7 Tips Before you travel with Natural Hair Vacation + Bonus ?☀️✈️ | Coco Curly Flowers

7 Tips Before you travel with Natural Hair Vacation + Bonus ?☀️✈️ | Coco Curly Flowers

welcome to my channel currently my hair
is not looking cute and I’m doing this video just so I want to be realistic on
terms of like you know your hair is not always going to look cute okay like
let’s get over that fact our hair constantly look dry this is currently like after wash day maybe wash days four or five I would say so like you know you just gotta be confident and look cute regardless on how your hair looks and
how it behaves listen you’re going to be on vacation you need to have a good
time and take nice pictures have a good time with your friends have time to worry about your hair but let’s be honest we all want their hair to look
cute and snatched whatsoever so I’m just gonna get into this video if you haven’t
yet subscribe to my channel I’m gonna be putting the links up below to the
vacation destination I’m gonna be taking the next three days I’m actually doing
this video prior to vacation so you guys can see how my hair looks on vacation
and how I do different hairstyle let’s get into that video seven things that
you should bring on vacation regardless where you’re going and if like depending
on what you’re trying to do like if you’re not trying to go all out with
like your hair style whatsoever so I don’t know about like rods and all those
stuff like I personally don’t use them so I wouldn’t necessarily packed them to
go on vacation I would still do my hair the way I still do it when I’m here the
only difference would be that you would be wetting your hair more often or
dealing with chlorine so you want to wash your hair more often depending on
the climate that you are so if you go into a hot country you want to know that you want to like wash your hair more often
or add more hydration to your hair first of all is your water bottle do not
forget your water bottle because you’ll regret it so this is the first one that
I suggest to you not to lose it I’ll actually link down below the link for
this one specifically but to be honest any water bottle will do the job second
do not forget your conditioner now I know that it’s usually not in your
advantage to go on vacation with something that you have not used before
unzipping my luggage because I already had packed some of my stuff but I know for sure I’m going to be bringing I haven’t done my luggage it I’m always last
minute but but there’s this conditioner and I bought the other day and I
honestly always use this conditioner regardless of the time of the year but
I’ve never used this new hair line by Aussie if you know what I’m talking about
if this Miracle moist and there’s actually avocado inside so this is what
I’m going to be with being at me as you can tell it’s already in my luggage so
I’m gonna bring this one and a little bit of shampoo guys to be honest I’m
bringing this much conditioner because I personally always use conditioner more
than shampoo so I want to make sure that I have enough conditioner I don’t want
to be there and run out of conditioner so I’m bringing this big bottle and this be
careful I’m actually bringing a full-size this is 360 ml so twelve ounce
and if you know if you’re regularly traveling you do know that you’re not
allowed this into your carry-on so obviously me I’m gonna be putting my
luggage under the plane because you won’t be able to have it so if let’s say
CATSA which is in canada CATSA it’s like a security screening if CATSA are catch
with this into you your carrying on you know they’re
gonna throw it out so same thing for the US if it’s TSA they’re going to throw it
out so let’s just not take the chances you do not want to have any of your
product thrown away in front of you so let me close this up I’m so excited I’m
gonna be this is actually my first that I’m going to resort guys so we’ll see
how that goes and hopefully you check out my new video
I’m gonna be posting about my travel videos so you guys can put the two
together see how it’s going to be so second of all I’ve been using this
co-wash leave-in detangler found the main choice I don’t know if you guys
ever seen this I’m probably gonna put this into a little bottle because to be
honest I do not use it as much and it smells so good
it actually leaves my hair super soft if you’re a 4b type hair I would highly
recommend this line of products and yeah this is eight ounce like if I actually
want to bring the whole thing I’m gonna have to put it under the luggage into a
plastic bag this isn’t another thing that you would need to buy is those
plastic these plastic containers we’re gonna buy it and show it to you guys at
the end I haven’t done my run yet I’m still currently buying stuff
fortification sporting oil I personally don’t have any specific oil that I use
currently so I just have this oil so any oil that you have at home that you
usually use avocado is which is my favorite or castor oil whichever oil
that you have and last but not least so we’re at number five five would be your
gel any gel that use flaxseed um any eco styler gel gel from the mane choice
actually I love their gel which is like flaxseed other gels that I would
recommend is eco styler gel now I’ve been using this one for the past few
months and it’s almost done and I’m gonna try to finish it before the
vacation so I’m going to do something very unethical and use this other eco
styler gel that I absolutely love that I’ve been using now would highly
recommend this to anyone that has like four 4B type hair and it’s this one so
it’s the eco styler gel this one has a olive shea butter and black castor oil
this is a Holy Grail if you need so many I’m just gonna like pour it in here or
actually put this in a another small container this is my absolutely favorite
so far I’ve had I had tried the olive oil the coconut and in this one so this
is my favorite so far and next one so ingredient or accessory number six that
would actually be beneficial for hair would be any hot so any hat that you
have and it could be like a hat like this
like my after raptors or any like tropical type of hot would be perfect for you to
use um also so my seventh tip for hair natural hair would be not to forget your
tools when I take tools this is what I’m my last tip and it’s not to forget your
accessories so like your styling tools for your hair styling tool that I
that I wouldn’t forget at all um this one for any actually these two for any
washing goal looks I should say so this these two for any washing goal looks
this is very good for hair like it really things goes goes through your
hair properly and it actually defines her curls very well and this little guy
any bristle brush I use this one I haven’t bought anyone ever since I’ve
been like it there’s nothing wrong with this one so I have no reason to
change it whatsoever so this one if you’re trying to have any slick ponytail
just pop in your eco styler you use your brush and that’s all you need
so this is it this is my seven tips how about I show you how I did my hair on
vacation let me know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe hit the bell
and so if ever I would be posting new videos you guys will know if you like my
videos well give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
and hit and the bell below I know my hair doesn’t look cute or I mean it’s okay so
get used to it I’m not always going to be looking super cute of this channel so
I don’t really mind because the thing is I come here just to show you or give you
more information so that’s it see you guys in so go check out my video
I’m gonna be posting it’s right now hold up love it I said seven but technically
you need eight because guys let’s not forget your satin any satin material I
used cover here or to retain moisture you did not forget this I know we be
looking I don’t know watch it with it but it’s very something that’s essential
so that’s it guys I cannot wait to go on vacation with
actually I’m scared to go on vacation with my natural hair because this is the
first time as you can see from previous videos and previous travel vlogs that I
did that was the first time that I going to be away with my natural hair I see
when I went to Boston if you go check my quick happy place video that I did for
like three minutes so if you have three minutes up time to spare go watch my
video on the happy place that I did in Boston my hair was not sure there too
and it was really I actually was able to manage it
properly and but it’s just this time I’m going away for seven days and I’m going
away for seven days and I don’t think I’ve ever been away from that long and
not having my hair styled into like protective hairstyles like the previous
year what I did I’ll just insert a clip of what I did the year in 2017 I went
away 2018 I did this in 2019 which is this year
I’m actually going with my hair not styled so we’re gonna see how this
works and yeah I think it’ll be just fine I think I’m probably over
exaggerating we’re overthinking it but I think it’s gonna be okay so that’s it don’t forget satin scarf do not forget your water bottle could otherwise you’re
gonna be like in the sink trying to get some water into your hair and it’s not
gonna work it’s not gonna look cute and you know it I don’t have to tell you
this you already know everything that I just mentioned but it’s just to get you
like a refresher and so you can just get like a checklist in terms of like
vacation stuff that you need to pack your natural hair you do not want to
forget these things so I take guys hope you like this video let me know if you
have any comments requests or suggestions of videos that I should be
doing and I will surely get back to you guys thank you for watching you

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  1. Okay see I’m just always afraid that I will spend sooo much time on my hair if I wear my natural hair on a vacation ???

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