a dreamy weekend in seoul, korea vlog | autumn picnic

a dreamy weekend in seoul, korea vlog | autumn picnic

I’m back dressing inappropriately for the weather. It is.. it really felt like autumn yesterday So I wanted to go to the park I decided I’m gonna go early in the morning when it’s still really cool And it’s also supposed to just be cool today. So dressed like it is properly autumn hopefully the weather gets its act together and It’s mid-september. Let’s go guys. So anyway, yeah, let’s go to the park. Hopefully the flowers the autumn flowers have bloomed and Yeah, just got some books to read we can sit and chat. It’ll be grand. Let’s go Okay, it is an absolutely beautiful day out So I’m over here at Olympic Park and I have my thermos I’m going to hit a Starbucks since that’s the only cafe that’s really open right now Going to go there again iced coffee, and then we can just explore the park. I’ve got my picnic mat So we can camp out.. read? God this temperature is just amazing. Okay, let’s go There are lots of these, but it’s so pretty. As expected I I love this little flower field.. in the early Summer it is poppies and in September, it’s these I always forget what they’re called But these really beautiful orange flowers the other side of the hill should have some other ones They usually come out a little bit later. So I hope they’re out. But yeah, it’s just.. definitely come here early, right now It’s just with bees and a couple Families taking photos. It’s It’s just really nice. It’s really beautiful and the whole park is lovely. So we’re gonna keep exploring But yeah, I’m so happy that they’re out because when I was here last week They weren’t quite out yet So yeah, if you are watching this now as of posting come quick because they only last for like a window of maybe Two to three weeks if you’re lucky so Yeah, I will leave the link down below for where it is. But yeah, I just oh What a wonderful day. It’s like 9 o’clock and a I’ve, I’ve already had a successful beautiful Friday. So yeah Alright, let’s uh, let’s get out of here before the bees mistake me as a flower I’m kind of blending in so yeah, let’s keep moving Okay, so fast-forward about ten minutes later, I’m now walking towards the lonely tree in the hole Oh namu but Olympic Park is really big and I’ve always been to the flower fields and the lonely tree Separately, I’ve never like done them all in the same day like walked to them. So We’re gonna we might get lost. I’m while we’re currently lost. Oh we’re trying to walk across the park, but there aren’t any really good markers and neighbor maps just wants me to take the main roads, which would take me an hour instead of just cutting diagonally, so I’m just like Following my heart kind of thing, which is probably bad because it looks like I’m about to hit a dead end So hopefully we reach our destination I’ll check in with you later Sorry to disturb you These are the flowers that grow in my backyard and my front yard, I’m home And then pretty sure that is a cottonwood Which we had two huge ones in my yard growing up It’s just like a trip through cari’s nature memories Okay, this is the lonely tree I’ve brought you guys here once before but yeah, it’s a it’s a pine tree But it is cut in the shape of like an oak I guess So it just kind of looks funny and very lonely that it’s always it always looks the same It’s always green but it’s like alone in the middle of this field So even in winter, it looks unchanged but there’s just like snow all around it. I don’t know. It’s a very Calming place the fields here the hills here are very, you know nicely formed I can’t explain it, you know, if you know, you know you get me but now we’re gonna find shade I’m gonna set up my lab We’re gonna find some shade. I’m gonna set up my picnic basket I’m not gonna step on any little mushrooms. There are so many. Oh my god and Yeah, we’re gonna read I don’t feel comfortable like being in the shade of the Lonely tree because there are couples taking photos there now, so I don’t want to be in their picture So that’s find non couple shade Oh slow I’m gonna slip in here New socks didn’t include them in the sock haul but here they are The temperature is perfect Got my books Got my iced coffee So just a little story before I get into my book Um, I know that lately I mentioned that I’ve been kind of feeling uninspired like I hadn’t felt I hadn’t found anything that really piqued my interest or got my Brain going I don’t know. So yesterday I went to the bookstore and I picked up some really good books And then I also cheated and I rented a few on Libya instead of buying them things I was reading all these books that were like a little bit highbrow like philosophy books sociology books a lot of essays some like even some like scientific journals and So I felt like really proud of myself I was like, oh I’m you know I’m participating in this like high culture this like Intellectual world and then I went home and I made pasta and I just out of nowhere I haven’t seen these movies in definitely five years Out of nowhere. I just got this craving to watch Twilight. I Know first one the acting is just so bad Like I’m not I’m just like not even trying to be mean it’s just the writing paired with the acting is really really horrible But I don’t know what happened. I watched all of them. I fast forwarded heavily through the middle it took me about five hours to watch all five movies, which Obviously then there’s a lot of fast-forwarding. I don’t even really think I watched the last one first of all thought it was a trilogy and then I looked I was when I was looking up a second when I realized oh My god, there are five movies What and so yeah, I don’t think I even watched the last one really except for this scene. I will insert it Here it is. Literally 30 seconds of Close-up shots to each and every character in the movie. It goes on for forever I was losing my mind. It’s just like a never ending close-up Hey goes so much longer than it should It’s like literally it’s still going how is this possible? Like at the end of it I was literally just screaming at the TV and like cracking up and laughing it ended up being a really fun night but yeah, I just thought that that was very funny that my brain somehow wanted to compensate for like the Like highbrow stuff. I was reading it was like no girl. You need some you need some Twilight. So here I am Fresh from a night of watching a marathon of Twilight. I’m gonna read Very excited. I have I have like all my books come in at the same time I hadn’t read a lot actually like the past couple weeks, but now I have three books and we’re gonna how are these out and Move with the shadow so yeah, catch you catch you a little bit later My evil plan is working I have sat here long enough in my cardigan Can you hear that that woman is trying to take a photo of her dog What in God’s name she’s trying to take a photo of her dog and she’s making these horrific noises anyway I Have officially tricked the weather it is definitely all my doing but yeah, it got cold enough now, I’m Partially the iced coffee as well But just sitting in the shade I needed to put my hat on because it was it was so chilly The breeze is so wonderful autumn Is here I highly suggest if you are ever at a loss of what to do and it is a nice day out Go read outside. It’s There’s nothing better. So, okay. I’m going to Gonna keep reading now. But yeah All righty, hey we’re home it is now lunchtime I have got my dugu Drying draining whatever it’s called. I picked up some where is it? I picked up some teriyaki sauce randomly If you live in America or anywhere, there is a Trader Joe’s there is a cells called soy Yaki, that is the best God. It is just put on anything put on some salmon. That’s my oh my god. It’s so good so, um I think I’m going to just kind of lightly fry some tofu and try some teriyaki sauce on it and I’ve got a couple veggies that I need to Get rid of get out of my fridge Consume so yeah, that’s the UM That’s the current plan and as a man as I was walking out of the park. It got really crowded So definitely if you want to go to Olympic Park on like a weekend or a holiday go before noon noon was like when the waves of people started coming in so Anyway less talking more tofu cooking Why am I cutting these like totally diagonally Sesame oil is just one of the best smells like top 10 anime smells So Kurt always makes fun of me because I either eat like this very like basically temple food or I eat crazy like I love overly cheesy Disgusting Tteok-bokki. Like I’m I’m the extremes. I don’t like the Middle’s. So yeah Anyway, I’m gonna eat this and then I’m going to probably eat more. I’m gonna watch some Netflix Catch up with you in a bit. So, I think it’s like two hours later, I’m not really sure what time it is, but I was just editing a bunch and Now I’m all hungry again. So I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna grab a little snack from the convenience store Then probably read a little bit and then Kurt and I are We aren’t sure we’re gonna get dinner We don’t really know what’s going on. If we do something interesting, I will film it. But if not, Probably won’t let’s go before my tummy growls. Let’s go ! Yeah, we’re back would you like a convenience store Hall we’ve got cheese dippers which I’ve never tried before but they didn’t have the string cheese that I wanted and energy bar that I often get because I love chocolate and nuts together and I got a Pocari sweat because I’m feeling a little dehydrated gonna chuck one of these Voila that’s it. I’m going to continue editing and I’m actually gonna Continue watching the Umbrella Academy so Yeah I’m gonna turn the AC back on because it is suddenly very warm. So I will talk to you guys a bit later Thanks for coming to the store with me

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