$710 Potluck Dinner • Holiday Special Part 1

[Music] welcome welcome back friends and family welcome to the worth it holiday special where Adam Andrew and I are going to be hosting a very special potluck for our friends that’s right in three parts we are going behind the scenes to see how each dish is gonna be made gonna be some homemade stuff some restaurant stuff some expensive showstopper stuff and we quite arrived today so part one what you’re watching right now appetizers next week part twos desserts desserts part three the grand finale where the whole feast is gonna happen we’re gonna be preparing a delicious big meat that’s right Andrew and I in the kitchen it’s about time right are you actually cleaning these glasses or the other dusty oh can you help yeah get a towel you my show today I worth it we’re gonna be trying to our potluck appetizers one that is prepared at a restaurant one that is homemade and they’re both gonna be worth it because all it is Rock and this is worth it not everyone has time to cook something themselves no shame sometimes you got to go and pick up something from a restaurant so our friends Brandon and my eita are gonna be showing us this little Brazilian treat it’s Brazilian cheese bread and I was asking my a2 how to pronounce it po po de que Sal wait boudic a show we are running a little bit late would you let them know also we’re about to eat a lot of cheese so I’m gonna prepare my stomach I don’t know this actually works by the way it’s not fine definitely proven hey Google Tech’s mijita were on the way so that’s a message to my ADA saying on the way wanna send it or change it send it send it oh thanks Google all the Domino’s are in place I’m gonna finish eating this Clementine or tangerine which one is this I don’t know the difference hi my name is Juliana Calvo I’m a chef at pampas of Rio and we want to show you how to make phone de queijo so Maya this is a restaurant that you like a lot I can tell us about this place but besides that system of getting your food and then waiting your plate instead of just pained by menu items and that is the most traditional way of eating in Brazil the first time I went it was feeling like home what does Pampas mean and what is the name common purpose is a region in the south of Brazil traditionally the farmers raise calls for this that’s where the shoe haskell is more popular to Haskell is barbecue in Portuguese and it’s the way we roast the meat why did you pick this appetizer for our potluck I feel under occasion was the thing that he lead in Brazil he will find everywhere that you go in the country so we went to Brazil and we had fallen to get you every single morning to make the owned occasion we need the yuca starch butter olive oil eggs a little bit of salt and a good blend of cheese here we use dried Mina’s and partners of cheese and what is Yuka Yuka is a root cheese bread was first made because was very hard find wheat flour so they have to produce their own flour with what they had which were the UK after 30 minutes the publication will grow and you can see the little ball popping and when it’s golden brown it’s perfect to be heated we will be eating this at the potluck in a few days [Music] the smells like a cheese cracker oh yeah buddy make the Bobo that’s why it’s like a little damn yes and that very nice really starchy and like you like how would you say wow this is tasty that’s a boy to bomb I do bong yeah you think will pair well with a wrestler oh definitely we’re gonna serve this first is that everybody’s hungry and then yes there so how do you say cheers in Portuguese how would you solve or at the Andrew would say how do you say it resilient [Music] that was a towel and now we’re on our way to our friend Janos house you know is a tasty producer actually she’s gonna be making one of her favorite family recipes each smell sense wow this Pollack has really just turned out to be a ploy for us to get lots of people to impress hey we’re cooking – that’s true but you know if I we I mean you are and I’m gonna watch you welcome to my kitchen so for your holiday potluck I’m going to be making some kind of beef samosas you had these before never know so samosa is a filled pastry from India through the Middle East into like East Africa so if you don’t like shrimp across all of that land everyone has like a samosa some people call it sambusa so the meat filling is pretty simple I use the ground beef because that’s probably the most common way you’ll have it in Kenya however the spices I use are kind of just the ones I’ve grown to like I’m using whole cardamom pods cumin and coriander so I toast and grinding up the spices just so they get maximum flavor without having to put too much of it some red onion and it has to be very very finely chopped green onion garlic as well as those spices and then for some heat I don’t know the type of chili we have in Kenya because a word hasn’t translated but the Serrano I found to be like the most similar so if he’s aren’t the most traditional ingredient but my mom has always put them in there and I like it because it adds in a little bit sweetness which contrasts like the spices and then that seaweed so let’s talk about the making them ago the part that my mom does cuz it’s like so it’s a really simple dough in there I put some flour salt a little bit of olive oil water and just mix it together with my hand once it starts forming into one dough dump it out on the surface and certain kneading it and then it says to hang out for like a half hour and that allows for everything to marry together and why did you select for this because it’s a holiday party samosas are likely go-to for any Kenyan person like if you turn up to Christmas Thanksgiving Kenya person’s house samosas are there that’s why you don’t want to show up on like super super African people time because there’ll be no cymose as well I think you’re gonna like them but I’m gonna need a little bit of help okay I am Han state I’m the touristy bad in the kitchen but oh well don’t worry it is like very traditional for everyone to get their hands in it’s social that’s when you get all the gossip when everyone like fills in the updates as you’re rolling things yeah I see we’re getting there making a pretty good square anything does it feel them can you if you hold it up can you see light through it there’s a lot of flower blocking your window I divide it and then part cook it on the stove just to get rid of that stickiness this part is deceivingly frightening this is my face I don’t know what it’s called if air has a name I brought it back from Kenya a few years ago but I use it any time there’s like a flat front it’s so easy because it’s flat and it’s heavy it’s good home security oh yeah so I’ll cut it you to quarters and then I’ll have from that triangle I fold it into a cone using a glue just flour and water that would be the piece to seal up all the edges oh that’s too much I’m ready to start filling fill it not too full just below that front lip you’re gonna tuck in this portion to really lock it in there and then glue it shut I’m gonna fold that flap over paying attention into corners like last time so curly until those corners are fully sealed that’s it thank you any good smells mine cracked at the bottom you just want to gently lower them into the oil nothing let’s hang out so the final step you just want to give it like a little pat with paper towel and then I think it’s only appropriate and responsible to try oh yeah yeah but it’s very importantly serving like it like already has fur but like it blows it up the damn in my mouth has been open the saliva is coming through so how are we gonna do lime then bite or bite lines I think I’m gonna lime that bite I’m also gonna line then bite and lime oh wow that isn’t good this literally is like it’s called a days I’m I’m reading Oh mom this is by far the best of us I’ve ever had mm-hmm thank you we have to give props to mom she’s the one who taught me thank you so much for contributing to the potluck my pleasure wait to have these on a big day if you’re gonna be a crowd favorite oh yes this is gonna be so good and then episode one but stick around because next episode we’re highlighting some very special dessert gonna see an old friend don’t go anywhere that your computer but next week [Music] oh yes [Music]

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