A Map Geek’s Tour of the World

A Map Geek’s Tour of the World

The 8.9 mile gap between the European and
African continent known as the Straight of Gibraltar is home to multiple strange territories
and borders. On the European side, there is a 2.6 square mile British Overseas territory
named Gibraltar. This means that Britain shares a small land border with Spain. On the African
side of the straight is the Spanish city of Ceuta, separated completely from the rest
of Spain. This city is an autonomous community within Spain, essentially having similar rights
as the independent regions that make up Spain. A little more than 100 miles down the African
coast is Melilla, another Spanish exclave in northern Africa. All this means that Spain
shares significant land borders with Morocco, and that in effect only one country separates
British soil from African soil. Two other European countries also have strange
border relations. Conventional wisdom would say that the Netherlands and France do not
share a land border. Belgium stands between the two countries, however, on the other side
of the world, the two countries do share a border. The Caribbean island of Saint Martin
is split between a French collectivity, Saint Martin, and a Dutch constituent country, Sint
Maarten, meaning that you can walk from France to the Netherlands without crossing through
another country. Also part of France is French Guiana. French
Guiana has the exact same political power as any other French department and region
despite being on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a comparable relationship as
Hawaii to the United States—geographically separated but politically integrated. This
means that France shares a land border with both Brazil and Suriname.
There are two daily flights from French Guiana to Paris which make for one of the longest
domestic flights in the world. These flights take off in France and land in France, but
take 9 hours and cross 4,401 miles. Despite this, this is not the longest domestic flight
in the world. The longest is also within France and goes from Paris to the French overseas
department of Réunion, located in the Indian Ocean. The flight is 5,809 miles long and
takes just over 11 hours. And over to North America, it’s impossible
to walk or drive from New York to LA without crossing over water. The Saint Lawrence river
connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, then the Chicago River connects to the Des
Plaines River which connects to the Illinois River which connects to the Mississippi River
which flows out into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s also impossible to go from the South to the
North of the US without crossing water. Theres one creek in the Teton wilderness of Wyoming
that divides at a place called the Parting of the Waters. One side flows 3,488 miles
to the Atlantic while the other 1,353 to the Pacific. This means that this is one of the
few natural waterways connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Near those great lakes that make up part of the water split is Middle Island, Canada,
the southernmost point in Canada. A majority of US states—27—actually lie fully or
partially north of this point. The closest point in Europe to the US is the
Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, only 2539 miles away from Hamill, Maine. The island of Ireland
is politically divided between the autonomous country of the Republic of Ireland and the
section of Great Britain, called Northern Ireland. Although, despite the name, the northernmost
part of the island of Ireland is not in Northern Ireland; it’s Malin Head, part of the Republic
of Ireland. Now to finish it off we’ll head up to Norway.
Norway’s land stretches over Sweden and Finland to actually shares a border with Russia. On
the other side of Eurasia, Russia also shares a tiny 11 mile border with North Korea. This
means that only one country separates the Nordic social democracy in Norway from the
communist dictatorship of North Korea.

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  1. What about the flight from Paris to Nouméa, New Caledonia? Would that not be the longest domestic flight? And wouldn't the closest European point to the US be Southern Greenland?

  2. You say you are a map geek but call Northern-Ireland a part of Great-Britain. Great-Britain is an island not a country.

  3. You were actually wrong about the longest domestic flight thing, the longest domestic flight is between eastern US and Guam, which is about 7800 miles.

  4. nordic social democracy? police has right to come into ur house and take ur children, then give it to gay couples that are married? keep lying to urself ppl

  5. Unfortunately, it's incorrect to refer to Northern Ireland as "part of Great Britain" as the speaker does at around 3:11. 'Great Britain' is a geographical term, not a political one, and refers to the landmass encompassing England, Scotland and Wales. The country referred to as 'the UK' is properly 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland' – so Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, but NOT part of Great Britain.

  6. Yeah we Chinese never quite get over that we can see the Sea of Japen but can't access it. Cuz the Russian commander cunningly move the marker stone few km west few days after it was set up and block us off from the sea.
    After almost 200 years it will be almost impossible for us to get the mouth of Tumen back. Not to mention getting outer manchuria back. And the name Vladivostok is an uttermost humiliation. Plus that Fucking Shit former leader Jiang sign an official paper and turn those land from "disputed" to ''Officially Russian". We were fucked by russia like a bitch in bondage. I wish I could travel back in time and join the nationalists during the civil war~

  7. When i was 9 i went to a cruise to multiple islands. Today i asked my mom which islands we went too she said. Saint martin Dutch. Now i brag to my friends i went to the netherlands

  8. The full name of the UK is "United Kingdom of GreatBritain and Northern Ireland", thus Northern Ireland is not part of great Britain.

  9. The full name of the UK is "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland", thus Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain.

  10. Wait, wait, wait. The flight from Paris to Reunion is 11 hours. What about the flight between Hawaii and New York?

  11. The longest domestic flight in the world is French, but it is not from Paris to Reunion island. It's from Paris to Papeete (Tahiti island, French polynesia). It's a 24 hours flight.

  12. Saying it's De Plaines river like some educated guy, scoff. Any local will tell you the correct pronunciation is DESS PLAYNS

  13. Correction: Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain. It is part of the United Kingdom; Great Britain is the island itself that contains England, Scotland, and Wales.

  14. It could also be argued that Russia is also at the midpoint between the two different ideological extremes: that is Norway and North Korea.

  15. Hey I loved this old video of yours especially the title, it really shows that you have evolved your channel but even the old content is amazing.

  16. Sint Maarten is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but not part of the country of The Netherlands. So France borders the Kingdom of the Netherlands but not the country of The Netherlands.

  17. What is the Norwegian town called from the picture where you talk about Norway and North Korea. I would love to do research on it

  18. i love this topic concept information however please reproduce this with louder slower narration and so the music doesnt drown you out and with words on the screen. This could be so awesome but just needs to be reproduced with viewer friendliness in mind.

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