7 Camping Coffee Gadgets put to the Test

7 Camping Coffee Gadgets put to the Test

What’s up everybody welcome back to my laboratory where safety is the number one priority and today We’re going to put to the test coffee making gadgets for your camping. I have seven different kinds camping coffeemakers Let’s see which one that works the best. Also if you interested in any of those products I’ll put a link in the description first of all of course. Let’s fire this camping stuff up and boil some water This is my favorite camping stuff and some fire Then we’ll go plug this in This is the fastest way to boil water for the first coffeemaker. Let’s open this up this is actually like a cup at the same time a lot of different attachments and right here the instruction six steps instruction and on the bottom right here It’s Netted so that way none of the coffee pieces goes inside of your coffee, so let’s see how to use it I’m pretty sure we put coffee in here first then we’re going to put boiled water in there nice, then we’re going to put this part in like this and Wait for minutes like that wait till the coffee get bored inside there and then after four minutes what we’re supposed to do is push it all the way in boom and as you can see all the Grounded coffee beans are staying to the bottom And then if you want to keep your coffee warm up put the slave back in and the bottom edge here boom Beautiful pop this open and now we can drink coffee out of it And of course if you don’t like sipping coffee through this little hole you can just open it up and drink coffee like this Beautiful great design love this coffee maker. Okay. Let’s see what we got here for the next Gadget whoa this one is pretty big one It’s even comes with a little of spoon and everything And I adhere as instructions okay to put it all together We got piece of filter put inside here, then we’re going to put it together like that And I’m pretty sure it goes on top of here on the cup Then we’ve got your measuring spoon boom put it inside of here Or if you don’t want to use measuring spoon you can use that and put on top of it like that Then it says we need to shake it up so the coffee grinds are getting leveled and then we’re going to put hot boiled water inside there I Wonder how much right here. It’s actually tells you How many cups you can make it? Yes, then it says I need to stir it for ten seconds Has it been 10 seconds? That’s pretty crazy instruction and finally after all that we’re going to press it oh My gosh It’s kind of hard whoa, that’s awesome Boom look at this coffee I cannot wait to try a little bit too big compared to this one cuz it sank stays in few pieces And this one is all one But also this is air presser so it’s like expresso and this one pretty much same but more like Regular coffee, okay. Let’s test it and see what it tastes like a purse a coffee not expresso, air presser Very delicious I like it I don’t know what it does But that second gadget that I put to the test its aerate the water and the coffee so that makes the coffee taste Much much better for the next coffeemaker gadgets all-in-one pull over coffee maker. Let’s see what it’s all about Putting this up whoa that’s big So it’s pretty much. Oh nice. It comes with a grinder beautiful And it comes with a cup, so it’s all in one that’s amazing So that way you can really get the fresh fresh coffee Okay, that’s actually exciting so let’s see how it works put this part in here Put the grinder on top of it It’s going on then we’re going to put coffee in Here and grind it up what we’re going to do is pour a bunch of coffee in there coffee beans And then we’re going to grind it up I guess oh wow, except very good And of course you know when you go on your own coffee it makes it really really fresh Maybe right here you can adjust the size Up fine you’re going to go in it Pretty sure that’s what it is for Oh, yeah, that’s definitely a lot of coffee. We grind up inside there. Okay. Let’s do a little bit more Look how well it’s going T Now we can open this up, that’s what I thought if you adjust this part You can adjust how fine you wanna grind your coffee, and of course you’re gonna add boiled water inside They’re gonna have to watch it not to overfill it you see it slowly filling up I think we can add a little bit more I guess it will be perfect to take it out and put it in here once you’re happy and boom This is works like a cup now You can drink out of it, and of course you don’t have to grind your own coffee You can just use this and put all that your grinded coffee inside here and just put hot water And boom good to go, but this gadget is perfect for those people who love to drink, non grinded cottage who love to grind the coffee Themselves that way they can get the first coffee for the next gadget right here, we got my presto Let’s see what this thing is all about oh Wow what is that a little pump right here interesting that’s very unique Okay, they go. Oh wow. No way this is like a cute cup beautiful And I think this part is gonna go up here. Maybe maybe not first of all let’s open this up and put some coffee Then it’s gonna go inside here And then this gonna go back on here Wow it actually says how many ounces you want to add This is at least 10 ounces in here, and then it’s gonna go on the cup next we will add boiled water 10 ounces is good. We’re going to put this part in the pump And then we just go pop it. I guess you just gotta press it really hard I can actually hear it’s pumping Now all the water is in Whoa I bet it’s going to taste like just like air presser for some reason It’s so much softer every time. I use pressure to pull the water out it tastes so much softer I don’t know Why it tastes like this, but it’s awesome thumbs up for me for this gadget And it’s definitely very unique one for sure it has a pump on top of it who thought of that Next cafe gadget is very simple. Let’s open it up It’s a little baggie with the plastic you put it in then you put as much coffee as you like and then we’re going to put boiled water inside there and Boom, it’s like a tea bag except. It’s a fully coffee. You can also but use it for tea. Just like that Very simple, but useful gadget. That’s for sure so the next gadget. We got here expresso maker Boom, it looks like a regular pot, but it’s actually very unique the way you make your coffee Let me show you first of all you put your water actually Inside here, but when you add on water our cold water don’t have to be anything This is maximum because if you’re gonna overfill it It’s gonna spill out anyway, then we’re going to put this part in here, and they say do not pack the coffee That’s plenty right here And then we’re going to put this back on then we will need a burner and now we wait and see what happens And look what happens it’s starting to pump out from here whoa! It’s spitting out too much That’s awesome. My other camping stuff is out of gas. I had to use one of this crazy isn’t it have you seen anything like that very unique love this gadget and For the last gadget, I got you camping expresso of machine or whatever you want to call it Open this up put boil water inside there boom Then we’re going to close this up like this then we’re gonna move top from here Probably should have done this first But it don’t matter then it comes with this little measuring cup And then we’re going to put coffee in here then we’re going to put it back in here and screw it on Okay, and then we’re going to use this pump to get coffee from it there Whoa look at this coffee. It’s foaming up pretty good That’s beautiful Remember, it’s only an expresso machine, so it’s not gonna make you a lot of coffee But it’s gonna make you a really really strong coffee very interesting and unique design That’s for sure. Well guys once again huge thumbs up from this expresso maker. It’s very compact and very unique Beautiful design well guys. That’s pretty much. It. Let me know in comments below which gadget was your favorite Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “7 Camping Coffee Gadgets put to the Test

  1. my mum used to use the second last one on the stove at home when i was a kid, I think its called a percolator

  2. The silver espresso maker is a old gadget literally every Italian person I know owns one. I’m Italian and I also have one

  3. Looooooool the "espresso maker" is the way we take coffee in italy! Its one of the best way to get short espresso coffee at home with no much effort… they are called moka

  4. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom

  5. Awesome & very informative video as always! Where's the Stanley French Press tho? That thing is ridiculously spot on.

  6. Dude you need to put a lot of coffee on the espresso maker, that thing is in every italian house as well, and I am Italian. Try it with the double of coffee

  7. I thought the espresso maker was going to be different as he said but it was actually a normal espresso maker pot lol!

  8. It is softer when you pump because of the air pressure on the water when it comes in contact with coffee. The same way when you scramble eggs. More aggressive whisking results to more air into the eggs therefore it makes the egg fluffier when you cook it.

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