A Group Of Friends Go Camping… – “Night Seekers” – Full Free Movie

A Group Of Friends Go Camping… – “Night Seekers” – Full Free Movie

(heart beating) (panting) – Oh God, are you okay? Get up, we have to go. – I can’t. – Yes you can, come on. (sobbing) (slow intense music) (doorbell ringing) – Must be everybody. (chuckles) Oh my God! I missed you guys. You look so good. Justin’s chilling by
the pool, come on. – What’s good bro? – I’m good, bro. How are you doing,
just relaxing. – Hey, if you’re trying to
get up to give us a hug, don’t even bother, your
lady alredy did that. – Stop. – So, Tamara and I were trying
to decide where we should go for our yearly vacation. We’re open for any ideas. – I think we should
go to Mexico. – We did that last year, Jose. Can you at least be
a bit more creative? – I love Mexico. – I think we should
be to Astro Island. I’ve never been there before. – Astro Island sounds like
a great idea, actually. – That’s way too far. – You know, not a bad idea. – Okay, Mexico, Astro Island. We’ll have a vote. All those in favor of Mexico. Okay, all those in
favor of Astro Island. – Yes! (laughing) – Sorry Jose, you’re kind
of all by yourself there. All right, where do
we go on Astro Island? – Well do you have a
map of Astro Island? – Actually, I do have
a map of Astro Island. I’ll go get it. – You’ve got a map. – So many places to
see in Astro Island. – I say we do Astro. – I have a better idea. I say we write every state
on a little piece of paper and put it in a bowl,
we’ll have Justin pick, and wherever you pick will
be our final destination. – I gotta go get paper. (laughing) Pens. Paper. Grab a sheet. – Mexico? Why are you playing games, Jose? Okay, Justin has to pick again. We’re actually going to
Astro City in Astro Island. – Never been there before. And so, when do we leave? – Uh, two weeks? I’ll do some research. – Me too. (laughs) (foreboding music) – Manny and Tania are here. – Okay. Where’s your bag? – It’s in the shuttle. – Okay. – Hey. – Hey. Here, let me get you backpack. – Where’s Jose and Cynthia? – They probably
ended up in Mexico. (laughing) – Here they come. – Hi! Hey guys, hi. How are you, good to see you. – [Jose] Sorry we’re late, guys. – Jose made us late. (laughing) – Hey Mimi, it’s Justin. Yeah, we just got in. I have your address. All right great,
we’ll be right over. See you soon. – So, does Mimi know how
many of us are coming? And where exactly are we going? – Mimi knows. We’re gonna be right on the
outskirts of the main city. – What do you mean, outskirts? I wanna stay in the main city. We have to see everything. Maybe I’ll get a
modeling contract there. – Relax, Lin, we’re
gonna see everything. It’s just gonna be
a landing point. (snoring) – (gasps) Was I,
was I dozing off? – [Lin] Yeah, like always. – My bad. How’d you meet Mimi? – (laughs) What? All right, we got everything. Come on guys, let’s go. – Oh, no thank you. – Are you sure? – Promise. – Justin, why are you surprised? Not every culture takes tips. – More for me. – And me. (laughs) (slow creepy music) (knocking) – Mimi? – Someone must have died here. – Mimi? Hi, I’m, um, it’s nice to meet you. This is Tamara, my girlfriend. We have Jonathan, Lin, Tania, Manny, Jose and Cynthia. – Sam Man! Sam Man, Sam Man! Sam Man, Sam Man! Didn’t you hear me calling you? Show our guests to their room. – She said their room, singular? How many rooms
are we gonna have? – I don’t know. I guess we’re gonna find out. (loud bass music) – How many rooms do we have? This is my girl, you hear me? – How many rooms, Sam Man,
whatever they call you. I guess Justin has to
give up his girlfriend for us to find out how
many rooms we need. (laughs) – It’s not funny. You may leave now, thank you. (yelps) Are you out of your mind? I said she’s mine. – Is there a problem? – No ma’am. – No problem except
this Sam Man’s trying to hump my friend’s girl. – Come on, let’s go Sam Man. No, now! – Excuse me Mimi? How many rooms do we have? – This is all. – Nice work Tania, one
room for eight people. – This was Justin’s department. – I didn’t know we were
only having one room. We’re leaving in the morning, we’re just gonna have to manage. – But there would
only be seven of us if Justin would just give up
his girlfriend to Sam Man. – Stop it. – It’s not cool, bro. – Well, me and Tania are
going to take the bed. – Wrong. All right, ladies share the bed, guys take the floor. – What? So you’re saying that we’re
not having sex tonight? (laughing) – You’ll probably fall asleep
right in the middle of sex. – To hell with you, Manny. – Manny, that wasn’t nice. You know my boo has a sickness. – I’m sorry guys,
I was out of line. Not! (slow creepy music) – Where’s Tamara? – Wasn’t she sleeping
next to Tania? – She wouldn’t be
under the bed, Justin. – Come on, I need you to
get up and help me find her! Tamara, Tamara! – Whoa whoa whoa. Maybe Sam Man has her. – I will mess that
guy up if he does. Tamara! Tamara! Tamara! Tamara! – I’m over here. – (laughs) All right. What are you doing leaving
without telling anyone? – I didn’t leave. I don’t know what happened, I just woke up on the couch. – Hope that stupid guy
didn’t mess with you. – I’m fine, Justin. Let’s just roll out. – We wanted to thank you
Mimi, for your hospitality. – Is everything okay? – We’re fine, we’re meeting
up with some other friends. – Now whatever you folks do, do not go beyond a certain
point in that direction. There’s a sign warning
people to stay away. – Wait, what do you mean? – Well what I mean
is that no human should go beyond that point. You’ll see the sign. Just take a different route. – Okay, thanks. – So is the shuttle driver
coming to pick us up? – Roberta will be picking us up. – Who the heck is Roberta? – She’s gonna be our tour
guide for the rest of the trip. And she’s running a little late. Oh, there’s our girl. – Sorry guys, I’m a little late. Roberta here. – Justin, we spoke on the phone. – And I’m Tania. This is my boyfriend, Manny. Here’s Cynthia and Jose, Jonathan and Lin, and that’s Tamara. – Well, it’s nice
meeting everyone. You guys ready to
explore this place? Then let’s get going. – Plus, you look great. – [Justin] We brought a map too. – This one is the
latest map in town. – We shouldn’t go there. – [Roberta] Why? – Mimi, the lady back in town, told us it’s not safe. – (laughs) She really
tell you guys that? – Yes, she said that no
human of living thing ever went beyond that point. – I’ve lived here all my life. It’s a myth, trust me. It’s safe and very okay. – We shouldn’t go there! – You know, I second Tania. – I thought you guys
were here to explore. – I’m not going
beyond that sign. – You guys must let
go and just relax. – I’m with Tania. Not sure about this. – I’m in, most def. – I’m in too, and so is Jose. – Can I vote for myself? – Oh, well someone isn’t
gong to get laid tonight. – Oh, I’m totally
in with my girl. – I’m in as well. (snorts) We need your vote. – [Jonathan] Vote for what? – Just say yes. – [Jonathan] I’m in with Lin. – [Justin] Tania,
you’re outnumbered. Even with Jonathan’s vote,
you’re still outnumbered. – I don’t care, we’re
not going there. – [Roberta] What are
you two gonna do? I’m not driving you guys back. – Fine, we’ll walk back to Mimi. – You’d have to walk about
30 miles to get back. – I don’t care. – Look, Tania sweet, I don’t
feel like walking 30 miles. It looks like
we’re screwed here. – Fine, you can join them. I’ll walk alone. – What? Wait! (sighs) Look look, I really
need you to come along. I cannot let you
walk back alone. I just don’t think it’s
smart to do a 30-mile walk. – What’s not smart is
going onto forbidden turf. We have no clue what’s
on the other end. – Our tour guide back
there says it’s okay. – That stupid tour
guide doesn’t know jack! – Okay look look, I agree. Can we just stick
with the group, okay? Just do it for me, okay, please? Okay? – Okay. Okay, I’ll do it. Only ’cause I love you. – All right guys. She’s coming with. – Yay. – What the heck was that? – [Manny] What
sweet, what was it? – Babe I saw something
moving through the bushes. – (laughs) If you’re trying
to get us back by scaring us, it isn’t gonna work. – To hell with you,
miss tour guide. – [Manny] Calm down,
what did you see? – Never mind, this is
all a huge mistake. – How much longer? – It shouldn’t take this long. Let’s check out that cabin. Hello? Anybody here, hello? Hello? Doesn’t seem like anyone’s here. – This place is creepy as hell. I already checked out the back. – Everyone’s tired, I say
we just crash the night here and leave in the AM. – I don’t know about that, but let’s ask the others. Guys, it looks like- – We’re gonna crash
the night here. – Are you out of your mind? I’m not staying here one night. – Just like you weren’t
riding back with us? I think you’re just all talk. – Oh yeah? Come on, let’s see
if I’m all talk. – No sweet, that’s
not necessary. – Everybody needs to
just calm down a bit. – I’m gonna shut
her the hell up. – [Manny] Just ignore her. – Calm down. So the question’s
still unanswered. Are we gonna crash
out the night or what? – You already have my answer. – Where are you going to sleep? – I guess the van. – Uh, that’s my van, and you still need
my permission. – Okay. – Just ignore her! – I hope you two
don’t kill each other before the end of this trip. How cold does it get at night? – Pretty cold. – Look Tania, you
already heard her. I can’t let you
sleep in the van. We’ll just leave first
thing in the morning, okay? Okay? Yeah? Okay. – Look at Justin. He’s breaking into the home. Do you know how much trouble
we can get into for that? – I don’t think
anyone lives there. – How do you know? We have no way of knowing that. – You’re worrying
too much, just relax. – Okay, I will relax. As long as you promise
to take great care of me. – I promise. – You know I still can’t
believe we’re doing this. – [Justin] We got
dinner in the fridge. – That means someone lives here. Or used to. – I thought Mimi told you
that no one ever lived here. – [Tania] I thought I told you
to shut up, miss tour guide. – I’m not making dinner. – Come on babe. I’ll help with the dishes. (loud whistling) – You guys, what was that? – Here we go again. What’d you see in
here this time? – Did I hear anything, all
I thought I heard was noise. – What did you see, Tania? – I don’t know, it was moving
so fast through the bushes. – We have nothing
to worry about. We’re all alone. – So, who’s going to
help me make dinner? – The ladies will help you out. – Thanks Jose,
for the volunteer. – Yeah honey, I’m going
to poison your food. – Mm. – We’ve got four
rooms in this place, that’s one per couple. It’s perfect. – When are we leaving? – Around nine-ish. We’ll grab some
food and head out. (foreboding music) – Where’s Jonathan, Lin? – He’s still sleeping. I wanted to give
him more sleep time. – More sleep time? That fool sleeps all the time. Go wake that fool up. – I don’t appreciate you
talking about my babe that way. – Your babe is a
sleeping hazard. He might just sleep
himself to death one day. (laughing) It’s nice of you
to join the group. – Shut up, fool. – [Lin] Babe, just ignore him. – It’s really easy
for him to ignore me. All he’ll do is
just fall asleep. Uh, we gotta go, guys. – Stretch. We’re getting low on gas. – How far is the
next gas station? – My goodness, he spoke. Jonathan has spoken. (laughing) – I’m not sure. – Um, there’s a cabin way ahead. We can stop and ask
for more directions. – [Roberta] Great idea. – See? I knew you were a
stupid tour guide. You got us lost. Two freaking hours
and we’re back in the same freaking joint. – Go to hell. – What did you say to me? – Calm down sweets, calm down. – [Roberta] You better hold
her back before she gets hurt. – [Tania] Did you hear her? – [Manny] Just ignore her. – Once you ladies are done
fighting this thing out, can we figure this
whole thing out? – So what do we do now? – We get back in the van, we
go in the other direction. We just went the wrong
way, in a big loop. – This is really strange. – I couldn’t agree
with you more. – You guys are all doomed. – What do you mean, Tamara? If you know something Tamara, kindly please share it. – Tamara, if you know anything
important, please tell us. – You guys, leave Tamara alone. She’s probably just zoning out. – All I know is it looks
like we’re stuck here with no gas either. – We’ll just have to stay here until we figure
out our next move. – I don’t think
we have a choice. – How about we call for help? – Great idea. (static buzzing) Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? I’ll try another phone number. – Here, try mine. – Okay. Hello? Hello? – Just keep trying. (static buzzing) – Hello? Hello? No luck. (loud banging and panting) – No love tonight, honey. – Why not? – I see how you flirt
and look at Roberta. You’re such a womanizer. – But I’m with you
right now, am I not? – Goodnight, Jose. – Damn. – Jonathan, wake up. You gotta be
freaking kidding me. Wake up! Wake up! (snores) I don’t freaking believe this. – I’m trying to figure out all the things that
happened today. – Remember I told you
we shouldn’t come? Remember that even Mimi
back there warned us. We are to blame. – I’m sure we’re gonna
figure all this stuff out. – And what if we don’t? – We should try to
get some sleep, okay? – Tamara, you should
come back to bed. It’s not nice to write
on people’s walls. The owners of the cabin
aren’t gonna be too happy when they get back. Are you even listening to me? Tamara. – Stop. (struggling) – I didn’t know you
had a creative side. – I’m hungry. – (laughs) Tamara’s gone crazy. – Manny, why do you find
amusement in everything? This stuff isn’t funny. – Let’s go get you
something to eat. What is going on, Tamara? Why are you acting so strange? – (laughs) It must be
the great sex last night. You got her super hungry. Okay, all right, no
more jokes, guys. – Wait, Tamara. – What? – Why are you acting so strange? – I’m just hungry. – Something strange has
happened to that girl. – So, how do we
get back to town? – I’m going to go try making
some more phone calls again. I’m gonna step outside,
get better reception. – Okay. What’s going on here? There’s something
weird with this house. Any luck? – No luck. – I say we take another
attempt at the van. – With what gas? – See? You guys should have
just listened to me, now we’re all jammed up. – Pointing fingers isn’t
gonna solve anything. We need to figure out
where to go from here. – We should take another
chance with the van, and take it as far as it can go. – That’s a stupid idea. We should stay here until
we figure it all out. I mean, I’m not
gonna run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. – Let’s just make breakfast. – I’m gonna go grab
my map from the van. Maybe it’ll help reveal
a different route. – I don’t think so, Jose. – I’ll go out there. – [Tania] What is going on? – We are not alone. I need you guys up, up up up. I need some manpower
on this couch to help me block the door. Jonathan, I need you to
go through the cabin, check all the doors and windows, make sure they are
locked and tight. – Are you going to tell
us what’s going on? – There is a human
creature out there. I don’t know, it’s part
human, part creature. – I knew this was a
bad idea all along! – How many are there? – I just saw one. But they were moving
thought the trees, there’s gotta be more. – Yeah, there’s gotta
be more than one. – They’re coming for us. They’re coming! – What do you know
about those ugly things? Tell us! – Leave here alone, I’ll
ask her the questions. All right, sweetheart, what do you know
about those creatures? Did you encounter them before? Is that why you drew
them on the wall? How many are there? Help us please. – They’re coming for us. – Answer him, dammit! – No, leave here alone, I said. Help us out, please. – We aren’t getting
anything out of her. What we need to do
is plan our escape from this freaking
hellhole, immediately. Come on! You’re not gonna get
anything out of her. She’s not talking. (crashing) What was that? – I’ll go check it out. (yelling) Those things are here! – Find! Now! (growling) Me find, I eat! – [Jonathan] Help! (choking) Help me! Somebody please help me! (growling) (gasping) – Are you okay? (screams) – Those bastards have
Jonathan, we need to help him. Who wants to help me find him? Nobody? What kind of friends do I have? Then I’ll go by myself. – Lin! It’s not safe, Lin. He’s gone, Lin. – Manny, don’t tell me that! All you’re good for is
making fun of my baby. I’ll find him! – Someone should go with her. – Why don’t you go,
we’ll wait for you. – I’m not going
after those things. – (sobbing) Please
don’t leave me. – I suggest we stick together. We lock ourselves in the cabin. In the morning, we’re leaving. No matter what the outcome. (growling) – (screams) They’re coming! – [Creature] Get her! – They’re coming! – How many are there? – Several, I don’t
know the exact amount. (banging) – We’re leaving first
thing in the morning. – We only have
limited gas, remember? We only have one more
direction we can go. – Then we’ll go
in that direction until we’re
completely out of gas. Maybe we’ll get closer to
the city, get some help. – Okay guys, it’s
time to get up. We need a full day to
find our exit here. Come on guys, get up. Come on guys, get up, up, up. Come on Jose, get up. – You guys, we’ve gotta
pack a full day of supplies for the road, and weaponry. – The drawer is
completely empty. Those creatures emptied us out. – The fridge is empty too. These things are really
trying to mess with us. – It’s obvious. These creature want
to see us dead. – Without food, we’ll be weaker. They can overpower us easily. But I say we go in the woods and we find some sharp objects. We’ll use those to
protect ourselves. – That’s a great idea. Let’s go guys. – We can’t hide from
them, they’ll find us. – Thank you, Tamara,
but we’ve gotta try. I’m not dying in this place. – Neither am I. – Let’s go. Okay, let’s see how far
this gas will take us. It’s as far as the
gas would take us. – Guys, we’ll have
to continue on foot, in the same direction. – We should have
chilled at the cabin. – Oh I’m sorry, that’s
really not an option. What’s wrong with you? – There ain’t nothing
wrong with me. – Then stop acting so weird. – Tania. You need to leave her
alone, she’s fine. – (sighs) If you say so. – Why are you still
posting up beside the van? This isn’t a modeling contest. – Shut up, Manny. I hate leaving my van. – You know what, you
don’t have to come with. You can camp out inside the van and wait for those freaks
to come and get you. – Screw you. – We’re very tired, guys. We need to rest up. – There’s nothing in sight except for those
caves over there. – Okay, well let’s check it out. – Ladies, wait here. Let the guys check it out. It’s clear. We can camp here
for a little while but then we gotta get going. – Do we even know if
we’re going the right way? – I’m not sure,
but we haven’t seen that cabin in a while,
and as long as we don’t see that cabin it
means we’re doing okay. – Well that’s reassuring. – [Tania] Where
are you guys going? – Going to get some
wood to make a fire in case it gets cold later. – You said that we’d
only be here for a bit. – Everyone is super tired. Let’s just crash here,
we’ll leave in the morning. – Uh uh. – Plus, it’s getting dark out. (foreboding music) – I’m gonna call it a night. – I’ll be there soon. I’m gonna go get some more so we don’t have to
get up for a while. Somebody must have
camped here before, there’s a whole pile of it. (gasping) What’s wrong? You’re sweating all over. – Justin, you’re gonna die. You and Jose. Didn’t you hear me? You and Jose will die. – I heard you, what do you mean? – Those things
are coming for us. – It was a dream, okay? It’s okay. – No, you don’t understand. Those creatures
cannot be stopped. We are not safe here. – I know it’s not safe here. We’re trying to get
out, but we are lost. Let’s get some rest. – He scares me sometimes. – Where’s Tamara? – I’m letting her
sleep a little longer. – Well you need to wake her up because we’re moving forward. I’m not staying another
night in this cave. – You know, I second that. Especially since Justin
and Jose are gonna die. What’s good, girl? – You know what’s good. We’re stuck here. – That’s not true. I’m gonna get us out of here. – Justin. Girl’s a trip. – I’m starting to get hungry. – We can take a break
over there by those rocks. Justin and Manny will
help me do some hunting. – Did any of you hear Mimi? There’s nothing living here. That would include animals, in case you were curious. – Why don’t you
shut your piehole. And what do you call the birds? (struggling) – (clears throat) Excuse me? – Sorry, I was just
trying to help. – Why don’t you
help Tania instead? I don’t trust you with women. – You know what? I’m sick of these accusations, I haven’t even done anything. – Jose, why don’t
you tell your girl what happened between
us last night? – What? I’ll kill you. – I was only kidding, gosh. – Keep your stupid
jokes to yourself. – Why are you so insecure? Both you and Tania. – Screw you, miss tour guide. For your information,
I do have a Masters. – A Masters. Yeah, in inferiority
complex education. – You ladies need to
calm the heck down. – We are wasting time. The creatures are coming for us. – [All] Shut up! – Where are you going? Just ignore them. – It’s too late. – Too late for what? – It’s too late! – What do you
creatures want from us? Please, leave us alone! – I guess that’s what we’re
having for dinner, guys. – Shut up, Manny! I hate your stupid jokes. – But you laugh at my jokes. – This isn’t the time. – My bad. – It’s always your bad. – Cynthia, wait for the group. – We’ve been
walking for a while, we gotta stop for the night. Wait, stop here for a second. Let’s check and
see if it’s safe. It’s clear. – Hey, how many rooms
do we have in there? I’m only kidding guys, geez. – That’s the problem, Manny. You’re always kidding. Are you ever serious? – I’m serious right now. You suck! – You suck too, Manny. – Hey, does anyone
have any jokes they wanna share with the group? – We can’t hear jokes
on an empty stomach. We need something to eat. I’m gonna go see
what I can find. (screaming) – Babe, what’s happening? Where are you? No, no! (screaming) (tense music) (growls) – What do you guys want? Leave us alone! (grunting) – [Creature] Leave her! – (crying) Please. Please, I beg you. Please, I beg you, please. – You’re already dead. (growls) – Come on, we’ve
gotta keep running. – I’m running away
or we’re all dead. I told you guys they
would come for us. – Look, we gotta keep trying. I’m not dying out here. Come on. Tamara dear, please,
we gotta keep going. (giggles) What in the world
is wrong with you? Don’t ever do that again. I’m gonna ask you one more time, are you coming or not? – Okay, let’s go. – What are you doing Lin? – What does it look
like, my butt’s tired. – I’m not gonna let
those things get us. – I don’t care, they
killed my Jonathan! – You gotta get up- – No, I’m tired! I’m tired of running
from those things. I’m not scared! – We gotta go. (growling) (screams) – [Lin] I changed
my mind, let’s go. – Where are they? Find them, now. – I say we climb that tree,
take refuge for the night. – Justin, how do you know that
they won’t find us there too? – I don’t. But maybe it’s the last
place they’ll look. – Okay, I’m gonna trust you. – I knew those kids shouldn’t
have gone over there. Why do people disobey? Why? What’s your problem? She’s gone, get over it. – No. – What are you doing? – I’m looking for clues. – What clues? – I’m just trying to figure out why we got caught
up in this mix. Why those things kill. – I don’t know. But I think we need
to go that way. – We’ve gotta find the others. – They’re all dead. – Don’t say that, we
don’t know for sure. – I know. – Look, we need
to head that way. – Tamara. Tamara! Tamara! – Justin, keep your voice down. You don’t want those
stupid things to hear us. – You won’t seen them
during the light of day, those freaks only
come out at night. – They’re like vampires. Sleep during the
day, attack at night. – I don’t wanna take
any extreme chances. – We need to check out
those caves over there. (snoring) – What was that? – That was our
greatest nightmare. – [Tania] What’s going on? – I wish we didn’t see that. – Okay guys, stop ignoring me, what the heck happened? – We saw those creatures. – How many of them? – All of them, we
saw all of them. – Why didn’t they chase us? – Because I was right,
they were sleeping. – What? – [Justin] Upside down. – Oh gosh, what do you mean? – Those freaks were sleeping while hanging upside down. – Oh my God. Oh my God, Oh my God! Don’t touch me, nobody
touch me right now. I don’t wanna be touched. You should have just listened
to me in the first place. – Oh what, we’re gonna do that. We’re gonna go all the
way to the beginning? – Okay, screw you Cynthia. If I remember correctly, you denied Jose sex so he
could come along with us. You are part of the problem. – That’s not fair. Jose is dead. – And if it wasn’t for
you, he’d still be alive. – Ladies, please
don’t fall apart. We have to stop and
figure this thing out. – Figure what out? There’s nothing to figure out. Tamara was right,
we’re all doomed! – Look, don’t give up on me. I am not giving up hope. If you wanna give up hope you might as well go
back to those caves. – [Manny] Over here. – You guys, it’s
Manny and Tamara! – All right, excuse me. – I missed you, I
was so worried baby. – I don’t want you to
ever worry about me. I’m a survivor, okay? – (laughs) Tamara! Aren’t you happy to see me? What’s the matter? What’s wrong? – Tamara has gone koo koo. – I’m waiting for a response. Hello, anyone home? – I wanna be left alone. – Fine. I don’t know why I continue
to put up with you. – You can’t put up with me, ’cause you’re already dead. – What? How could you even
say that to me? Hey guys, guys. I think Tamara’s gone again. – Wasn’t she next
to you last night? – She was, but now she’s not. – [Tania] Dude, what’s going on? – [Manny] Tamara’s gone. – She’s hanging above us, guys. – I knew it, guys. Tamara is gone. – What in the world? – What in the world nothing. This girl’s no longer yours. Let’s go, guys. – We can’t just leave her here. – Oh yes we can. Babe, we need to leave. – Well I’m not leaving her here. Tamara? Tamara? Tamara, wake up. – See Justin? Tamara’s gone. She’s left this world. You know what, I’ll go grab Lin. – [Cynthia] I’m
getting out of here. – Any luck? – [Manny] Yeah, I found
us a spot to crash out. – Where at? – [Manny] It’s a spot just
like the last one we stayed in. Let’s head there. – Okay. – Hey guys. – What are you still
doing with her? She’s no longer
one of us, Justin. – Well I can’t just
leave her, can I? I mean, she’s not dangerous. I’m okay, right? – I don’t like that idea. – Yeah, me neither. – I think she’s fine. I mean, if she were
one of those things, she wouldn’t be able
to withstand daylight. – Bingo, Lin. I love you even more,
that’s my point exactly. – Those things only come
out at night, right? – We don’t know that for a fact. We’re only assuming. – Those things
should be called… I got it, the Night Seekers. Because they only prey on
their victims at night. – Again, we don’t
know that for a fact. – Okay, have you seen
them during the day? Have you seen them attack
someone during the day? – I’m gonna keep
my eye on you two. – Actually, keep both eyes. ‘Cause we’re just fine
here, right sweetie? – We’re all good. – See? She’s lost. You’re not the Tamara
that I used to know. Looks like your girl’s
still zoned out over there. (Manny laughs) – I don’t think that’s funny. No, don’t even
say my bad, Manny. It’s always your bad. – Anyhow, who’s got
a crazy story for us? – I’ve got one, but I’ve gotta use the
restroom really quick. Manny, life is one
big joke to you. I’ll be right back. (dramatic music blaring) (screaming) – [Creature] Leave her. (growls) – My goodness! – We gotta go! – (crying) What do
you want from us? Please, leave us alone. Do you hear me? – [Creature] Where
are you going? – Leave us alone! No! (crying) – Be careful. – What do you mean, be
careful, you’re coming with. I’m not leaving you
out here by yourself. I’m gonna check the gas
gauge real quick, okay? – Oh, well the doors lock. – That’s great. We’re gonna try to drive the
van with half a tank of gas. – Where? Where are we driving to? We’re gonna run
around in circles until we run out of gas. And where are the keys? – Keys… – I think they found us. – What? Those bastards won’t
quite, oh my gosh. Okay, I’ve gotta find the keys. I need you to keep your
eyes on those creatures, let me know if they
start to come close. – He’s not moving. He’s just standing there. – Okay, just keep watch. What the heck? – What, what happened? – No, don’t come back here. (gasps) – [Tania] Yuck. – That’s why I told
you to stay over there. – That’s why it stinks in here. Babe, maybe check the
dead girl for the keys. – Are you kidding? I’m not touching her. – Um, baby, that person’s gone. – [Manny] What do
you mean, gone? – Gone as in not here. – See, that’s why I
told you to keep watch. We’re screwed. You know what, I’ll
just check the girl. My gosh. – [Tania] Come on baby. – I found the keys. – Yes, great baby, go go go! Guys, we found Justin. (claps) Justin. – I’m so glad you made it,
it’s so good to see you. Dude, we have been trying to
start this van, but no luck. – (sniffs) What’s that smell? – Well, there’s a
dead girl in the back. – What? – Sure thing, you can go
check it out if you like. – Oh, I’m good with that. – Yeah. – Let me try. All right. (engine revs) – (laughs) Yes. So where to? – Wherever the gas takes us. – See, that’s stupid. Not doing that again. – Okay miss Tania, where to? – [Tania] Not sure. Not sure. What’s with the excitement, and please tell me it’s
something concrete. – Did you know that,
we never prayed. Ever since we got
into this mess. Not one person prayed, not one. – Okay, Pastor Manny. – No I’m serious guys. We really need to
pray for an exit. – Whatever, okay. But you did say we
should keep going. – Yeah, we’ll keep
the van running, and we’ll say a short prayer. Dear Lord, we thank you so
much for everything, we come to you Lord. (laughing) Justin, I need you to
be serious and focus. Sorry for the
interruption, Lord. Dear Lord, we’re frustrated and we wanna get
out of this place. Please Lord help us
to find a way out. Please Lord guide us. (crying) Amen. – Amen. – My bad, man. So where to? – I say we go in that direction. – Whoa, Justin, Manny, what is that light? – [Manny] You know
what, follow the light. – You just told me to
go in that direction. – [Manny] Forget what
I just said, Justin. Just follow the light. – Okay. – There’s the highway. Thank you Lord. God, you’re so wonderful,
you’re so magnificent. Oh, yeah. – Justin, what’s wrong? (sniffling) – Why are you crying
your eyes out? Can you please move over? We’ve gotta keep
this van moving. – I miss Tamara. I can’t believe we just
left her back there. – Look, Justin,
she is one of them. The sooner you get that,
the better you’ll be. Okay, you need to find
yourself someone else. – There’s no one like Tamara. You know what? – [Tamia] What? – We need to go back for her. – Absolutely not. – Not the slightest chance. – It was just a thought. – You know, I gotta
drive this van. – Hey guys. You were warned. That is forbidden to go there. You went anyway. That is the price
of disobedience. – You guys. This is Mimi’s house. Are you sure about this? – We don’t have a choice. – We’re out of food,
we’re out of resources. We could beg to
stay until morning, I’ll call my dad,
he’ll send some help. – Okay. – Oh, so you made it back. – [Justin] What do
you mean by that? – She told us not to go
over there, remember? – Mimi, we’re wondering if we
could crash the night here? We’ll leave in the morning. – No no, it’s too late. – What’s going on? – No, I told you not
to go over there. Now, the evil
cannot be reversed. – I’m sorry Mimi, I
don’t quite follow. I mean, how did you know we
actually went over there? – Oh my God, what is
Tamara doing here? – Now, I was told
you left her behind. – No, you don’t understand. She’s one of them. – Them? Who are you talking about? – There are creatures. – [Mimi] Oh, you mean those
guys right behind you? – Mimi, you’re one of them. – They’re our family and they gotta keep on feeding. We always have to
sacrifice the disobedient to keep on living. – No, God. Justin, she’s one of them. (struggling) Go. Yes, yes. No. (screaming)

4 thoughts on “A Group Of Friends Go Camping… – “Night Seekers” – Full Free Movie

  1. This low budget indie has an interesting plot and good acting, but it suffers from what look like exposure problems in the first half of the flick. Daylight scenes appear overexposed and washed out and nighttime ones underexposed, dark, and murky. The story involves a group of vacationers who ignore advice and enter some sort of forbidden area only to wind up being hunted by "Night Seekers" who, all played by black actors, are some sort of mutated vampire zombies. There's a scene at time 55:30 in which the surviving group discovers all of the night seekers sleeping during the daylight hours in some sort of "cave" while hanging upside down from the ceiling like bats. At that time, the humans could have easily killed all of them by just setting fire to the cave, but they choose instead to keep running. The movie's abrupt ending seems like they suddenly ended the flick because they ran out of money or something! But, then again, maybe it was left ambiguous on purpose to let each viewer decide for himself what happens to the two remaining survivors. Despite its flaws, worth a view, imo. Hopefully, future films by this indie company will be better technically made.

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