9 Things Chinese Tourists Can’t Do | China Uncensored

9 Things Chinese Tourists Can’t Do | China Uncensored

On this episode of China Uncensored, Chinese tourists behaving badly. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your
host Chris Chappell. Now you may have heard that Chinese tourists do not have the most sparkling of reputations. But good news everyone! I was checking out the state-run CCTV’s Facebook page. You know, the one that would be banned inside
China. And it turns out, China National Tourism Administration has
laid out, “nine kinds of misbehavior sufficiently
serious,” to get a person put on the tourism blacklist. That means potentially no leaving China for
2-5 years! Yes, they may prevent their own citizens from
leaving China for behaving badly! So here are the 9 things Chinese tourists
are forbidden from doing. Number 9 Interfering with aircraft or public transport Like in March when a man opened the emergency
door to get some fresh air while waiting for takeoff. Or when one guy deployed the slide so he could
get off the plane quicker. That cost 15,000 dollars to fix. In fact, in the first 6 months of 2015 alone, this happened 15 times. Number 8 Damaging public facilities Like poor poor Shanghai Disneyland. A month before it even opened, thousands of tourists trashed the grounds, stomped the gardens, umm, did other stuff and clearly did not stay on the path. Number 7 Offending local traditions, cultures or living
habits So Malaysia is a mostly Muslim country, and it has a… conservative view about nudity. For example, when four foreigners stripped
naked on the top of the sacred Mount Kinabalu, they were blamed for the earthquake the killed
16 people just a few days after. So it was maybe a bad idea that this group
of Chinese tourists took all these nude photos on a Malaysian
beach. Number 6 Destroying cultural and historical relics Now, I can’t read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, but I’m pretty sure this didn’t originally
say “Ding Jinhao was here”. Yes, in the ancient Luxor temple, the one in Egypt, not Las Vegas, a teenaged Chinese tourist carved his name
on the wall. Number 5 Participating in gambling, prostitution or
drug use Well what’s the point of even being on vacation
then?! Dongguan has earned the nickname “capital
of sex” in China. Where people travel specifically to participate in gambling, prostitution or drug use. In 2014, authorities led a massive prostitution
bust. They arrested 67 people and shut down 12 brothels. This one has the “I can see you on the toilet from my uncomfortable
bed” theme going on. Number 4 Threatening the public safety This image speaks for itself. That’s a gun. On an airplane. It’s probably fake, but since people have now been escorted off
planes for doing math, this is still a bad idea. Number 3 Damaging the ecosystem and breaking wildlife
protection regulations Nanjing is known for its beautiful cherry
blossoms. They look especially nice when people shake
off all the petals so they can take a nice photo. Though, I do have to say, climbing that tree in those heels is pretty
darn impressive. Number 2 Perpetuating “low-taste or superstitious”
ideas. Well, these tourists are certainly being superstitious And finally number 1 Other behavior that causes a negative impact Ah how wonderfully vague. I wonder if defecating in public counts? But before you start filling up the comment
section with hate speech about Chinese people, think
about this: You don’t really have this problem with
people from Taiwan. Or Hong Kong. This happens in a society where the Chinese
Communist Party has spent 60 years ruining traditional culture
and values so they could establish their own ideology. In fact, among these things that the Chinese
government is telling its tourists not to do, are things the government specifically told
them to do just a couple generations ago. Like destroying cultural relics. Smashing public property. And disrespecting local traditions. So, really, how much of the blame should we
really put on Chinese people? And if you want to learn more about how the
Chinese Communist Party specifically destroyed Chinese culture, watch
this video. So what do you think of the Chinese Tourism
Administration’s prohibitions? Leave your comments below! Once again I’m Chris Chappell, see you next

14 thoughts on “9 Things Chinese Tourists Can’t Do | China Uncensored

  1. Many Westerners just do not understand how much damage the Communists and the Cultural Revolution did to values. There's important reasons why Chinese who hit someone with their car might decide to finish the job to ensure they're dead instead of merely injured. There's reasons why they are such rapacious, vile, underhanded capitalists and victimise one another as well as foreigners with whom they do business. There's reasons why the People's Republic is the most polluted nation in the world. There's reasons why you should be quite reluctant to rent to Chinese students, but why Taiwanese students or those from Singapore and Hong Kong are mostly fine. I've had to deal with Chinese students from the mainland who rented a house next to my properties: they proved to be extremely disrespectful of my property and my tenants, parked in our lot despite promises not to do so and were generally rapacious scoundrels. One of them also hit a car on the street and had to be tracked down by the police after the fact. Listening to him try to worm his way out of responsibility–and the intractability of the police officer–was positively heartwarming. There's reasons why Chinese students steal materiel and intellectual property from American businesses, universities and our military. You wouldn't have this so much with students from Hong Kong, Singapore and Formosa. I'm gald that Chris made the distinction. We should end 'Most Favoured Nation' status immediately, expel Chinese students from our universities and do what we can to block their imports. We should also destroy their illegal naval bases and ramp up our patrols to defend our interests and those of our Asian allies. The PRC is a corrupt, enemy state; we should acknowledge that now and force a regime change. It will take generations until they get themselves back on a moral standing. Look how long it's taking the Russians to re-culture themselves and re-tool their morality. Life under the Chinese Community Party was much more thoroughly damaging to the Chinese than life under the Bolsheviks was to ordinary Russians.

  2. those mainland chinese tourist are out to destroy historical landmarks and treasures so be warned when you see one.

  3. what? its illegal to poop in public? well I am going back to china then. i have more freedom there. i can at least shit where i want.

  4. Can’t blame them ,they live under communist rules for too long ….and the chinese commies don’t have rules ,they only have jungle laws ( on the barrel of the guns ) . Imagine if china take over USA as superpower economically and militarily…..they will destroy this earth within a few decades for sure .but a country with citizens like these will not get anywhere better … than back to the stone age ! Sorry to say that ! But most of my chinese friends having the same thoughts as I have towards their uncivilised countrymen !

  5. You left out Singapore, a majority-chines population (most of whom are 3rd to 12th generation descendants of ancestors from China).

  6. ccp syndicate broke all of their own rules in West Philippine Sea. they should stay inside of china indefinetely for humanity's sake and do some real soul searching and divine contemplation….oh wait they also ban religion. theyre screwed then.

  7. Chris, thank you so much for pointing out people from Taiwan, Hong Kong don't do that…I really appreciate it! Most foreigners don't understand this concept. Thanks!

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