8 Ways To Travel Full-Time Around The World (AND Make Money)

Hey guys, it’s Jen Morilla the social gold traveler
and welcome back to my YouTube channel. I’m so happy that you’re here. This
is where I share all my knowledge. on being an entrepreneur,
content creator and blogger. I’m excited to have you guys here because
today I am literally going to talk to you about the number one thing I am
ridiculously good at or was good at when I did it, quitting on my job
to travel the world. And I’ve literally made a
full time job out of this. So if this is something you are
interested in, give me a thumbs up below, comment below and don’t
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that bell so that you can catch all the updates. But guys, today I’m going to give you so many ways
that you can make money and travel the world full time. And I’m not joking, but the biggest thing I want you guys to
take away before I get into it is being resourceful. Yes, being resourceful. That is the number one most important
thing that I’ve learned from traveling the world and getting paid
for it. And lastly, before I get into it one more time, you’re going to want to stick
around to the end you guys, because I have a surprised for you as
always, you guys know how I do. So stick around to the end. All
right, so let’s get into it. Okay, so before I get into it, let me give
you guys a little bit of a backg round. So I quit my job almost five years ago
now to travel the world and get paid and to be completely transparent, I didn’t actually start getting paid at
least until two to three months after I left. Now, it wasn’t in direct alignment
with being social media influencer. There were certain projects and ways
that I made money while traveling, and I will get into this here, but specifically for being an
influencer or being a blogger, it took me about three to four months
to actually get paid and it wasn’t a lot of money, but I still made money and
enough to use it to draw. All right, so I’m about to give you
guys eight different things
that you can do to get paid while traveling. Before I do go get a pen and paper
because you’re going to want to write this down. Let’s start with number one,
getting your TEFL certification. Getting your certificate to teach English
in another country is super valuable. I actually got it before I left to
travel as kind of a backup just in case. There are a lot of countries around the
world that would pay a lot of money to have an American come and teach English
in their native country. Super powerful. I recommend it highly. Number
two, be a photographer. Now, with all respect to all
photographers, I’m not a photographer. I don’t call myself a photographer. I
do take photos. I have taken photos, but by no ways, shape or
form do I consider myself a
professional photographer. However, I do consider myself a
business woman and when I was traveling, a lot of the places that I got for free, the way I negotiated was
I convinced them to let me say for free in return
for a few professional photos, I did have a nice camera and the photos
that they currently had on their website or their Google page or Yelp or
booking.com because booking.com is huge in South American countries and Southeast
Asia over views in those and the photos on those websites were not good. So what I did was I utilized
my negotiating skills to
get them to give me one or two nights free in exchange
for maybe five or 10 photos, but they can potentially use for their
website for social media and or the reviews on those websites. Very, very strategic and it works a lot. I was traveling to Southeast Asia for
about three months and I only ever paid for two accommodations and it was the
very first one when I got to Thailand, which was $20 a night and I was
exhausted and I didn’t want to negotiate. And the last one, which was in Bali, I paid for an entire month and
that was like stupid cheap. I think it was like $250
for the entire month. So everything in between cause I
was traveling in Bali for a while. I actually convinced them to let me stay
for free other places in Thailand and Cambodia as well, so it was
really good. Number three, being a social media manager. Now this is actually what I did when
I quit my job to travel the world. I had a few clients in my home base
local businesses and I created content for them and I was a social media manager. Now I didn’t charge a lot of money but
I charged enough to get by when I got to Australia because it actually
fun fact lived in Australia for a couple of months. That is how I didn’t work for anybody
else and was able to work for myself and manage my blog. I was a social media manager and I worked
with the local businesses in Sydney, Australia to help them run their content. This is a super easy way to make money.
Time is flexible. I will however, say that it is super important to be
super disciplined when you’re being a social media manager simply because it
can get a little bit overwhelming when you’re managing a lot of people’s
accounts and your own account. Something to keep in mind. All right,
number four, cash in hand jobs. What does that mean? Cash in hand, meaning jobs that you get paid
under the table. Cash. Yes, this is slightly illegal and you really
don’t want to get caught doing this, but if you’re traveling and
you really need some money, this is definitely something to do.
So what I did when I was traveling, I did this a lot in Spain. I’ve done
this in London and I’ve done this, no, I haven’t done this in Australia. Look at me actually admitting
this on social media anyways, you could do this in certain countries. I wouldn’t recommend doing
it in a lot of countries, but the only reason I did it in these
countries was because I actually had friends there that I had
known for extensive amount
of time that I can actually have a real conversation with them. I had a friend who had a tutoring center
and so I asked them if they need help there. I have friends who are bartenders at
restaurants and cafe shops and things like that, and so I kind of did those types
of jobs to help bring in some extra cash. Also, another fun fact, I used to dance. I used to dance till I was like 14 or
something like that or 15 and so I know how to dance and I’ve taken salsa classes
and all of those things and so when I was in Spain I actually taught salsa and
I used that money as like my fun cash while I was traveling in Spain.
So that’s a nice little tip. Yes, you want to have conversations and I
would only recommend having conversations with people you know about
potentially seeking jobs like this, and it could be a bar, it can be at cafes, it can be afterschool tutoring centers,
or you can just kind of, you know, if you have your TEFL certification, just kind of reach out to your friends
and let them know within that country, Hey, I’m actually
certified to teach English. Like if anybody wants to do
25 EUR an hour for coffee, let me know. This will be great. All
right. Which leads me to step five. Okay. This is probably the coolest, and I wish I would have done
this when I started traveling. If there’s any way to monetize traveling
full time, it would be by doing this, but again, you have to be
super disciplined. You guys, something that I lacked dearly and deeply
when I first started because I was so excited to travel. You have to
remember that when you’re traveling, you’re meeting tons of people and you’re
in a new place. You get distracted. You do not want to be tied to
a computer the entire time, which is why I say it takes
a lot of discipline. Okay, so number five is be a virtual assistant. There are tons of programs online that
you can take online courses that teach you the foundation of what it takes
to be an online virtual assistant, AKA V. A. Typically a VA gets paid anywhere between
10 to about 25 30 even sometimes 40 or $50 an hour. It all depends on
how many years they’ve been a VA, how many clients they have, how much credibility and how long have
you been in the industry for. Okay, but a VA super awesome job to be able
to travel the world and do this because essentially all you really need is a
good computer and amazing wifi. Nowadays, those things are pretty easy to combine unless you’re in China or in India. In my case, those are the two countries
that were the hardest to get internet. Sorry guys, but yeah. All
right. Number six, copywriter. Now, when I first started
traveling and I launched my blog, I wrote for other publications for free. I did not get paid for that and I
did a lot of that for credibility, but there were other publications
that I wrote for for compensation. There were several publications where
I wrote specific articles about where I was traveling to about travel, tips, about
packing tips, all that kind of stuff, and I got paid a minimum of a hundred
to 200 to sometimes even up to $300 for someone else’s blog. Typically where I found these jobs were
on travel websites or Facebook groups and things like that, so you definitely want to check
them out in the link below. I will link some Facebook groups that I
am a fan of and where you possibly find jobs on this. Okay. Number seven.
This is probably the coolest, so have you guys ever heard of WWOOF? It’s the world wide
opportunities on organic farms. This is where people get to live abroad
and work on farms in exchange for food and accommodation. I’ve never done
this. I did look into it at some point, but then it just kind of fell off the
table because I was able to find a good job as a blogger. But these are something to consider if
you’re looking to travel long distance for an extensive amount of time.
I’ve actually had a lot of friends. They’ve done stuff like this and in
Australia in Spain and Greece and they’ve absolutely loved it and essentially what
it is is you stay on someone’s farm and work on their farm in exchange
for food and accommodation. You got a few days, but obviously you don’t get the freedom
of traveling and exploring and doing whatever you want because you are
kind of working for food and stay. All right, leads me to our very last but least
most important and my favorite drum roll please. Number eight.
Start your own business. Probably should’ve been number one, but
number eight, start your own business. Guys, I cannot tell you enough how important
it is to be able to have your own business and your own freedom
and create the own life, create the lifestyle that you want
in order for you to actually do that. Starting your own business
is super powerful. A lot of the jobs that I said before
I’ve actually done while I was traveling and running my blog and creating
content for my blog, so it was hard. It was not easy and I had to create a
discipline. I had to be super committed. I also had so much belief in myself and
what I wanted to do that nobody can stop me and it takes a lot of willpower.
If I can go back and do it again, I would have invested in my business
and just focus on creating more of that. I did make sure that when I did
copywriting or when I did photography, it was obviously related to travel
because it was in my realm of what I did. I wasn’t a food photographer
and then traveling the world. Yeah, what I mean, but
at the end of the day, if I can go back and do
something differently, it would be to have just
started my blogging business
and taking it to the next level sooner rather than later.
And so there you guys have it. I’ve now shared with you eight different
things that you can do to travel the world and get paid. So there is no
excuses why you can’t be able to do this. And more importantly, if
I did it, you can do it. There’s anything you want to take away
from that. If I do it, you can do it. And as I promised in
the description below, there is an ebook for you that I created. They kind of reiterate all of this and
helps you strategically plan what to do and how to travel the world. I traveled the world for 11 months with
$14,000 and I was able to see a few countries. Don’t ask me
how many, I was in Europe, I was in South America and I was in
Southeast Asia concluding my trip in Australia where I lived for
about three months. Okay guys, so thank you so much for watching. If this was helpful and you think
you have even more stuff to offer, drop them below. I’m always interested to
learn more because there’s
always new companies and new opportunities and new things for
travel worlds and get paid for it. So drop your comments below. Let me
know if you want to know more. This, let me know if you have any more questions
about any of these eight different things that you could do and I hope that
you subscribed and I hope to see you guys next time, but until next time, have a beautiful and blessed day
and I’ll see you guys soon. Bye.

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