A bunch of Misfits go camping

A bunch of Misfits go camping

I’m allowed to drink a corona in here right? Yeah. You’re allowed to smoke meth in here right? (Yes cunt) (gay music) (music) *spills the good shit* *laughing* What’d you do? …Nothing… Nothing at all Fuckin’ wipe faster, wipe faster! (me when im on the toilet and my match queue’s) whatd you do! n-nothing dad! whatd you do! did you spill anything back there? Well no but actually yes… ah yeah no! Swaggers a cunt he didnt spill a beer! i swear to god if you spill a beer back there i will get out of this car and beat your ass Swaggers a cunt no-no spill Girls on Film by Duran Duran plays Toby do you have like… …uh mason has the maps mats? *laughing* you got mats F3 while we drive! nothings gonna happen where we goin macey? camping! whooooo! yeah! the cringe stop arguing back there shut the fuck up boys i’ll rape ya! Dad are we there yet? shut up son fuck you dad yo ill turn this fucking car around i swear to god! you know he gets that from you nah are you supposed to be the mum? shut up bitch im tryin to talk *swagger laughs like a crack addict* okay i got like eight cameras on me what the fuck its the paparazzi welcome to youtube cunt *laughs* Man this trafic sure is nice yes! yeess! thats a correct statement! yeeeeesss! yeeeeesssss! *more laughter* Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac plays *Swagger starts screeching* you can go your own waaayy! go your own waaaayy! i dont fucking understand him mate it has been exactly five minutes! *swagger starts screeching again* go your own waay! SHUT THE FUCK UP FITZ I AM TRYING TO CALM DOWN THE TRAFFIC IS EVERYWHERE now the kids in the back are upset THEY’RE FUCKING PUSSYS YOU RAISED THEM TO BE FUCKNG PUSSYS that- that was not my fault YOU ARE THE REASON THEY ARE SUCH LITTLE BITCHES, FITZ stop fighting fuckin’ bitch can you just please keep a handle on them Im trying my-my Personal definition of rap is just single words after one another that rhyme cat (rat) rat! bat! when you just listen to rap that many times all the words dont matter a! b! c! d! e! dude, all the words in the alphabet rhyme letters fuck a b c d…. e…. f….. g ”g’ rhymes with ‘e’ u r a retard Yes Dad are we there yet no. how about now? no. now? no. now? whats changed swagger? whats changed from when you asked me previously? we not there yet. jesus are we there yet and i just like swerve into the traffic yeah come on who did that? it wa- it was mason! mason bradford! it was mason it wasn’t me i’m sick to death of it, i’m sick to death of it well you’re gonna get more sicker i try to do something nice for this family, driving you all out to the beach (you’re a shit driver!) oh, ok! (laughs) i’m a shit driver i am? shit.. okay, who the fuck said that? look at the road! I’M LOOKING AT THE FUCKING ROAD *everyone screams* daaaaadddd what? i have to go to the bathroom get fucked yo hold it in cunt you’re a male swaggers got a beer back there use that oh fuck, give me the bottle i mean what the actual fuck are you doing filming ha ha what cunt? i mean we’re trying to drive FAMILY FUCKING MEMORIES Mom dad why could you just go to therapy like everybody else’s parents i don’t wanna remember any of this well i spent all this money on a fucking camera And you don’t want to bloody film? you know what, i’m sorry i brought it up yeah, i’m sorry you brought it up too (dad you’re a pussy!) (pussyyy) dads a pussy dads a pussy That’s a pussy the guy with the biggest dick in the car is the biggest pussy so you’re a pussy? I’m the biggest pussy I’m the biggest pussy ever (music) he just falls and eats shit alright, lets pack the cars and just leave he’d have no fucking clue alright, who wants a torch? whats he doing? here, here your flashlight hang on no shine it on him It’s a disco! oh, this is gonna be a night This is gonna be a hell of a night boys only bare necessities as needed what is- what are those that’s weed That’s your allowance no more, no less Aw but dad There’s barely anything there! Your mum said only little bit so that’s all your getting i thought we were having mushrooms I don’t like weed my ambiguous sleeping bag does it actually say ambiguous on it? no its pink with a unicorn on it that’s ambiguous anough Okay assembly steps take out the fiberglass poles he’s got it Step two how do we fix it? just- just stop put your hands off the tent and don’t help god damn it i’m getting fucking- i’m getting angry oh i got idea lets set up tents wheres your- wheres the pegs pegs Oh contribution and I’m done ladies and gentlemen I will be going that way This tents more supportive than our dad is right now fuck yeah we’re camping Aw yeah that’s fucked Jokes on them I don’t have to set it up Wait how Monka s does our car look It’s like- Oh is this for like trying to lift the tent up? or something did anna just ask who the fuck is tall Oh, yeah I don’t know maybe that cunt there That’s such a at such a large quantity tent That’s a fucking that is a poverty tent You- You versus the guy she tells you not to worry about we’ve created fire FIRE! wait are these the instructions for the tent your burning? although, that is dodgy that is how you start a fire insert Harry Potter music meme fires gonna start and we’re vulnerable can I go scavenge for rocks? yeah i’ll go with you alright, you guys go get rocks we’re gonna get lost! it’s funny! gamers by the way why am i wearing these? i got these yesterday you got them yesterday dude you’re so gay your gay! dude your wearing that yo casual flex this is- this is not how you camp there’s no way no way we can- this cunts asthmatic and i am too that’s so true! we’re fucked i’m asthmatic i don’t want to breathe as it is that was awesome let’s put this on we won’t even put it up can we just like double dude is it- no cause is like gets wet on the bottom there’s no way hes actually gonna die hes dead i guarantee i’m the least healthy here its not even going up listen little bit of an issue about time we started drinking its about time we smoke some weed cam its too late its too late it was too late the second you joined this group it was too late were not hot boxing the big tent alright only small tents you motherfucker no way! you good swags? dude you okay? are you alright? oh my ears are riging fire fire ohhhh aw you stood on my toe sorry just fucking like be spontaneous and go camping so Ryan had these tents in the in the car all ready to go he had tents and he had like like blowup mattresses and that’s all he had pretty much for our Quitman so it took some convincing For everyone else to be like all right like we’re actually doing this Okay, cool, we’re actually doing this like Toby, was really not keen but he came around

100 thoughts on “A bunch of Misfits go camping

  1. They say patience is a virtue

    So you all must be saints

    Thanks for waiting, I've just needed to take a break for a bit, but I'm glad to be uploading again finally

  2. ooooo envy you sooo much, look so cozy with friends out freezing together and smoke shit, just wanna cry 😀 been away from my friends almost 3 months and still gona be one more 🙁 😀

  3. Anyone know the video/song that starts playing at 6:23?
    EDIT: thank you Youtube for recommending me the video, it called kfc and watermelon.

  4. Get these guys to be in a horror movie, and have them be themselves and throw everything at them without them knowing what is going to happen. They'd take the absolute piss out of it and it'd be the best horror comedy ever

  5. Them: " It's a Night for the Boys. "
    Me: *HeArS A WomAN?*

    ALso Me: "What the fuck.. hippity hoppity, men are property."

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