9 Travel Safety Tips (Traveling Alone or to Europe)

9 Travel Safety Tips (Traveling Alone or to Europe)

hey there today i am showing 9 travel
safety tips whether you are traveling alone or the tour company whether you
were going to Europe or any destination in America these nine travel safety tips
are going to help you I will talk about RFID technology and travel safety apps
in more if you are a solo traveler you are already helping yourself by watching
this awesome travel tips by Laurie video my name is Laurie I want to say welcome to my
channel and please leave a comment below and introduce yourself and while you’re
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traveling safety tip number one is to plan ahead before you travel be smart
before you start enroll in the smart traveler enrollment program it is by the
State Department this is a free service to u.s. citizens and nationals when you
are traveling to a different location you can enroll in their free program
this is going to enroll you with the nearest US Consulate or embassy and
you’re going to receive important information from the embassy like if
there is civil unrest at your travel destination or a natural disaster and
especially the reason why I recommend it is for family emergencies they know
where you are and how to contact you I also think before you go you should
email a picture of your travel documents your passport to a family member or
close friend and the reason why I say this there are lots of skeptics out
there the reason why I say this tip is because if you are the one incapacitated
and in a coma or something and you cannot get to your email yes email
yourself the passport picture and all that stuff but also email a friend
because if you are the one who’s incapacitated the friend or family
member can get to it quickly and act quickly we use a travel belt that goes
inside like our pants I also have used this little buddy pouch the velcro is
very thick and that’s how we like it there are several pockets in
and your passport does fit in there this little pouch does have an opening for
you to charge your cell phone if it’s in there I have a subscriber who uses a
neck wallet instead of this belt type one that we use around her neck and if
you have not seen my 33 travel hacks or my 23 travel hacks videos there are two
of them check out the 33 one because there is a great travel hack or travel
tip 2 using a carabiner hook to help with pickpocketers like if you were in
Barcelona I recently bought an RFID blocking travel on crossbody bag it’s
nothing pretty but I can get a lot of stuff in there as well as a slip a
belt in the back of here if I want to just have a fanny pack or a belt what’s
the new term for it belt bag and of course there are the RFID pouches and
sleeves if you don’t want the whole belt if you don’t want a whole wallet holder
and it doesn’t need to hold everything then there are just little sleeves and
pouches that you can get now I used to think that if your credit card had a
chip that that meant that it was RFID capable but according to an article I
read by loss prevention media they said that there are only 1% of the cards out
there that are actually RFID capable like where that someone can really steal
your identity off of your cards so find out if your actual card is really
capable of having its identity stolen through one of those RFID machines and
an RFID machine is a technology that uses radio frequencies to steal your
identity off of those cards the chip that is implanted in your card is an
actual theft prevention extra secure measure it has nothing to do with
whether or not it’s RFID capable and that’s what I thought that chip was
there for but if it is RFID capable that means if you are able to wave your
credit card or whatever you’re using above a terminal and
payment actually go through that means that that card is RFID capable of the
identity being stolen and in an article by a far com I will lists both of these
below by the way in the description box there article says that even your
passport picture and all its contents can be stolen but here’s the good news
it’s almost impossible to do that with the RFID machine to steal your passports
identity and picture it has to be within six inches I mean that’s that much okay
six inches from your actual passport booklet and the booklet has to be open
if your booklet is closed that’s what it becomes almost impossible to steal
anything from it because in the cover of your passport booklet there is a really
secure tape that is in there that makes it pretty much impossible like I said
travel safety tip number two is to travel in numbers there is safety in numbers
I recommend searching the area that you’re going to and searching tour group
companies there is albatross calm and there’s also Guardian calm oh and you
can even search foodie meetups like this one in Barcelona before you go to a
certain city especially if you are a solo traveler
I know albatross has specific tours that are geared towards single people or solo
travelers and that way you would be in a group but then you would sleep and would
have some alone time as well but you’re traveling with a guide and with a group
a small group you also want to walk down streets where there are people I know in
Venice we got lost my husband and I got lost and it was pretty shady and some of
those little bitty back alley streets that lead to houses it’s amazing but
just be smart about traveling where there are crowds or groups of people
travel safety tip number three is to write down those numbers for instance if
you have your credit card stolen how are you going to cancel it you don’t have
the phone to the credit card company yes you can
keep your credit card account number but they can find that over the phone for
you so write down in the like contact section of your phone like make your
credit card company have an actual contact number where you could hit the
phone out and actually make a call to them you can also keep the number in the
notes section of your phone let me know in the comment section below if you
think it would be smart to keep your phone away from your wallet travel
safety tip number four is to be observant look up notice sounds notice
quick moves notice followers who are around you Barcelona is the number one
City for pickpocketing and our good friend Roxanne was victim of this they
were on las ramblas street her husband was smoking a cigar and two people came
up to him while he was smoking his cigar to ask for a light and she thinks that
they were casing them like looking under the table looking where their bag was
was it attached to anything and sadly she knew this but she did not attach her
bag to like the leg of the chair even though it can be cut away it’s one more
thing to deter them just a little bit and then a man sat like two tables from
their table and started carrying on a conversation with them really engaging
fun conversation and she thinks that that is when somebody came over and just
pulled it out right from under her chair be sure to look at my travel hacks video
for that carabiner hook way to attach your purse to a chair the good news is
is that they both had their credit cards in their own or on their own person so
she was able to use his credit card phone number on the back of the card to
call their actual company and cancel service report theft that’s what she
call it traveling safety tip number five is to
go on food tours it’s a great way to stay in a group and you get below the
surface behind the crowd behind the touristy section areas of the city
to visit you really get to know the local history the customs of that area
in other countries food tours give you a lot of food just so you know and another
tip about going on a food tour is remember to take cash for the tip
because that is not included and they make their money from tips and you will
fall in love with their personality honestly they’re so fun I forgot to take
cash on our food tour in Maine and I was so embarrassed because there’s such a
small group they know that you’re not tipping them I was so embarrassed but I
hunted him down and mailed via the US Post Office my tip to that awesome guy
in Portland Maine travel safety tip number six is to ask the desk clerk for
a non touristy place to visit or a great place to eat let me know if you think
that’s a good idea especially if you’re traveling alone
like would they know then that you’re traveling alone I don’t know but I do
think it would be helpful and also to search YouTube for things to do in that
city tours to take I have made several videos about places around the world and
reviewing that location for what to do YouTube is the number two search engine
after Google so don’t negate the power of YouTube
Travel safety tip number seven is to use travel safety apps in an article by
too many adapters they recommend using a free app called trip whistle SOS and
what that’s going to do is it is going to give you all the emergency numbers
for Police Fire ambulance that you may need in the different countries and out
of 196 countries there are 70 different emergency numbers and with the free app
you will be able to contact them with the swipe of a button but do you really
swipe a button or do you swipe an app hmm speaking of TSA I do not think it is
preventive to put a lock or a combination lock on your actual suitcase
before you put it in the airport or baggage claim it if si si needs to get
into it they’re gonna cut it and it might ruin your zipper or your suitcase
if you need to find if pre-check is worth it or how to sign
up for tsa PreCheck I have a video that I’ll link here and
the other videos in the description box below I also have what not to bring on
the airplane and it is a from a list from tsa.gov they are shut down right
now so you can easily contact them by using their phone number it’s a 1-800
number call them I’ve done it three times since the government shutdown in
2019 and they have answered my problem they also redirected me to the State
Department step program that I mentioned in step one so use their
services travel safety tip number nine is to listen to podcasts about travel I
listen to women who travel it’s by Conda nest I believe and it was okay to start
with but if you have something specific that is an avenue to search you can buy
all the rfid-blocking and things you can search youtube you can plan ahead but it
is peace of mind you are already helping your peace of mind by researching and
planning before you go so be smart before you start and thank you again for
visiting my travel tips by laura youtube channel

73 thoughts on “9 Travel Safety Tips (Traveling Alone or to Europe)

  1. Thank you Laurie. Even though I am a 70 year old who has travelled my whole life and continue to do so I still always learn something new from your videos. Leaving in two weeks again so this is timely.

  2. Is it OK to broad a plane with fanny pack + purse + carry-on? or can am I allow to just bring 2 of them? By the way, I love watching your travel tip videos; thank you for your travel tips Laurie.

  3. I pretty much always travel solo and I always book little walking tours in the places that I'm visiting whether they're cultural or foodie ones. So great for meeting like-minded travellers as well as the reasons you mentioned! Love them!

  4. I travel alone, and was given this great tip by another female traveler.
    Keep a copy of your passport, credit card numbers, and also the address where you are staying, and your emergency contact person’s info.
    I also keep 100 of whatever currency the country I am currently in uses.
    Put it all in a small ziplock bag, and put it under the insole inside your shoe.
    No one can get it, but you have ID and some cash if you get mugged.
    In the summer, put it in your bra.

  5. Can you please tell us what kind of lack do you recommend to use for the luggage’s that will be registered to go as cargo,

  6. I always keep my phone seperate and I keep a photo of a certified copy of my passport and ID on my phone as it’s always better than nothing.

  7. For my next cruise, that I travel alone at this time, I will not put all my money at the same place because, in case of pickpocket, you will lose all your money. I will try to find some hiddens places on my carry on (like another empty 3oz and hide there my money etc…) and my front pocket.

  8. Super great video! I think a lot of people don't know these tips, good to bring to everyone's attention. I always use RFID covers and wallet, keep my IDs and credit cards/money on my person. Better safe than sorry! I have noticed some people I travel with don't like to do this, so to me they are the ones who's wallet/purse will get taken. I guess they think a neck or body ID holder that carries EVERYTHING is not cool. Who cares, right? Safety first

  9. Our debit card info was stolen at a gas station because they were able to install something inside the gaa pump. The police said to only run credit card sale on a gas pump with your debit card. That way they don't get your PIN. When living in Germany they told us always to be in pairs if possible. Also in our terrorist training we were told to not just watch cars following drom behind, they will watch from a car in front. The biggest is to leave 2 car lengths in front of you driving so you can get away if someone starts shooting. NEVER wear anything that says United States or any state on your clothes as it spotlights you are american. Great tip video Laurie!

  10. Always be aware of your surroundings. Years ago, my husband was searching for information while I kept all the bags with me in Venice. I noticed at least 4 men signaling each other and looking at me. I immediately panicked and started screaming. I think they went away because of the commotion I was causing. So be alert!

  11. Just found you!, I travel for work and agree about looking for local places. I also check with TripAdvisor for reviews and pictures on restaurants and even cute hotels that may have history to them.

  12. Had never heard of The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. My husband going to China in May and I'm going to enroll him. We never go out carrying our passports, always leave them but we do have copies on our phone. If your purse/travel bag is stolen, at least they won't get your passport. Thank you so much!

  13. Hi there, we are going to Italy this summer and watching all these type videos to learn all I can. ❤️thank you for the info. ?

  14. Were you talking about the TSA locks or just regular locks? I guess what I want to know is if you use the locks that say the TSA can open, will the TSA still just cut into your bag? Thanks for all your helpful tips. Also, I’ve known 2 different people who have had the safe in their rooms looted. What is your opinion on using these safes?

  15. Thank you for the travel tips. I have traveled to Portland, Maine and Liverpool, UK in the last 2 years alone. However, I had friend and a brother and his family in those places, so I wasn't alone when I arrived at those destinations.

  16. One thing I learned traveling in and out of the country that goes with be aware of your surroundings.9 TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. If your gut says it is bad…it is. We once went on a cruise to Nassau and that instinct probably saved our lives. We took a wrong turn and we saw a semi-truck parked along a kinda run down strip mall and no security cameras facing into the streets or sidewalks. We also heard yelling. We felt really un easy. So glad we listened to our instinct because as soon as we turned back around and got off that street there was gun fire. We found out later on their local news the truck was full of drugs, and the undercover cops were busting the dealers.

  17. Hi Laurie, I'm traveling to India in April and will be meeting up with a woman that I met on a China tour.  We'll be with a tour company and hopefully all will be well.  After we leave there, I'll be headed to London on my own for 5 days.  What advice can you give to being in London on your own?  I've been to London once and do not feel like I know it well.  Hopefully I can make the most out of this solo adventure.  Thank you.

  18. You can access your accounts through your bank app, I know my banks app will let me freeze my card or notify them that I'm travelling..which makes it much easier..

  19. I’m following your recommendations for this trip. When I get back I’ll give you an update of how they worked for me. Can’t wait for the 31st!

  20. I always pack a door stop wedge for my hotel door, a few quid from Amazon, to secure my hotel door from the inside when I go to bed. Never had any issues but provides peace of mind for a good nights sleep, not always easy when new hotel or location. Some door locks aren’t as robust as I’d like. You must remember to remove before trying to leave in the morning, I’ve not got a 100% record on that ? not to mention my post it’s for the door eye hole!!

  21. Thanks for more great travel tips, Laurie! I don’t travel much, but I enjoy your videos. They’ll be helpful for the next time I do travel! 🙂

  22. Hi Laurie, my husband and I are headed for Mexico. We fly from HOU to PVR, then on to Ajijc and Chapala, Jalisco. It will be a vacation plus get a few medical procedures done. If we love the area, we may stay. There one can have a better lifestyle, living on Social Security. Thank you for you informative videos. Joy n Wyatt

  23. Hey Laurie awesome video. Heading to Jamaica in June with my 16 yr old daughter and parents in their 70s. First time out of the country for me and my daughter! Your videos jave already been a big help thanks!

  24. It's a good idea to take a picture of your checked suitcase on your phone, and send a copy to someone at home as well.  If the case gets lost, this will increase the chances of the airline finding  it among all the lost pieces.

  25. Best practice would be to simply put all cards in an RFID shielded wallet. When at home I do that and when traveling, I do the same thing. Then you don't have to wonder, because everything is shielded at all times.

  26. It isn’t always safer to travel in numbers. You can especially be targeted even moreso that way. An entire tour bus of Japanese tourists was held up by marauders in India. Every single one of them were robbed of thousands of dollars.

  27. My hubby and I are going to Italy in September. I can’t wait to go. I’ve been trying to catch up on all of your videos. Thank you for all of your travel trips!

  28. I stumbled upon your channel about a week ago and now hooked. Been binge watching all week. Going to Poland in a few months and these videos are very informative!

  29. I’m planning wayyyyyy ahead … 57 weeks and counting ❤️❤️❤️???✈️✈️?… #youralifesaver

  30. If two people are traveling together Cary different credit cards so if one person gets pickpocketed you can cancel that card and still have something.

  31. EMails can be hacked, especially if using unsecured wifi, that applies to some hotels. It is better to have a paper copy of your passport, or have it on a jump drive. Also if you do ever report your passport stolen, then you will get stopped and pulled aside for more questions at Immigration, i.e. you will need to allow more time and be ready for that stress.
    Europe and Asia you don't have to tip often or much. Wish north America would pay living a living wage.

  32. Hi Laurie, I have a mobile ap for each credit card company and bank on my iphone and ipad, so as soon as I've misplaced it or think it's been stolen, I go to my ap and turn off the card(s). I do that before I even call the credit card company. I also have text alerts that show when a withdrawal or purchase was made (mainly for when I loan my card to my son). If I see he took cash out when he was supposed to be making a fuel purchase, I turn off the card until he gets home. I also use my fingerprint to log in, so it's very fast, maybe 5 seconds, to render the card(s) useless, without having to cancel and wait for a new card. If I know my purse was stolen, I'd turn off the cards and contact all banks immediately. I also have pics of the front and back of each card and sent them to my husband's email in case I need the numbers. I hope that helps others traveling or even loaning your cards out to family members. Safe travels everyone! ?

  33. hi dear i am gaia from florence in italy. i am studying all your video since on the 15.8 of august we will come to california nevada and maui. it is not our first time. i do not trust the hotel asking where to go for dimmer in malta they sent me to the most expensive and ot particularly good restaurant. i trust much more tripadviser although i know many comment are not real

  34. Hello. Great video. Thank you so much. I have one tip. I have two phones with me. One for taking pictures (make sure it linked to cloud and upload pictures then u take them) and just use google map (usually less expensive too). Second with all my contacts and useful apps (for bank cards, persanal information) I will take care like passport. Put in safe place or in money belt

  35. Can you wear the travel pouch through security and onto the plane or should you just carry it on and put it on once on the plane?

  36. I think you can ask the front desk for ideas for dinner or shopping by saying…."Hi, I'm meeting up with my friends and we want to………. Where are some good places to …." If asked are they staying here?…..say no, they are staying at another hotel." If pressed for their information … then I'd be worried and may consider finding another hotel myself….shady.

  37. One thing that we do when traveling out of the country or a new city…. is to always get the hotels business card to hand to the taxi or uber driver….. our first day in rome a few years ago we had a bit too much limoncello … needless to say…. it came in handy on many fronts…. LOL

  38. Notify your CC and DC supplier the dates and countries where you will be travelling. They monitor your card activity and will freeze if it the card data is being used in a country you will not be in.

  39. Not a safety tip but since you mentioned tipping. Not all countries appreciate tipping in restaurants etc some it's considered rude

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