10 thoughts on “a Midweek camping along Bandak

  1. 29:56 is such a awesome moment! Dance in the early morning sun. What a spirit! Love to see there are still people around who enjoy nature like you do

  2. Good to see you out and about cooking up the white powder 👍 that klop klop looks fantastic liked the look of those dumplings too cheers kababoes now I’m hungry 😂

  3. Looking at doing some hammock camping this summer myself and was wondering what yours is and how do you find it, hopefully try winter hammock camping also depends on how it goes thou cheers

  4. Berk water bever havik kwikstaart bosbes raaf hertenpoep
    Geen spijkerpoes
    Wel mooi plekje, ik zou in die twee boompjes op de rots gaan!
    Ik was mijn inspiratie n beetje kwijt. Hmmm toch weer ff t film archief in vanavond

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