A DAY IN THE LIFE IN VALENCIA, SPAIN (+ great tourist spots!)

A DAY IN THE LIFE IN VALENCIA, SPAIN (+ great tourist spots!)

I’m a long way from home But even across the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Valencia makes you feel right at home with ease It’s a coastal city with a dream climate So trading in my usually brisk Canadian Novembers for beach weather — nothing to complain about But the sunny Spanish coast has more to offer than just that The country’s third-largest city boasts rich cultural and architectural history But also, sections of striking modern entertainment complexes And with the addition of several beautiful beaches It’s a formula for a great tourist destination And by no means as busy as Madrid or Barcelona This time around though, I’m not a tourist Valencia is my temporary home for just a short little while, as I take on a contract as an English teacher at a private language school So while I’m here trying to live like a local, I’ll show you around Here’s a day in the life in Valencia — through my eyes -Hola, buenas -Uno de esos Bienvenidos a Monteolivete It’s my neighborhood — in the Southeast region of the city Just walking distance from one of the top must-see places in Valencia La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias Or, the City of Arts and Sciences An iconic series of buildings, including a planetarium, museum, aquarium and performing arts centre Its stunning design and composition helping it claim the title as one of the 12 Treasures of Spain The work of Valencian-born architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava Easily able to take your breath away That cultural and entertainment complex it sets at the end of what used to be the riverbed of the Turia A river that was drained and rerouted after a deadly, catastrophic flood in the late 1950s Now, it’s one of Spain’s largest urban parks Nine kilometres of gardens, cycling and footpaths Connecting some of the city’s most interesting spots The green belt running like a vital vein through Valencia Follow the Turia north and you’ll eventually reach Valencia’s historic centre lined with restaurants and cafes Where, by the way, you can actually sit and enjoy your coffee — no caffeine to go here But the area is rich with a twist of cultural influences injected over time From the city’s Roman roots all the way back in 138 BC to its Muslim rule starting in 714 AD and to the Christian siege and reconquest in the early 1200s Some of the city’s major monuments were built in this time Including el Torre del Micalet a 15th century gothic bell tower overlooking a cathedral And for only two euros, you can climb it All 207 steps — each one worth the view -Empiezo? Empiezo la canción?
(Start? Start the song?) -Vale
(Okay) Speaking of views, no photo or video can do this place justice While you can find a handful of beaches in and around Valencia Playa de la Malvarrosa is a must-see destination Its long and vast beach bordered on one side by tranquil waters, and the other, by a busy boardwalk Where you can grab some Valencian paella, a traditional rice dish woven into the city’s identity (Doorbell) -Hola Or if you’re having a lazy day like me plenty of restaurants in the city also do home delivery All of it readily available at your fingertips -…traditional Valenciana salad Maybe I went a little overboard But if you’re planning a night out in Valencia you better fill up, cause you may be in for the long haul Unlike in North America… …nights are a little longer in Spain And in a bar hopping haven like Valencia there’s plenty of time and room for all different flavors of fun Or even some bad and memorable decisions Kind of like this one: A late-night snack from a streetside hamburger vending machine -That’s like the best one! Or should I get the waffle? No, that’s cheating if I get the waffle, right? -You’re going to taste it I’ll spoil the moment and just tell you: Zero out of ten, do not recommend But, what I do recommend is enjoying a taste of what this city has to offer Its wealth of history Its prime cafe culture Its easygoing atmosphere And its friendly folk Many of whom, if you ask, wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world

38 thoughts on “A DAY IN THE LIFE IN VALENCIA, SPAIN (+ great tourist spots!)

  1. I love the cinematography in your vlog! I just got back from Valencia! The architecture, food, and people are amazing. City tour video in my channel!

  2. I went last year to Valencia with my class and I fell in love with this beautiful city. I really like your video🌸

  3. Wow, you serious shot all this with your iphone. Good job. I am curious to ask you if you also edit with iMovie? If not in what program? Thanks in advance

  4. Awesome City.
    Impressives gardens and stunning architecture.
    Valencia has everything: the beach and a lot of shops and differents shows and events.
    Great video!!

  5. Witam! Twój film zachęca do ponownego odwiedzenia tego miejsca. Super video, dobra muzyka, fajne ujęcia. Bardzo mi się podoba, wiec ,, like #331 + subskrypcja # 126 + nowy przyjaciel ". Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do odwiedzenia i subskrypcji mojego kanału.

  6. oh wow,

    thought it was gonna be a vloggy sort of video but its got more of a touristic vibe. Info, research etc etc

    niiiice. I’m moving to spain this summer and I’ve narrowed it down to Madrid or Valencia! aaaargh i can’t choose haha Are you still there?

  7. HI! Would you recommend Valencia for a study abroad experience? My fear is that it's too dull compared to other spanish cities near the coast… also, do people speak english too or are you compelled to speak spanish/catalan?
    Thank you in advance of for your answer

  8. Thanks for sharing :). I visited to Valencia in 2016 and it was a beautiful experience. Since you actually lived there, your experience must have been very rich😊. Would love to hear some stories of the period you lived there and cultural shocks you might have had coming from Canada.

  9. Wow I can tell you put a lot of effort in this video.. and it was all shot with iPhone 6?! 👏🏻👏🏻

  10. It is in my dream to be in Valencia,Spain. not just to travel but to study English major as well in University of Valencia. 😍 what a city!!

  11. You present Valencia in really nice way ! It looks you really enjoy live there. I made videos about Valencia too 😀

  12. I live in spain on the island of tenerife for 6 months, absolutely loved it & had a great experience but Im thinking I might want to move back (not forever) but I was thinking of valencia. It is a gorgeous city with incredible sunshine & it be a great place to visit other parts of iberia.

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