7 Days in Sri Lanka Vlog | Sigiriya, Kandy, Dambulla, Galle, Unawatuna, Colombo

7 Days in Sri Lanka Vlog | Sigiriya, Kandy, Dambulla, Galle, Unawatuna, Colombo

100 thoughts on “7 Days in Sri Lanka Vlog | Sigiriya, Kandy, Dambulla, Galle, Unawatuna, Colombo

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  2. I’ m a lucky guy who’ s going to stay 4 months in Sri Lanka with his love to escape the Canadian winter starting in november …

  3. Terrorist war! Wow, nice propaganda!
    He forgot to mention why war began in the first place.
    The war began only 30 years ago but that country’s problem is 70 years old. Those people have been suffering for 70 years.
    If it was a terrorist war, how come civilians were raped by srilankan armies? How come no international investigations took place? After all if they are terrorists, srilanka should not be reluctant to do investigations.

  4. That man in the bus shouldn’t be a tour guide. He is racist. He is giving wrong information and misleading people. Only the people who know the history know he is a liar.
    They weren’t trying to capture the whole country. They were only asking for basic rights which the srilankan government couldn’t even give because they are too racist for it.

  5. Antha (SRILANKA)naattil engengum LORD BUDDHA.PERUMAN Azhagu SILAI; Piranthu valarnthathal vedhanaiyodu solgiren: angum, Ingum ore kolai?!

  6. i am from sri lanka…so beautiful & Very nice your video…I'm glad to see that….Come back friend our country…

  7. Watched your video among many others before my own trip to Sri in April. Just watched it again and enjoyed all the now familiar and dear views, and your subtle sense of humor! Totally cool vid! Subscribed and sure will find lots of valuable ideas for my future travels! 👌👌

  8. Beautiful video of sri-lanka. I'm from Sri Lanka and hasn't visited my country for 35 years. This video is bringing back memories. Actually it's beautiful and people are very nice. All the problems happen due to political interference.

  9. I really like your videos guys 🤗
    You are very informative and seem very genuine. I just visited Greece and some of the islands and your videos were very helpful.
    My next stop is Sri Lanka and The Maldives,
    Greetings from Perth AU.

  10. Most finest & detailed coverage I have ever seen… background music was awwwwwwesome👌👌👌
    Can u plz share music link?

  11. 23.40 : Galle fort didn't get any damage by the tsunami. actualy it did save the city by reducing the tsunami's power.

  12. First of all welldone for the most beautifull informative video I ever watched of Sri Lanka, My question is , which airport did you stopped and how did you crossed for the first point of the tour because I will be travelling alone and I really need to figure out the trip? thanks

  13. Лучшая страна в мире … чудо Азии. Маленький остров, но там так много прекрасных пляжей.

  14. Beautiful video and lots of informations about video.this video will be so interesting for who's is like to travel in srilanka

  15. SriLanka is truly beautiful! Nuwara eliya, Yala National Park, Pinnawala elephant orphanage, Bentota beach watersports and Hakgala Botanical Garden are few other must watch places.. memories from our Dec'17 trip!!

  16. The people of Sri Lanka who built this Sigiriya Palace were called Singhalayo ( meaning -the descendants of Vijaya ), the history says 2550 years ago Prince Vijaya (belongs to Singha clan) came from India to Sri Lanka. King Vijaya's father a legendary king in Singha Pura (Lion City) India was known as Singha Bahu ( Lion Arm – it says that Singhabahu killed many lions with his bare hands and that's how he got his name as Singhabahu) Prince Vijaya's clan, when they came to Sri Lanka, carried the Lion's Flag representing the Singha clan. From that time on, the flag of the Singhalese (Singha or Lion people) carries the lion. Our national flag carries Lion to represent the Singhala majority people and two stripes, orange represents the Tamils and Green represents the Muslims the two minority groups.

    King Kashyapa who built Singhagiri rock palace was a Singhalese . Singha Giri does not mean Lion's rock…. Singha means Lion and Giri means Throat…. There was a separate great big lion's head with its mouth opened was constructed with bricks and plaster and if you can visualise the mouth was in between the two paws, that was the entrance to the palace and you have to walk along the tongue and go through its throat where a stairway was built from inside to climb up from the throat to the top of the lion's mane where you come out to the palace gardens on the top….This was specifically designed because that was the only way possible to go to the rooftop palace and that was a real engineering works of a genius. The head was detached from the main rock ( where the rooftop palace was built, the ruins now remain) and this head part had fallen down long time ago but you can still see the marks along the large rock where the neck and top of the head was fixed… in 1962 when I climbed Sigiri first time, there was no steel stairway, nothing to hold onto just the steps that were carved in to the rock that the king’s workers (builders) must have used to go up and down during the time this was built, you can still see them but now they have installed and fixed a cast iron/steel stairway and those rock-carved steps are not in use anymore.
    It is a shame that the tour guides are not explaining to the tourists/ visitors the correct history of Sigiri rock and also especially the engineering, the water cooling system, pumping system, drainage system, water fountains etc are the real engineering wonders which I presume more than 90% of the visitors were not informed of or shown by these guides.

  17. Sigiriya это сильно!))) Вместо обезьян, я там собак на последней ступени видел!🙉

  18. Nice vid. i am heading there with friends from the 14th to 20th.More or less the same route as yours. Looking back, is there anything that you would NOT do or SHOULD have done

  19. This is a defence fort to keep people out its not a palace . Those metal stairs were put for tourists. It was built by ravana he took sita on top of the mountain when he kidnapped her.

  20. Beautiful video and excellent editing skill and narration! Thank you so much for all the hard work that you have put into!

  21. Must video for those who wanted to visit Sri Lanka… Too Nice editing & information 🤗
    9:06 Green Riksha is MFG in my Indiaan city

  22. How About the NuwaraEliya & the Pinnawala Elephant Town…Check "Travel with Chathura" SL Vlog Episodes Hosted by the SRI LANKA's PREMIER Television TV Derana

  23. මේ මගේ රට ගොඩක් ආදරෙයි🌷🌷👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

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