11 thoughts on “A Forever Recovery Alumni Picnic 2013 For A Forever Recovery Graduates.

  1. I love this. People who have come together who were once periled with drug addiction and now living happy lives. Thank you A Forever Recovery.Β 

  2. I love this! In addition to celebrating success, this event is proof that these ex-addicts can have fun without getting high!

  3. It`s so good to see these people having fun and enjoy themselves without using any drugs. They`re living a healthy and happy life that`s a good reason for celebration.Β Thank you A Forever Recovery for this great event!

  4. This is a lovely thing to do for both the former graduates and the current patients. For the former graduates it means revalidating their accomplishment and reaffirming their dedication to their sobriety and their lives. And for the current patients, it must be a very nice thing to see graduates from their facility telling their stories and showing them by example that it can be done and that no matter how hard it is, they can make it through and come out so much better in the end. It also looks like they are having some serious fun, which is also very important when you are in rehab.

  5. It`s awesome there are events like this. It`s good to see that these people are having so much fun and enjoying themselves without using any drugs. I think it is a good idea to do an event for the graduates and the current patients. To those who`s still patients at the facility it must be very good because they see it`s going to be over once after all the hard work they did for the recovery.

  6. I like that A Forever Recovery is doing events like this one. I think it is such a good thing that they show the patients they can enjoy their time and have fun without using any drug or alcohol. My opinion is in this word we have to do that because more people start using drugs in these days and if we don`t want our kids or loved ones to do that we have to show them how they can have fun and enjoy their life without it.

  7. That's amazing. There's so many people there. I think it's incredible that not only did they help all these people but that so many of their alumni are doing so well and that they liked AFR so much that they came back for a day to help inspire others who just got there or don't have as much clean time. I've never seen anything like this where the patients came back in such force to support each other.

  8. This is so inspiring! I love this, to invite all these former patients back to share their stories and about how their lives are now after getting clean, is just so amazing. I think it is also really good for the current patients to see that there is a way through and that all those people made it out and have rebuilt their lives successfully. That can be really inspiring and also stabilizing for them. Each and every one of these former patients that spoke showed so much gratitude for A Forever Recovery. I really hope that each and every one of them will be able to stay clean for the rest of their lives.

  9. Nice video. It's nice to see that people do care about others who are having addiction problems , I know exactly how this can destroy a family so makes me feel good to know there are places like that, where people can just walk in and get help . I never heard about Holistic approach but sounds good to me till it helps them. I like the sound of Art and Music therapy ( never had one though so not sure how its done) but I am very curious about it since I like music a lot. I for sure like that they get different programs where I can from everybody gets the same and I am not sure if it helps them as much as the tailor made ones , I mean we are different so does our source of addiction. I have seen what alcohol addiction can do to a family and it is terrible, we need to help those people before it's too late , in my case was to late when help arrived so I hope other don't make the same mistake .

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