I think if Dilli Haat Hauz Khaz Village and streets of Paris had a baby that would be Champa Gali! It’s a small little lane in Saket If you can’t find it, google map it You’ll find the directions This charming hideaway is a potpourri of all things good art, culture chai, coffee and yummy food! The usual charm of backyards in Delhi with unusual folks hanging there will make you feel like you’re close Supposedly, this is the new Hauz Khaz Village because, you know, Hauz Khaz Village has become too commercial and is not as “hip” anymore So this place is still quite hidden from the world and that’s what makes this place amazing! You’ll usually find bloggers here snapping away for the gram and since there is a lot of graffiti on the walls be sure to get in some cool pictures Now, if you’re here with your friends GREAT! You’ll have a blast regardless! but if you’re exploring this place on your own maybe wanna feel like a tourist, for a day in your own city then I’ve got some tips for you! Grab a coffee at Blue Tokai and get yourself energized! So I come here to get some work done listen to music read a book and have their really delicious artisan coffees I’ve ordered chilli cinnamon mocha Yeah, I said that right and, let’s see! It’s pretty good! When you’re starting to tire out you know from the general fatigue of doing nothing treat yourself with some shopping! There are these pop up boutiques selling quirky ethnic jewellery unique books, music records Indian clothes which, I love by the way and you know what that called for? Well… That called for an improptu fashion show! So look at this This is made of elephant poop and this is made of horse poop and it doesn’t smell like it which is amazing So these can be some cool, new additions to your fridge! It’s time for lunch! So find a cafe that resonates with your mood Now you can go for one of the fancier ‘Pho King’ that sounds weird or the ‘Rose Cafe’ but I settled for this quaint little one called ‘Patta Cafe’ So this is run by a small Tibetan family and they have authentic North-Eastern cuisine like they have Tibetan, Nepalese, Bhutanese, even Naga cuisine The reason I came here is because I’m friends with the owner which brings me to tip number four Say you’re not from the city and wanna interact with the locals It can get a bit awkward to go up to random people’s table and try and start a conversation Instead, you can talk to the staff or the owner Umm, ask them about their establishment They’ll usually talk about it very passionately and just like that You’ve made a new friend! So this is Jamya! Say hi! “Hiii!” So the last time I came here we got chatting She told me how they came up about the place and she even gave me a few free dishes on the side “I don’t remember doing that” She did! but what do you think I should go for today? Okay, so I’ve ordered Tibetan tea which I didn’t know is milky and Thukpa, and these pork momos and I’m gonna be honest I was super hungry so I’ve already had like six of them! Umm, here’s like the seventh one It’s with this really spicy chutney and…. Take your sweet little time to click those pictures for your insta story because there’s nobody to tell you “Can you hurry up?” “The foods getting cold!” Na-na-na (mocking sound) Linger on here from noon till evening… there’s plenty to absorb! Okay, fun fact! I just crossed by that lane and I could smell “grass” in the open which full-on gave me Bangalore vibes and automatically makes this place super cool! As the night rolls in and the fairy lights come on Champa Gali unveils an altogether different face End your day with a sweet cup of chai at the Jugmug Thela! This place is symbolic to Champa Gali Let’s go check it out! So, I’ve read that if you donate a book here you get free chai and cookies Yeyyy! So, since I already knew that I got this book It’s actually my brother’s and let’s see if that works So before I came here, I read a blog where the blogger said that this place reminded him of ‘Diagon Alley’ You know, with these secret passages leading to artistic wonderlands… and I’d say I agree with him! So, come here… keep an open mind and let the MAGIC flow in! And here’s my final tip Tip number seven Be PROUD of yourself for exploring this place on your own! because, you see not everyone is comfortable in their own company So pat yourself on the back for being just by yourself and freaking nailing it! Hi guys! So I had a lot of fun shooting this video and I hope you had fun watching it too So if you do end up coming to Champa Gali Click your pictures and tag me on Instagram with the hashtag ‘guzz on the go’ and I’ll find it, and I’ll like it! and if you liked this video give it a big thumbs up Comment, share, subscribe and I’ll see you next week with another video Ciao!

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