A “Perfect” Picnic – Ep. 8

A “Perfect” Picnic – Ep. 8

Guess who followed me on Twitter? Henry and Eleanor! Separately. I mean, they have separate Twitter accounts. Obviously. I’ve just been sitting here for the past…five minutes. Just deciding whether or not I should message them to ask to hang out. I just keep talking myself out of it. I mean, they’re just so…like, smart and interesting, and attractive and they’re just the kind of people who have their lives together. So…I don’t know– [Knock on the door] [door opens] -Um, hey? [Isabella] -Ok, why haven’t you been answering my texts? -Um, I mean my phone’s way over there… [Jamie] -Well, if you had been looking at your phone, you would have had fair warning. -Of? [Jamie] -Of us barging in and stealing you away! [Isabella] -Come on….let’s go! We’re going on a picnic and you can bring your camera and you can make a montage! -You’re going on a picnic? -We’re going on a picnic. Come on, Cathy! -Ok. [Isabella, singing] Let’s goooo! [John] -I’ll probably go to grad school at Princeton. I mean, their program there is far superior to anything else in the field. and plus if I live in New Jersey I can obviously have a car. Unlike here. -I prefer walking. -Yeah but do you intend to live in New York for the rest of your life? Everywhere else you need a car. -Well I think you can make it in some other places without a car. -Yeah but it’s a huge hassle. -Well maybe it’s worth it to reduce your carbon footprint. -So nobody should have cars? -Well, I mean, no, that’s not what I mean, so. -How about…convertibles? Everybody loves convertibles. Have you ever ridden in one? -I think I did but it was a long time ago….I don’t really remember it. -Ok, well next year when I get my Audi, we will. -Um, ok. Sure. -And we’d have to drive out into the country. Not the city. -You know, your car would get pretty dirty in the country. Trust me, I know. -That’s what car washes are for. Oh, and we’d have to go upstate because you can’t get away with speeding in the city as easily as you can in the country and with a car like that, you want to speed a bit. -Hey, you can take me for a drive if Catherine doesn’t want to go. -Yeah, me too. I want to go in a convertible. I want to drive a convertible. -While blasting Taylor Swift! -Actually, I’ve got to agree with you. Taylor Swift would make some good convertible music. -So…. Read any good books lately? -Yeah, um, I just picked up the History of Britain and Ireland. And it basically covers everything from
the Roman conquest. It’s really great. I can lend it to you if you like. -Oh, um, thanks, but I probably won’t have time before school starts to finish that. I mean, I know that you don’t like Harry Potter, but do you read any fiction? -Not really. I mean it’s all just…unrealistic. And…don’t you think you’re a bit old for Harry Potter? -It’s a story that people of all ages can appreciate. -Like…I think the only fiction I read is…I don’t know…Stephen King? -Oh! -And I also read that series about um…there’s this girl and she really likes archery. And I think she like…killed someone. -Oh, the Hunger Games! Yeah. You read that? See, that’s young adult ficiton. -Is it? -Yeah. -That’s why it was so ridiculous then. I mean, honestly, I don’t know how people come up with this. Like, these stories are…not good. -I mean, didn’t you pick up on the parallels to ancient Rome in the Hunger Games? Like there were a lot of Roman names. -You know, it was actually a long time ago
so think I it might’ve been something else. -Ok… -Yeah, but I mean, if you’re into like, all this Roman stuff I have some great non-fic books you can read. -Sure…uh…I’ll let you know. If I want to… -Hey guys, I’m starving, and we’ve been here for like hours, and we didn’t pack any snacks, so can we get something to eat? -Yeah, uh, pizza? [Jamie & Isabella] Yeah. -Cool. Uh, have you had New York pizza yet, Catherine? -Umm, no, actually. -Oh, ok, well right now I’m doing an experiment where I’m going to all the top pizza places and I am, I’m rating their pizzas. And so I’m going to analyze all the data and compile it. And then I’m gonna actually determine
which one has the best pizza. You know, it’s it’s all in the crust. -I could really go for some pizza right now. -Ok, well, I’m actually going to go back to the Allens’. We’re going to a thing tonight… -Well, you are missing out. [Isabella] -Do you know how to get back? -Yeah, I do, I’ll be fine. Thanks for the invite, I just, you know. [Isabella, mumbling] -Whatever. Missing out. Where are my shoes? [Cheerful Guitar]

25 thoughts on “A “Perfect” Picnic – Ep. 8

  1. Hm, hanging out with someone who puts down you and your interests all the time doesn't seem very nice. I think you should contact Henry, he actually joined in on your project, and he doesn't think himself superior to you…

  2. Ain't that John a charmer! I am really really enjoying this updated version of his awkward "flirting"/self-aggrandizing.

  3. So it's cute to see Jamie and Isabella all into each other in the background, but were they also high or something?

  4. The thing is John could have had the same conversation with Catherine i.e. debating their favourite books, discussing themes, what they like and didn't like, and they could have had a perfectly amiable conversation, but he's so condescending and superior that he just kills the mood and seems totally unfriendly. Ick! I kept hoping the Tilneys would show up. BTW who plans a picnic without bringing food? :p

  5. The twitter part = my fave! This series has done an AMAZING job with transmedia, possibly better than any other web series I've ever watched. I love watching all these dorks interact with each other on the Interwebz! Great job Northbound!

  6. "Don't you think you're too old for Harry Potter?"

    A sentence that can only come from someone not to be trusted.

  7. Catherine's excitement that Henry and Elinor were following her on twitter was adorable! I wanted to hug her over worrying about messaging them — they will (probably already do) like you, Cat!!!

    John continues to be "delightful." cringe

  8. What the heck John? Harry Potter is amazing.
    Isabella and Jaime at least we're amusing in the background with the hair mustaches and all thought they did seem off especially when it came time to the pizza.

  9. Just a question: are Jamie and Isabella a thing? Or just very, very close friends? No judgement, just wondering…

  10. Gah! John Thorpe is giving us history majors such a bad name! i don't like him 🙁 Cat is adorable though and i can't wait to see more of her with the Tilneys 🙂

  11. UUUUGGGHHHH, John is so pretentious that I'd fully borrow that history book of his just so I could lob it right through my brain. At least then I wouldn't have to listen to this drivel.

  12. I love that John Thorpe being an annoying carriage guy in the book translated to him being an annoying car guy in the adaptation.

  13. So interesting as John is so different in this than in the Cate Moreland Chronicles. Less douchey but more pretentious for sure!

  14. I do wonder what John and Catherine would have to so about the types of books that inspired this series. 19th and 20th century literature like Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye, Frankenstein, works from Austen and Steinbeck, etc. Then again I just find it difficult to imagine someone who has next to zero interest in fiction.

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