Åker tåg i Indien – Rädd för coronavirus? VLOGG

Åker tåg i Indien – Rädd för coronavirus? VLOGG

– Hey, hey! We are at a train station.
– In Varkala. – We are going to Kochi.
– It’s a city up north. – What will we do there?
– Look around, explore and such. Pick up my bag. Get on, get on. – Come!
– We are coming. – Where is the right carriage?
– Next one. – These are our seats.
– Are they? – Will we be sharing?
– Yes. – I want to sit up there.
– Sure. I wonder how cozy it is. It’s like we will sleep on this train.
It’s only a four hour journey! – What? That’s not so “only”.
– 3 hours and 50 minutes. – Alma, here’s my ABC book.
– Oh, good! A, B, C, D… Dad, read this. – But…
– Read it. This is India’s national anthem
and I do not know how to sing it. – Just sing the beginning.
– But… – It’s so fun.
– I’m embarrassed. – Alma? What about Alma?
– Okay. “Jana-gana-mana-adhinayaka, jaya he” Good! Thank you. 12 SEK (1.25 USD)
is what I paid for a lunch. We have eaten these sandwiches. – Was it good?
– No, but I’m eating it anyway. My dessert. Oh, my dessert! – What’s that?
– Alma, you say. Kinder Egg. How are you? My nose is running
and my ears are burning, but it’s all good. It’s very spicy, but tasty. – Dad and Harry are sleeping.
– Have you slept? No. I’ve just been looking out through the window,
eaten chips, and there was a lamp in there… – Where?
– There, where we slept. Show us. Here is my little nook, but then
dad came and took over my little nook. – Where is Harry?
– There. – Yes, here I am.
– Oh! Have you woken up? – Can I come down?
– Of course. Put your foot here. – Was it comfortable?
– Yes. – We are almost there.
– Yep! – It went very quickly!
– Super smooth. A nice train ride. What are you doing?
Put those locks up. No! But I can brush it. – Alma loves to brush her hair.
– It’s her favorite thing in the whole world. – I don’t understand why the doors are open.
– No one knows. – It feels very unsafe.
– I’m sure they can be closed. Oh, yes! I mean… But they are open,
so no one seems to want to close them. Maybe they are difficult to open from the outside.
So when the train stops, maybe people can’t open them. Alma.
I’m afraid she’ll fall. But I’m afraid.
Don’t be such a toughie. We are rolling into the station. – Oh! It looks like a stable.
– A stable? – Like in Star Stable.
– Like a stable in Star stable. Oh, I didn’t know that. There. That went well. Harry and Alma,
do you hear all the honking? – Yes.
– Typical India. Yes. We are on our way
to Fort Kochi. We have booked a room
in a hotel for two nights. – Here is our room.
– That’s right. It’s quite nice, and look at the view. ♪ What a nice view… ♪ It’s very noisy here. I think they are
building a harbor for the coast guard. – We are pretty used to noise, so that’s fine.
– Yes, we have a… This is so “India”.
Everywhere is loud, all the time. Wonderful, isn’t it? The bathroom is beautiful.
I like these large and dark bathrooms. Showers and then a swim,
what do you say? OK. – There’s a pool downstairs.
– Bye bye. It’s a new day.
How are you all feeling? Good. Did you sleep well? – Not really.
– Great! Like a log. I’d say we have a mixed bag of answers.
I didn’t have a great sleep. – My sleep was like dad’s.
– And how was that? Not good. The work on the harbor disrupted our sleep.
There were loud bangs throughout the night. We will get to switch to a room on the other side
of the hotel, so this night will hopefully be better. What? Loud bangs?
I didn’t hear any. Someone was very tired
after the school week, and just… You deserved that, Alma. – Alma almost fell asleep before her head hit her pillow.
– She was falling asleep during dinner. – You make video?
– Yeah, we make video. Oh okay, okay. Now we will check out Fort Kochi.
Do some sightseeing. They are feeding the birds. What even is this?
Can you explain it to the viewers? Bird feeding. This is a Hindu temple and the very righteous Hindus
don’t harm any life whatsoever. They sweep the ground to not step on ants,
they wear masks to not breathe in mosquitoes, and… …accidentally take a life by mistake. And in this case they have a bunch of pigeons
living here in these installations. And they feed them once a day. That’s one of the pigeon nests. This is our first time at an Indian playground.
It looks pretty fun! Oh, I think it’s broken. It’s a little bit broken and wonky, but it doesn’t matter.
Just hop on up and start swinging. – Really?
– Yes, lean back. Just mind this rod. No, this is so dangerous. Put your feet up, Alma. No, you can’t do that! I’m flying off!
You weasel! Help! We came here to experience
something completely different from Varkala. We would have loved to explore a lot more of India,
but there’s not enough time because Alma is in school. Yes. India is so huge. It would have been like going to the Mediterranean
over the weekend just to visit a city, and then go home. You could do it,
but it’s quite exhausting. – What did you think of the train journey, Alma?
– It was fun. – Was it?
– Yes. It was a luxurious train for being a train in India. It was very cozy, but it made you extra aware of the
Question of the Day many of you have asked lately. Are we worried
about the coronavirus? I’m the one who have been most worried about it.
I have watched and read the news a lot to learn about it. It was quite hard when we find out
that the first case in India was very close to us. – There are 2 confirmed cases now, both here in Kerala.
– Yes, but we aren’t… too worried. I feel safe with the healthcare here in India
if we were to come in contact with the virus. It doesn’t seem to be that deadly and it has reached
Sweden now, so it doesn’t really matter where we are. The worst thing you can do in a situation like this is to
travel and be on a plane for hours. Then there’s a high… – No, I think the worst thing you can do is to panic.
– Yes. Joanna is of course absolutely right. We won’t panic. We will stay in our lane
here on the other side of the world, and stay healthy. – Keep doing our thing.
– Yes. We will get our new room now. Exciting. – Welcome.
– Thank you. Wonderful! Oh, wow. This is a super secret room!
You just go through the closet. – Oh, wow!
– Here you can see the other side. – Oh, this side has a city feel to it.
– Mhm. – I think we will sleep well here tonight.
– Yes! – I think so too.
– Me too. Thank you for joining us
for two days! Yes! Please comment below
what you thought of the video. Give it a thumbs up or down,
and take care until next time. Bye bye!

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  1. Hej! Jag undrar bara hur det fungerar med pappa Axels tandställning, själv har jag tandställning och måste byte och fixa den typ varje månad. Hur gör Axel?

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