A POKER PLAYER´S PICNIC card trick performance

hi there all you lovers of magical entertainment today I add a new trick to my playlist new tricks for rookies what is the new trick for rookies well it’s a trick that’s quite easy to do but yet gets strong reactions by the audience simple as that and the trick I’m about to perform for you right now it’s just one of these fine tricks easy but powerful though I’m making my life a little ara today then needed to be have fun so I’ve got four cards prepared for you here and I’m going to put these cards right now into the deck at random positions let’s place the first card in here the second card goes about in here the third card let’s put it here and maybe the fourth card in here now you might be wondering what cards those are and I’m about to show you right now we got here the ace of diamonds we got also the ace of clubs we got the ace of hearts and we got the ace of spades so we got the four aces at random positions and I’m going to push those aces into the deck right now and then I immediately start shuffling the cards and this is all about getting those aces completely lost in the deck and by the way this is the so called Hindu shuffle this is probably the most common way to shuffle a deck of cards in the whole world cause on the Asian continent where it’s about 60% of human population living on the planet today folks mainly use this shuffle it looks different but it’s pretty much the same thing like the overhand shuffle we’re also packages a shuffled top down just like this and the overhand shuffle is what you usually see in the so-called western world there are in-depth tutorials for both of these shuffles available on my channel so if you want to shuffle like a pro you can this on my channel anyway back to the trick and this one is so very beautiful because it really gets the audience involved into the magic because after the cats have been shuffled the spectators then has to cut the deck fairly in half just to have those two packages cut one more time again by a spectator so that we end up with four packages of merely the same size hopefully and then the spectators asked to pick up the packages one by one and to deal down three cards on to the empty spot as well as one cut each unto the other packages now in a studio performance like this one here with me doing all this by myself this might appear a little bit boring but in a live performance this is a pretty entertaining moment because laymen usually enjoyed very much handling carts specially in the context of a magic trick because this is something they simply don’t do on a regular basis so it’s pretty exciting to them now sometimes when they completed their tasks you have to bring a little order on the table back to the table because they like to create a big mess but that’s not a problem actually this is the reason why this trick is so beautiful it has been the spectators who did come to those packages without the performer having any influence on the result whatsoever so that the top card of each package happens to be in that position by pure chance now usually in the last performance I roll up my sleeves and I ask everybody to watch very carefully you know they say the hands are faster than the eyes you believe that’s true watch very carefully as I pick up the packages one by one just to deal the top card onto the table here I go again what’s very carefully top card goes to the table one more time third top card and one last time watch very carefully there we go did you see something sneaky I hope not so we end up with these four cards on the table and in the last performance I would have the spectators turn those cards around themselves and I just would lean back and enjoy their amazing reactions because against all odds we end up here with the four aces on the table now isn’t that insane I think so hey guys isn’t that an amazing trick it’s one of those if it falls flat in your hands you can rest assured that the fault is yours and that further study is required we read an arroyo to cat magic makes me wonder do you guys have any experience with this trick I’d love to read about that in the comment section now my channel is growing steady and I want to push this progress a little bit so as soon as this channel hits 700 subscribers I will do a tutorial on this very trick as a subscriber special but it’s not going to reveal the secret only or to just explain the method no because that’s out there anyways I will make this as informative as possible talking about some psychological aspects in general when it comes to cosmetic so then as many of you as possible will be able to get something out of it that’s the deal now don’t forget to Like and hit that subscribe button for more performances as well as tutorials my name is art Marius and I hope you liked to show today be sure more magical stuff is going to be uploaded very soon

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