belt to
your shoes but during summer, you can be a little more creative and maybe wear
something like a Madras belt which is very contrasting but it suits the outfit,
it makes it more casual, and it’s very summery. The contrast is intended and if
you don’t want to wear colorful belts to the office, just go with a simple woven
leather belt because that is still fine for a casual summer vibe but it’s not as
casual than let’s say, an elastic woven belt. Apart from the woven leather belts,
you can also find woven fabric belts that are stiff and woven elastic belts
that are flexible. They often come in two tones or in a single color that is
usually lighter and it’s just fun to experiment especially since they have
different leather accents and gold or silver hardware. In regard to fabric
belts, there’s a number of different ones, you can find leather belts that are
covered with a fabric such as madras. Alternatively, you can find a stiff
fabric belt that has kind of a woven tie like material put on top.
Alternatively, there are needlepoint belts which are also part of
the fabric belts. All those options are a little more preppy, sometimes they
have the emblem of a club or little anchors for a more nautical themed look.
Personally, I think it’s a great fun way to personalize your outfit in a subtle
way that doesn’t go overboard. The second accessory worth investing in
is anything regarding linen. Linen is a classic summer fabric. Why? Because it has
an open weave, it wrinkles in a casual way, and the fibers themselves are a
little bit irregular making it all more casual, and therefore, well suited for
summer. On top of that, it’s often lightweight and the more you wear it and
wash it, the softer it gets so it’s super comfortable. Some may argue that it looks a
bit unkempt yet the wrinkling is part of the fabric and it’s a desired
side-effect unlike, let’s say, with cotton or a wool
suit. Of course, linen comes in different weights and weaves but for summer, you
want something that has an open weave so you can feel every breeze and something
that is lightweight. At the Gentleman’s Gazette, we’re big proponents of wearing
linen for your suit jackets and pants but if that’s a little much for you, maybe just
incorporate it into your accessories. First of all, consider linen or linen blends
for your neckties or bow ties. Linen ties often have a white warp or weft color
that’s combined with a different color. Because of that, you get a light summery
color tone rather than something dark which would be better suited for the cold
months of the years. Soft pastel colors such as orange, pink, maybe olive green, or
sky blue, are perfect tie colors. You frame those ties with a lighter color
jacket and shirt, they fit right in whereas during the winter, they will just
stand out too much. Of course, if it’s really hot, you can skip the neckwear
and go with a linen pocket square. It just takes 10 seconds to fold one yet it
really upgrades your entire look. The all-time classic is the white linen
pocket square and we offer it with your embroidered first initial in our
shop here. Of course, the edges should always be handrolled so you can fold a
crown or something else that reveals that this is a piece of art made by a
true artisan. While the white linen pocket square is extremely versatile
because you can work with a business suit, for black-tie, or with a summer
ensemble, it’s really fun to add a bit of color to your linen pocket square as
well. For example, if you have a blue and white striped shirt, consider wearing it
with a white linen pocket square and a blue contrast X stitch so you pick up
the colors of the shirt in the pocket square and it’s all harmonious.
Alternatively, you could have a white pocket square with blue hand embroidered
polka dots, or maybe you want to coordinate the pocket square with something else
in your outfit. So light pastel blue colors, red or yellow, are fantastic
because they’re very summery. Again, just like with the ties, if you have a warp
and a weft with one color in white and the other in a different brighter color,
it just gives this three-dimensional color depth which is very summery and
ideal for the warm months of the year. Of course, you can also wear a summery silk
pocket square maybe in white and bolder lighter colors or maybe a silk blend
pocket square in an orange color that works well. For a rich selection of linen
silk and silk blend pocket squares ideally suited for summer, please check
out our shop here. The number three in my list are knit ties because they’re
hands-down the best way to add texture to your summer outfit. Unlike other tie
materials, such as woven, or printed silk, or linen, the knitted silk is usually
something you can only find in menswear and it’s very structured and different.
If you specifically wanna invest in one or two ties for summer, I’d make them
knit ties and nothing else. Why? Well, just like open belts, the open structure is
just more casual, it’s also more breathable, and it adds dimension and
depth to your outfit. That’s especially true if you just have a solid knits tie
but maybe a mottled one with different color tones, just like the one I’m
wearing here right now. Frankly, any variety of knit tie is great, solid,
two-tone, mottled, striped, they all look
fantastic. to learn more about knit ties the differences in qualities and what to
look for in a quality one please check out our knit tie guide here and for a
selection of high quality German made knit ties, head over to our shop here.
They’re all the Cri de la soi or cry of the silk kind and we’ll explain more
what that means there. The fourth summer accessory that makes you stand
out from the crowd are bow ties. Unlike ties, they cover less of your
chest and therefore, wear cooler than a necktie. Of course, it goes without saying
that you should tie it yourself in a slightly askew way and if you’re not
sure how to do that please check out bowtie video here. The slight asymmetry
is desired and gives your summery outfit a casual yet refined look. After all,
there is a reason why bowties are so popular for Derby Day. Rather than going
with bold shades in pink and neon green, maybe turn it down a notch and go with
lighter colors such as a buff base maybe. Or go with a more summery fabric such
as a shantung fabric which has silk knobs, it’s soft and textured and perfect for
summer. Playful polka dots or micro patterns are fine, as well. Just keep in
mind that if you have a beard or some kind of a stubble, it will naturally pull
some threads from the silk so if you wear facial hair, I suggest you go with a
very finely woven fabric, usually printed fabrics, not woven jacquards or maybe Shantungs, or Grenadines because they pull the threads more easily. If you have
threads, just cut them off and it’s just part of the charm and of the use of the
bowtie, especially if you have facial hair.
My summer accessory number five is a boutonniere. It is the little lapel flower and I’m wearing one here right now and it’s one
of the best way to earn compliments because they’re so different, people
usually don’t wear them and even 99.99% of all florists out there don’t even
know how to make a proper boutonniere anymore. Yes, they make for weddings
but they are more mini bouquets and just oversized. If you can find a nice
summery flower and have it prepared as a boutonniere, go wear it, it looks
beautiful. However, sometimes the problem is there may be some pollen or it may
just stand up straight like a rose or a carnation
and it just doesn’t look good your lapel. Moreover, when it’s really hot,
they will likely wilt and just look pathetic at the end of the day. When I
was on a Caribbean cruise many years ago, I wanted a boutonniere with my
black-tie outfit and I couldn’t find it so I decided to design my own silk flowers
that looked like a real flower yet they would never wilt and I could rewear them
over and over again no matter where I was in the world and I didn’t have to
rely on a florist that didn’t know what they were doing. As a result, we have over
50 different artificial flowers now in our shop people love them and whenever
you wear one you’ll always get complimented very quickly so I suggest
you give it a try it really upgrades your summer outfit from average to
well-dressed. My summer accessory number six is a Panama hat. Fun fact, the first
article I ever wrote for Gentleman’s Gazette was about the Panama hat. Despite
their name, they’re actually from Ecuador, they are still woven and they’re part
of the tradition there. Nowhere else in the world can you find a hat that is
woven with such finesse. Of course, you could spend thousands of dollars on hats
that take months to weave or a lot less for some that are a little coarser but
still, ideally suited for summer. to learn more about that please check out our Panama
hat guide here. Now, most panama hats come with a black
hatband and a leather sweat band on the inside. I would substitute the one on the
inside with a fabric because it makes you sweat less and on top of that, I
changed the outside one to a different color.
Tobacco Brown can be nice if you wear a lot of brown shoes, maybe a dark green, or
even a pattern that is to your liking. It really changes the look of the entire
hat and it’s a lot more fun during summer. If you already have a Panama hat and
you like wearing hats, consider getting a straw porkpie hat. Often, they’re made
from dyed or dark brown coconut straw and they usually have a colorful
hatband. They’re extremely popular during the 50s
and 60s with people like Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby. A porkpie is much more stylish
than the stingy brim trilby you’ll find at Target so I would
skip those and rather go with a porkpie or Panama hat. If you’re really into the
1920s and 30s, maybe you can even pull off a boater hat. to learn
more about it check out the baoter hat guide here and for the other hats take a look
at this guide. Last but not least, probably my favorite summer accessory
is a pair of good classically styled sunglasses. Of course, sunglasses are
given in the summer but sometimes, it’s hard to choose the right model for a
classically styled wardrobe that’s not boring and run-of-the-mill. With the strong
heat, I find sometimes that dark frames in black or a dark tortoiseshell can be
just too dark and don’t fit in with the lighter color scheme of summer outfits.
Because of that, I prefer a lighter tortoiseshell
than a darker one. If you are into sports or sporty look,
I think aviators in a gold or silver frame are a safe bet. That being said for
a slightly more classic look check out the Persol 649 which was
originally designed for tram drivers in Milan or take a look at the foldable
version the 714 which was popularized by Steve McQueen to learn more about those
sunglasses check out our is it worth it? Persols here. Otherwise, classic
options include Wayfarers or wayfarer styles. You can go with the Ray Ban
originals, there are many knockoffs but I also like
versions that are in a lighter acetate or a gold or honey color acetate because
again, they work well with the warmer tones of summer. If you like the 50s and 60s
mid-century modern aesthetic, a pair of club masters is probably right for your
outfit. of course we’ve individual videos on Wayfarers aviators or clubmasters.
but on top of that, it’s important to understand what type of sunglass works
well with your face shape so I urge you to check out this video here. Now that
you know my favorite 7 men’s summer accessories please share in the comments
what your favorites are. in today’s video I am wearing a very typical summery outfit it
consists of a linen blend sport coat with a prince of wales check and very
light colors with a light turquoise green and blue over check i am combining
it with a kind of petrol greenish turquoise influenced pair of pants of
course also in linen the shirt is a lightweight open weave fabric and light
blue and pairing it with a slightly contrasting silk knit tie from Fort
Belvedere in a mottled light blue which you can find in our shop here just like
the pocket square which is actually a light blue linen pocket square with a
contrast stitch in yellow because there was no
other yellow in my outfit I decided to have this kind of a puff fold that works
nicely because it’s hot outside I skip the cuff links went with barrel cuffs
I added a silver ring that works with my woven leather buckle and the silver
hardware and the colors of the dark brown and the fabric worked well with my
dark chocolate brown woven leather shoes and to create a bit of contrast that is
harmonious with an outfit overall I added grey and light blue shadow striped
socks from Fort Belvedere which work with a jacket and tie everything
together last but not least I am wearing a hydrangea boutonniere also from Fort
Belvedere which you can find in our shop just like all the other Fort Belvedere

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