7 STEPS TO ENHANCE TOURISM IN PAKISTAN (tourism in pakistan 2019)

7 STEPS TO ENHANCE TOURISM IN PAKISTAN (tourism in pakistan 2019)

tourism is undoubtedly the fast-growing
industry in the world moreover, tourism in Pakistan is
improving and developing day by day Pakistan’s undiscovered areas are
contemplating tourists to search and explore the melodies of the world’s most
stunning landscapes were diligent make unique harmony and heartwarming
Pakistan’s land is not lesser than any exceptional and charming
destinations on this planet ecotourism in Pakistan is the subject notably in the
discussion so the future of tourism in Pakistan seems colorful and profound
than ever everyone is reflecting all sectors of
growth in tourism industry people of Pakistan are so thrilled to see the
development of Pakistan tourism industry emerging in style
Pakistan tourism summit 2019 was a splendid exercise to encourage tourism
also there was a way to embrace the whole word to observe the everlasting
beauty of Pakistan it has unlocked doors for writers and bloggers bloggers
YouTubers and tourists as well there have been significant developments in
the tourism industry in Pakistan to revive and promote tourism and the
efforts must be appreciated and acclaim seven steps to enhance tourism in
Pakistan although with significant changes in efforts the government has
made so far there are many things to be addressed for which a few areas of focus
are explained below number one a proper marketing plan including the video
marketing the areas to focus on this are factors and segments are marketing
concerned to certain areas of interests and specific goals in this regard and
definition to their regions and their specialty to explain to the tourists
the target audience must know the the potential of that particular place for
tourism with all the details including maps transport details
these videos can be used for local and international advertisements
also can be shared regularly on the official websites and social media
channels promotional materials the use of local
and international media promotional items with official Pakistan flag with
traditional details should be available on the local souvenir shops I found
every place of interest a fabulous way to show the word about the beauty of
Pakistan is to say to them by media a regular campaign with blogs vlogs books
news and advertisements in the local and international press will prevail an
awareness to attract tourists turistic maps and pamphlets touristic
maps and pamphlets explaining a brief history of the place attractions earlier
focus and remarkable things about the place as well as weather details the
approximate time to reach from certain Airports to the place and which the
transport is convenient to reach it is one of the fundamental seven steps to
enhance tourism in Pakistan hotels places to stay I suggest here to make
an app for both Android and Apple Store to give a complete detail of places to
stay around major touristic spots the hotels the rest houses as well as
restaurants if you develop an app anyone booked through this Pakistan would have
a chance to market the hotels available for tourists correctly it is
an excellent source for making revenue too, tourists can book hotels online
without any hassle and by official channels they would feel more secure
convenient and reasonable that is one of the important 7 steps to
enhance tourism impetus touristic information centers every
country in the World famous for its tourism has large numbers of
touristic Information centers spread across cities as well as one of the
tourist destinations and house tourists to understand how to mobilize and visit
places they light on these centers they can find city maps pamphlets and
restaurant details and other related information dedicated customer services
staff can be an excellent help for international tourists especially to get
any details they want to know right on the spot an international hotline for
tourists when a tourist wants to visit a place there are a few ways he or she
would like to get information the first thing is to search it through the web
that includes YouTube articles blogs and other sources the reason why Pakistan
would like to launch a special hotline for international tourists is that they
would feel secure in knowing and getting details more quickly through the
official channels rather than to look in forums and chat rooms where people have
different opinions like for example TripAdvisor people look
through such apps and forums to find people who have visited a place already
however when they can’t talk directly to official channels by a dedicated
helpline launched it would help immensely to promote tourism industry in
Pakistan exhibiting at international conferences
and trade shows there are numerous exhibitions around the world for tourism
industry it is a great way to promote Pakistan’s beautiful picture to the world
and invite tourists visit Pakistan at such places tourists can interact but to
know more these various shows associations and governmental
organizations can assist Pakistan tourism in the international arena monitoring and replying to only reviews
and surveys international travelers intend to source information through the
web before they plan any trip mostly they go through ratings on the
sites like TripAdvisor Yelp or Gore based on these sources more than most of
the tourists make their decisions and this includes booking or flights to even
transportation to the final destination of where they are traveling monitoring
reviewing and answering to travelers queries on such for use helps a lot promoting ecotourism and adventure
travel Pakistan has already taken steps to enhance ecotourism in Pakistan in my
earlier posts “future of tourism in Pakistan” and ” ecotourism in and Pakistan” as well as “tourism in Pakistan evolution in style” I have thoroughly explained in the
ultimate potential Pakistan carries for ecotourism Pakistan is an emerging
global destination for ecotourism as well as adventure travel the country is
already hosting international visitors seeking authentic opportunities
adventure and cultural experiences Pakistan carries a reputation as an
uncrowded and wholesome holiday destination with a broad diversity of
ecotourism its natural habitat also attracts tourists seeking a unique
experience with such activities as trekking, rafting, skiing and rock

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