9 realistic ways to make money while traveling

9 realistic ways to make money while traveling

Hello Tangerineys! Today we’re answering one of the most frequently
asked questions on our channel, a topic we have never covered until now; How can I make
money abroad or what can I do for work/money while I’m travelling? In this video, we’re going to cover some of
the most realistic ways we have found to earn money abroad. Towards the end of this video, we’re going
to tell you the best way, the way we would personally earn a living in Mexico if we were
to start our travels today and not have a YouTube channel. So a couple of important notes before we
dive in number one, play into your strengths and like hone in on exactly what you like
doing even if it’s something that you don’t think could be a job or could make you money. Number two; think about the lifestyle that
you would want and what type of dynamic would be the best for your unique situation, whether
that’s traveling or you actually want to move somewhere. For instance, it might sound cool to be an
Instagrammer and have brand deals and have thousands of followers but only a
small percentage of Instagrammers actually make it and that might not be the lifestyle
that ultimately makes you happy. So, be aware of that, be honest with yourself. Tip number three before we get into the actual
remote jobs, with your current career you might be able to work remotely, you might
just have to ask your boss. Really the path of least resistance might be to keep the job
you already have. Tip number four; this would be when people
are thinking “what can I do while traveling, what can I do remotely?” They generally
want to go straight to remote job sites like remote.co and look for the like a personal
assistant, social media manager, product manager and various other remote jobs like that…
and you did this. I did this. For months and months and months I was putting
in constant hours trying to look for a remote job with very marketable skills that I had
so I wasn’t just starting from scratch or anything and hoping to get something. But the
problem is, with all of these remote jobs, they have hundreds if not thousands of people
applying for them. So, I was spending two to five hours for every
single application and a lot of times not even getting anything back, maybe like the
automated email but then nothing, not a “thank you for applying” or we “went with another
applicant” and that’s understandable considering they’re getting so many applications. But I do not recommend starting with something
like this just because the market is so saturated with people looking for these type of jobs,
it’s going to be very difficult to find one for yourself unless you have a highly sought
after skill like a web developer, graphic designer, or something like this, in which case,
you’re probably not watching this video because you can easily find a job. [Laughter] But don’t let that discourage you, now we
are diving into the actual viable job options you can have while traveling or living abroad. Yeah, so the first one… might be a skill
you already have; are you a dog trainer, are you a massage therapist, a hairdresser? That might be your best option to take those
skills and build up a client list where ever you want to go. And with that, some of these things are pretty
easy skills to learn going to a trade school and it doesn’t take too long, six months to
two years to learn and it’s also not as expensive as going to the four-year university. So, along the lines of leaning into your strengths
and doing things you love, number two on our list is fiverr.com and upwork.com where you
can list your skills or whatever it is that you have to offer and the possibilities are
pretty much endless. Yeah, if you go on one of these websites and
you start browsing around there, you would not believe the kind of stuff you’ll find! You have everything from graphic design to
psychics to literally everything in between, it’s unreal. If you saw our social media before this video,
you might have seen an example of what someone will create for you like on Fiverr is where
we got that. So, check out our Facebook and Twitter if
you want to see what we’re talking about. Number three on our list of very realistic
income opportunities is Fulfillment By Amazon. Before you dive into this, you better do a
lot of research, this is not something you can do easily, it can be very lucrative though. For example, let’s say you want to sell bungee
cords on Amazon, so you’re going to go to a website, Alibaba.com and there’s a whole
bunch of manufacturers there and then you’re going to get a branded “Jordan’s Bungee
Cords” or whatever brand you come up with and then they’re going to send it directly to
an Amazon Fulfillment Center. Amazon takes care of all the shipping, they
take care of customer service but you’re going to be responsible for creating the brand for
sourcing the product and for marketing it. There’s literally people who make millions
of dollars on this every year. But it is not without work and it is definitely
not without research. Number four is textbroker.com; this is where
you have the opportunity to submit a writing sample, they give you a grade, one through
five stars. The thing here is, if you’re a good writer,
you have the opportunity to get a 5 star rating and you can make some pretty decent money. Below that you’re kind of going to be doing
a lot of work for not as much pay, so if you have strengths in writing, this is a very
viable option for you. So, how does this work exactly? You are supplying your writing for companies
who need content on websites, for apps, different things like that. TextBroker does all the work for you to bring
the clients to you and you just provide the writing, they pay you per word which is why
it’s very critical to get that 5 star rating so you can make the most you possibly can
per word that you write. Number 5 is exactly what we’re doing, starting
a YouTube channel. Also in the same category we would put podcasts, blog, being an Instagrammer. If you’re doing one of these things, there’s
a bunch of ways you can make money like through Patreon or affiliate sales and there’s others. If you’re thinking about it though, we made
a video of… kind of the Dark Side of Being a Youtuber, so we’re going to link to that
right here. Truth be told, this is one of those things
that you have to put in a ton of effort, a ton of hours, unpaid hours and you’re going
to have to be super self-motivated, hone on your niche, channel your creative juices,
and like really put a lot of legwork in, in order for you to get paid at all. So it might not be the most viable option
considering you could do six months of work and get nothing out of it. That’s the way it is with a lot of these on
this list though, they’re all going to require you to be motivated and to put in a lot of
legwork. Alright we have a few more here before we
get into the grand finale, the one that we think is the best option. Number six is going to be to sell photos or
videos online. So, if you have any type of videography or
photography skills at all, there are tons of websites where you can sell any footage
or any photos that you take while traveling, while living abroad. Yeah like Shutterstock for photography or
Videoblocks for video. So, someone… video creators like us might
be looking for time-lapse sunrise over the ocean and we’re going to go on videoblocks
searching for that and if we choose yours to buy and put into our video, then you’re
going to get 50% that commission and Videoblocks is going to get the other 50%. Number seven; captioning or subtitling videos. Video creators like us are going to want captions
on their videos and we’ll pay people to do the work for us. This is also true for podcasts and any other
type of video on tons of other platforms. There’s websites you can go to like Rev, rev.com,
you can sign up as a freelance captioner. On websites like this you’re going to make
significantly more money if you’re multilingual and can not only caption in the language of
the video but subtitle in another language, you might get paid three four to five times
as much as just captioning. So, requirements for this, have ears and fingers
and you are good to go. And an internet connection. And an internet connection and also a computer,
there’s a few things, but… [Laughter]. Number eight; teaching someone a skill. This is a little different than Fiverr or
Upwork like we mentioned earlier. There is this website called takelessons.com,
so if you know how to play guitar, play the piano, if you’re really good at math and can
teach someone how to play the piano or how to play guitar or how to do algebra, well
then, you can post your skill on this website and get paid to do that. Another way you can go about it is through
Skillshare. Skillshare is slightly different in that you’re creating a course for people to watch and this is a little bit more labor-intensive,
you kind of have to have some more skills in terms of like recording a video, editing
it, putting it together, that type of thing and there’s a lot more work that you have
to do up front but it is a good option because you can make residual income that way. If people like your course and lots of people
are taking it, you can earn a lot of money over time that way. Yes, Skillshare, I like that because, yes
it’s a lot of work upfront, but after the work is done, it’s passive income, you’re just
going to earn a little bit or a lot a bit every single month. And now the moment we have all been waiting
for and that is our number one way to earn a living while traveling or living abroad [drum roll]
but before we tell you that, thank you for watching up to this point. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to
our Channel and GONG THAT BELL to get notified the next time we put out a new video. So now, what is it? Number nine… teaching English online. Don’t click out just yet, we had our doubts
too. Honestly, whenever people said this, my brain
just sort of shut off because everyone says this, “oh, you can teach English online” but
for me I’m like “well, I’ve never actually heard of anyone doing this, so it can’t be
that great” but it’s kind of that great. Yeah this is an awesome option and we’re super
excited to show you guys what exactly this is all about. So, first we’re gonna tell you some of the
benefits and then we’re gonna tell you some of the cons so you can make an educated decision
about whether this would be a good option for you and just an FYI, all of these things
are regarding VIPKID because that is the company that we’ve heard the best, most glowing reviews
about. The first benefit is the pay; you can earn
between 14 and 22 dollars an hour doing this. So, if you’re living in a country like Mexico,
that’s going to go a long way and the higher end of that pay scale is not out of the question,
you might think “oh well, everyone’s already earning like around 14 and they just say that”. No, it’s very possible to earn towards the higher end. Some other benefits, you do not need to know another language to do this, you can pick
your own schedule, work as many hours or as few hours as you want, you don’t need a
teaching certificate, and you don’t need (teaching) experience. This is a job you can literally do in your
pajamas, how cool is that? In addition to that, you have a base pay for
every class you teach but there’s also lots of opportunities to earn bonuses. Unlike a lot of things in this list, you don’t
have to put in a ton of time and effort before you can start earning money, you can start
earning right away. Basically, VIPKid has everything set up, the
website, the clientele, everything. You’re not creating anything, you’re not paying
for hosting, you’re not creating the lessons, the whole curriculum is created for you. That was something I thought like, “I don’t
know how to create a curriculum, I dont think this is right for me” but they have all of
that done for you. Another cool thing is that most people who
do this only work like four hours a day, so you’re going to have a ton of freedom and
lots of free time during the day. Sure beats a nine-to-five. So, to really sum up the benefits, the great
thing about VIPKid and teaching English is that you’re not having to put in all this
effort beforehand in order to get paid, you really just have to show up and give a crap
because if you care about the kids, you care about teaching English and helping someone
succeed by learning a new language, you’ll probably succeed at doing this and this will
probably be a great job for you. You really just have to care a little bit considering
it’s smooth sailing if you let it be. Yeah if you – if you care, if you do a good
job, you’re going to get booked a lot more, you’re going to make more money, and VIPKID
is going to raise your base salary too. Also I think this is a job that is pretty
fulfilling because you’re helping kids learn another language that’s going to help them
make more money in life and succeed in life, so if you’re anything like us, I want to know
that the effort I’m putting in is gonna do some good in the world. This is a job that is going to do just that. We became an affiliate for VIPKID just because
we thought it was so awesome and such a great opportunity for all of you out there who want
to travel or want to come to Mexico but just… and earn a decent living while you’re doing
it. And you just didn’t know how you were going
to make that happen, we think this is the best option we have found. So, if you’re thinking VIPKID might be a good
option for you, we will put the signup link down below in the description, it is an affiliate
link, so if you click through that we get a little bonus from that. But we would be doing
a disservice to you if we did not also tell you some of the drawbacks so you can make
a fully well-informed decision. So, let’s start off with the elephant in the
room and that is, you will be teaching Chinese kids English which means if you are anywhere
else besides Europe or China basically, you’re probably going to be working pretty early
or pretty late. So, if you can handle that, this still makes
it a very good job but that is probably the biggest drawback. We said that one of the benefits to this is
there’s a very flexible schedule and it is true, you can open up as many or as few time
slots as you want, whenever you want. But one of the major drawbacks is, you’re not allowed
to miss very many classes and when you do miss classes, there’s big penalties for that. When a class is booked, it’s booked, and you
better show up. Honestly though, this is like any job, you
just have to show up because people are expecting you to be there, you can’t just leave people
hanging. So, VIPkid has incentives for you to show
up on time, for you to teach the classes, for you to teach a certain number of classes
each month. But then they also have incentives for you not to do certain things, like not
miss classes. Another minor drawback is that you get paid
monthly, so you’re not getting paid at the end of every week, or every two weeks. It is
on the 15th of every month. And last but not least, while it does not
require you to have a teaching degree or certificate of any kind, you do have to have a bachelor’s
degree and also of course speak fluent English. If you meet all these requirements and you
think it sounds as awesome as we do, please go click on that link below because we do
get a nice bonus from that if you do decide to become a teacher and you sign up through
that link. That helps us continue making videos just
like these which we hope you found valuable. If you did, please give this video a Thumbs
Up and share it with a friend who you think might find this information valuable as well. As we mentioned earlier, subscribe to our
channel if you haven’t already to see more videos and one last thing [Bell Ringing] GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified the next time we put out our new videos and we will see
you in the next one. [Music]

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    I went through a few auditions and some training and was hired with one of these. But the next day after completing everything and expecting to select my hours and get assigned my students, I was told, along with the others in my class that there was no need for us because so many students were taking time off over the holidays. They expected to start having a need for us again in a few months. So, I never actually went to work for them.

    If the situation was right, I might work for one of them again, but several things described above would need to be adjusted, plus the biggest problem which you guys already covered in the video – the time difference. There are a couple companies looking for remote teachers for students in the Western hemisphere. That's great because it solves the time zone problem and you don't need to work during the night, but you need to be fluent or near-fluent in either Spanish or Portuguese to work for those companies.

    The best place I have found online for getting remote job listings is Indeed, and it's free. Also, there are lots of teachers who have posted videos on YouTube about online teaching. They give you a good idea of what to expect and some good tips, too.

    Fun fact: The entire enormous country of China has only one time-zone. There would probably be at least five time zones there normally. It ends up with kids getting off school at 3:30 p.m. by the clock, but by the sun it's actually 7:30 p.m. or maybe 12:30 p.m. Sounds really confusing to me.

  49. Hey guys, I love your videos, in fact you have been an inspiration for us to start our own channel. We would eventually love to move to Mexico but with a family we need to do a lot more research and really make sure we don't screw up our kids lol. Anyways keep making these awesome videos of your travel adventures

  50. Really inspired about this video. We are at the first steps of making videos for youtube and this whole thing begins all because I really love travel. Wanted to mention that I have a big desire to know whole the world, other cultures and to experience those thing that for a long time were a dream for me. Not to much money for exploring and still a beginner of youtube, but really a great desire to share with other people what I see. I hope one day to reach more viewers. Please feel free to know and support us. Love u all

  51. I cant believe how you built up the VIPKid and got me so excited by saying several times that you said "you dont need to have a teaching degree or anything like that". I wasted my time when at the end you say…but you need to have a Bachelor's degree. That was total misinformation that should have been said at the beginning. Good job making sure you got more video watch time while crushing the Hope's of others.

  52. How do I get more information about the teaching VIP program? I used the link you all provided to sign up so I didn’t know if you all could help with the questions/process or not? Thank you so much for briefly talking about that!

  53. VIPKIDS wants you to have a 4 year degree
    Do you guys know of any other websites like this that don't require you to have a 4 year degree??

    Maybe I'll email them. I have a two year degree in Early childhood education
    Experience in day cares. I was pretty upset when I got the follow up email saying I didn't fit their requirements

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