7 easy, heatless hairstyles for school! | Summer Mckeen

7 easy, heatless hairstyles for school! | Summer Mckeen

Hi guys, I’m happy to say that this video is sponsored by bumble and bumble I’ve been using bumble and bumble since I was probably 10. The salon I went to here in Oregon always used it and it smells so good and it was just such amazing quality So the fact that I’m able to work with them today is just really really cool to me and I truly love these products So I’m excited to share them with you. I just got home from a long day of hiking blue pool It was absolutely gorgeous Dylan’s gonna have a video on his channel that Nabil is making so I’ll have a link in the description box if you want to check that out Not sponsored, ew I hate when people say that Yeah, my foot is really dirty. Anyway, so I need a shower and I’m gonna be using, yep, you guessed it. Bumble and bumble. I’m actually gonna take you guys with me to the shower. I hope I’m not making anyone uncomfortable I hope I’m not overstepping my boundaries But I kind of just you know want to share with you how I wash my hair and thought it could be fun So let’s go (Ahhhh ha ha) what am i doing This is totally normal (Ahh ha ha) Let me just zoom out, a little. (Ahhhhhh) Just a little. Okay going in I’ve done this on my channel before but today it just feels a little weird Maybe I’m wearing a strapless bikini. You don’t know I am actually so… (intense music) (woahhh it’s clear!) Okay, so first I’m using their thickening volume shampoo and you know Just massaging it all over my hair washing my hair “this smells so good” And then after I wash all the shampoo out, I’m gonna use they’re thickening volume conditioner You may think this is a lot of conditioner But I have a lot of hair and then I’ll just put that all throughout my hair starting at the tips and working my way Up, and then I’ll wash my body so it’ll take like one to two minutes for me to do that and then I’ll Rinse the conditioner out of my hair and while I wash my face Multi-tasking. Okay. Thank you. And now that we’re done with the shower. I’m in the bathroom now Hey I’m gonna prep my hair with the thickening great body blow dry cream and also the go big treatment. These really just add some thickness and volume to your hair and just prep it for the blow-dryer Which I’m going to be using today or tonight I guess. And then I just brush them right here to distribute all the product and look fancy now for the blow-dryer I’m just gonna like half way Blow-dry my hair. I’m not gonna blow dry all of it. Just because I like how it looks when I let it air dry I don’t know. That’s just what I like to do Here’s my hair now and I will see you guys in the morning and show you bunch of my favorite hairstyles Alright good afternoon, so I slept on my half dry hair and here’s what it looks like now I don’t know if you can tell but I feel like it looks way more Voluminous. I feel like my hair has so much body I mean the roots are even kind of lifted which it does not always happen to me and I just really like how my hair Looks right now so I’m really happy about that. Thank you, Bumble and Bumble I always want volume in my hair because if not, it’s just like boring and flat. That’s not very cute So like so far, I think we’re getting it but right now I thought I would show you guys a few hairstyles that you could use for school or Whatever you’re doing right now. I am NOT a Pinterest hair god ahh these aren’t gonna be hard at all These are just gonna hairstyles that I go for and that I like to do Let’s get crackin if I start my day looking like this. I’ll probably eventually Go like this later on in the day and then we have a messy low bun. Ooh, I kind of look like a librarian And I think it’s really cute to use a scrunchie because adds a lot of colour and cuteness to your hair So yeah, this is this is my first go-to hairstyle. It’s very very very simple. Make sure to give your hair a little bit of that so that you can have some volume while still having a hair in a bun I also like to do this so I have these things here little like fringe things I don’t even know. I’ll leave these out and then I’ll put my hair up into a ponytail And the Messier the better in my opinion Because it just gives it more personality and it looks more effortless to mean there’s my little ponytail. If you’re thinking about doing this to your hair I highly recommend it because you can do things like this and it adds and then adds so much to the ponytail, but then also if you want you can you can hide it so Okay, I need to get a little more advanced with these hairstyles, okay So before I do this hairstyle, I’m gonna use my bumble and bumble thickening dry spun texture spray. Texture spray is just always a good idea because whenever it’s first day hair after you wash it, it’s really Smooth and very clean feeling which is good But if you’re trying to style it, it doesn’t really hold and it just doesn’t look as good but if you use texture spray Then your life has changed basically. Oh that smells so good!!! It just adds a lot more to your hair (meows) Okay continuing on with the hairstyle I’m gonna take one side of my part Like so, I like to call this one the toddler look but it’s really cute. Okay, so you take a little elastic and you just Do this I used to do this all the time when I was like 15 or 16. And then you kind of like pull your hair up and Then do the same to the other side And then pull some pieces out of it And that is the toddler look but I think it’s cute It gives me 90s vibe and it looks like you know how to do your hair Or you could braid these.. If you couldn’t already tell I’m using my viewfinder as a mirror, so that’s why I keep looking at it oooooo Okay next hairstyle or you could just do one side. Maybe that looks weird, I don’t know Okay, so yes, maybe it is a little off-centered but like I said, I’m not a Pinterest hair God so you get the point Thats what it looks like my friend Next Oh wow, I did my hair care routine video like a year ago and I showed some of my favorite hairstyles. Since then my go-to hairstyles Haven’t really changed and I don’t think all of you guys have seen that video So I’m gonna do some hairstyles that I already showed in that video so now I’m gonna do my Messy braids and I used to do this all the time like whenever I would have bad hair days This would really save my hair not that I’m having a bad hair day today So what you do is you loosely section off your hair and then you loosely Braid and like start the braid down here and just do it very loosly Like it is just the most effortless thing ever. And then I’m gonna use my Elastic and then just pull out whatever hair you want out. Just loosen it up a little bit more And there we have another cute hairstyle and it just makes me think of like going to a pumpkin patch or something It makes me think of fall maybe it’s because I look like a farmer I kinda feel like a scarecrow wow did you like that edit? Oh, yeah Someone made an edit of the Dolan twins him and Noah Centineo mmm, so anyway so whats next? Here’s one you could take the two braids wrap them around each other make it into kind of like a bun thing and then use A scrunchie cuz it’s cute and there you have a weird braids bun thing kind of cool though kind of looks like you’re you know what you’re doing I mean yeah, that’s kind of cool kind of interesting kind of different If you’re feeling funky, you know something else Bumble and Bumble has in this thickening line is their cream contour So this is pretty much like a pomade and you can use a little bit of this if you have Flyaways or something. You can slick them down and then just helps to keep hairs in place So if you’re trying to do one of these looks it makes it really easy Those are all the hairstyles that I have for you today, you can definitely do all these for school They take literally two minutes. So I hope I helped you guys out a little bit I really like these products because they give you touchable movable volume. So if you guys are interested visit Sephora. com and I’ll also have a link in the description box. So huge Thank you to bumble and bumble again for sponsoring this video, but that’s it for me So I hope you guys are having a great fall season I hope you’re enjoying school as much as you can and I hope you’re gonna go to a pumpkin patch I hope you tried these hairstyles out if you do I want you to DM me a picture of you or tweet me a picture of you just at Summer McKeen’s on Instagram and Twitter Shout out to the mcbabe of the week I’m not gonna forget this time if you watched all the way to this point I want you to comment “scrunchie”. If you’re new here and you like this video. You’re probably you’ll like my other videos, too So you should definitely subscribe. I post once a week. So that’s it for me. I’m gonna see you guys in my next video bye!

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