7 Tips For Travelling With A Baby On A Plane

7 Tips For Travelling With A Baby On A Plane

Hello moms, and welcome to the Momjunction
channel. Today we are going to be talking about 7 tips
and tricks to make travelling with a baby super easy! The first time I was travelling with my son,
I forgot his feeding bottle and his favourite blanket in the checked in luggage. How could I do that? So, I had to constantly aologise to my fellow
passengers for the constant wailing of his and mine. I know travelling with your baby can be scary,
but it doesn’t have to be. Over the years I’ve learnt a lot and now
have perfected the routine. So today, I am going to share with you some
simple hacks to make travelling with your baby super dooper easy. Hack 1 – Packing your baby bag
Packing your baby bag should be your priority. The first thing is a checklist So what I usually
do is, I google a baby travel checklist and tick mark all the essentials that are required
to carry along. The first and the most essential thing to
pack are diapers. Secondly, are the wet wipes and I am going
to share more about this later. You also need to carry a lot of plastic bags
along. Firstly comes the disposable bag. You can dispose of soiled diapers in these. You can also carry these regular zip-lock
bags to organize other things in your bags. You can carry an extra pair of clothes according
to the location. And carry some toys to keep your child entertained
and comfortable. Do not forget his favourite blanket and you
can never ever forget a feeding bottle. You can definitely add or remove items depending
on your childs age and preferences. Hack 2 – Wipes are everything
I love wet wipes because they are SO useful! Trust me when I tell you that they are a travelling
mother’s best friend! I use them to: Wipe my babies hands and face
Mop up any small spills Clean trays, armrests, seatbelt and anything
else that the baby comes in contact with. !
Clean his toys and teething rings and also to
Wipe my face down to cool off quickly. It is important to know that most wipes are
made of polyester which can cause allergies and are not biodegradable. I personally prefer Mamaearth’s bamboo based
wipes which are baby safe & biodegradable. Hack 3 – All About The Diaper Most mothers usually ask me how many diapers
they should carry, my answer? More than you can think! A rough guide is to carry one diaper for each
hour of travel and a few more in case of any delays or if the baby falls sick. Most mothers usually throw the diapers directly
in the dustbin, which is not practical. A handy tip is to carry diaper disposable
bags or these garbage bags work as well. It is a good practice to change your baby’s
diapers before boarding your flight. This will ensure your baby’s diapers are fresh
during takeoff or taxing when you can’t do anything about it. Diaper changing mats will be of invaluable
help every time you change your baby’s diapers. you can change your baby’s diapers at the
diaper changing station available at the airport and in flights. Hack 4 – All About The Airplane
Here are a few handy tips you have to remember while booking or boarding your flight. Check-in online so you have some time. Taking your kids through security and baggage
can take longer than expected. In case your airline doesn’t provide priority
boarding for children, you must be prepared to wait it out. If you are travelling with a partner, have
them grab the luggage and store it away while you are the last one to board. Check with your airlines for your seat allotment. Window seats offer great privacy and will
keep young children occupied for some time. The aisle offers ease of access to the bathroom,
and if you need to soothe your child. Selecting seats towards the back of the plane
generally means less crowd and easy access to the rear washroom. Also just because you’re family doesn’t
mean you will get seats together. So, make sure to book in advance and try and
schedule it around your baby’s sleep timings. Make friends with the cabin crew, to make
it easier to ask for assistance. Here is my secret, a DIY goodie bags to hand
out to your co-passengers to get them in a good mood. I’ve received these from other parents and
it usually comes with a small apologizing note if the baby is too loud as well as a
few chocolates just to sweeten the deal. Hack 5 – A Basic First Aid Kit A basic first aid kit is very important to
have no matter what age your child is. Don’t go overboard just carry the essentials. Prescription Medications (If Any)
Band-Aids / Sterile bandages: For minor cuts and scrapes
Cotton: To swab up blood ORS for dehydration
Tweezers: To help with splinters Antiseptic cream: To prevent infections Hack 6 – Activity Kit
Activity kits are great for toddlers as they have something to do on a long flight and
it gives them a good break from watching videos or playing games on an Ipad. Some of my sons favorite activities are the
puzzles, crayons, colors with a drawing pad, a scratch pad, and some of his favorite toys. For newborns, it is simpler. They just need some soft toys, a few pacifiers,
and some teething rings. Hack 7 – Snacks Snacks Snacks A hungry baby is an unhappy baby. Snacks are often the unsung heroes while travelling. They keep their tummies full and keeps your
baby happy. For Newborns:
You can never go wrong with milk. Make sure you carry enough of Formula. Baby foods like vegetable mash, porridges
and Cerelac are easy to pack and to carry. Making it best for traveling. Make sure you carry your own plastic spoons
and forks. Keep wet wipes handy, to clean up any mess. For toddlers, you must avoid the store bought
packets which are loaded with sugar. your kid having a sugar rush while travelling
is not what you want. A bowl full of chopped fruits like grapes,
apples, Oranges, some cheese, any cereal, trail mix is convenient and easy and your
kids will love it. I have seen so many couples make the mistake
of over -packing when travelling with children. You don’t want to do that. Because you will struggle to push those bags
as well as managing your children. Mothers, we know that it is tough, but with
a little planning and preparation, you can make any journey into an easy experience for
you and your child. So, did you like our momjunction hacks for
travelling with your baby? So, what is your favourite hack? Please let us know in the comments section
below. Thank you so much for watching and lots of
amazing content coming your way. Do not forget to Like Share & Subscribe and
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19 thoughts on “7 Tips For Travelling With A Baby On A Plane

  1. Hey Moms, what is your favorite hack while traveling with your baby? Let us know in the comments section below.

  2. My baby is 3 months old. I am worried about taking her on flight. My main concern is bulging of ear drum due to change in air pressure. Do small babies of few months get any ear problem in flight and how to cope up with it?

  3. rubbish hacks. the word HACK has become so overrated that anybody uses it to draw viewers. these r not hacks just basic instinct. and the no 4 goody bag for co passengers….REALLY? lol

  4. And there goes the ‘thumb rule’ hack…tackling Pressure variation!
    Remember, with all the 7 good hacks you shared the one missed and the foremost important hack is to know the pressure variation in a plane can cause discomfort for a baby, pain in ears to make him cry.

    What to do?
    The moment you feel a discomfort in your ears, gently close the baby’s ears too with fingers. He will not be feeling the difference or the pain.

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