A Scary Vacation Story 3 Animated

A Scary Vacation Story 3 Animated

During my holiday, I spent about three weeks in Japan. I arrived pretty late, so I couldn’t check into the hotel that I initially booked, so I booked the cheapest hotel that I could find nearby. Aesthetically, it was quite nice, but it did have easy access to the building, meaning anyone could come in and go to any room as they please. Plus, there was no security in sight. After arriving in my room, I ordered some food and watched some TV. I was still pretty jet light from the flight, so I started to get ready for bed. As I was falling asleep, I felt the urge to double check the door just to see if it was locked. I didn’t think anything was going to happen, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. About five minutes after I checked the door, I heard footsteps outside. Initially, I thought it was someone leaving their room, but the footsteps started to pick up speed. The sound started getting louder and louder, and I started to freak out a little. All of a sudden, the sound stopped. I looked at the light shining through the bottom of my door, and there was a shadow of a person. At first, I thought it was room service, but it was too late for that. Or maybe it was some drunk idiot who was at the wrong room. As soon as I switched my light on, the shadow disappeared. I was confused, but I reluctantly went back to bed. That’s when I suddenly heard scratching coming from my door, so I immediately turned my light on and shouted, “Who’s there!?” After a moment of silence, I heard the footsteps slowly fade away. At this point, I was thinking it could be some kids messing around, so I got up, opened the door, and peeked my head outside. I glanced in both directions down the dark and slim hallways. That’s when my heart stopped. A man emerged from the darkness and ran erratically towards me. His face was contorted as he screamed, and I could see he was holding a knife in his right hand. As he got closer, I could see him more clearly. He had disgusting long dirty hair, his clothes were ripped, and he had cuts and bruises all over. I quickly slammed my door and pressed against it, praying that the man would just go away. After what felt like hours, I finally gathered my courage and looked through the peephole. He was gone. I let out a sigh of relief, and checked the peephole again. My heart started pumping faster than ever before. He was right in front of the door. He was wearing a maniacal smile on his face, and all of a sudden he raised his knife and yelled, “I’m gonna fucking kill you!” I jumped back and kept my eyes locked on the bottom of the door, as I backed up to my bed. I grabbed my phone and started dialing the police. As I raised the phone to my ear, I saw that the shadow was gone. When the police arrived, I tried to explain what happened. When they checked the security cameras, They almost immediately recognized the man. He had been doing this to people for a while now, and the police have been trying to track him down for months. After a long night of no sleep, I finally arrived at the right hotel that I had booked initially in Tokyo. That creepy guy was still on my mind, but I thought the chances of him being here were pretty slim, so I didn’t bother locking my door that night. At 12:05 a.m. I woke up to a big bang next to me. I turned around to see the same guy passed out on the floor with a knife in hand. I was in shock. How did he find me? I quickly ran out of the room and locked him inside. The cops came, and he was finally arrested. Let’s just say I’m always going to be locking my doors from now on.

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  1. Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for 2 million subscribers! I know in YouTube time it feels like forever but I'm back now and hope you enjoy the video.

  2. No Bathroom? Well… If you want to pee, and theres a Psychopath outside your room. YOU ARE FUCKING DOOMED

  3. am i the only one who knows the video playing on his tv screen at 0:39? its a meme video its actually really funny lol. i just saw that no one commented about it

  4. Honestly, ik dat making these videos is a lot of work and time. N iss hard to find time for making ur videos. But tbh if u had an actual upload schedule and actually uploaded more dan once in 2 months, den you’d b even more successful. Regardless, I love your animations.

  5. When I was younger, I always thought you should never lock the doors in a hotel, but ever since I got older and more paranoid, I always lock doors

  6. 1st story i hear someone actually said something when they hear knocking and scratching. I hate when people just stay silent.

  7. Don't worry I got everything you need:
    -Your crush💗💗😍😍(👉👌)
    -your bestfriends🤜🤛(If you want)
    -Guns and knifes🔫🔪🔪
    -Beds(Includes blankets and pillow)🛌
    -Family members 👪(If you want)
    -Money 💸💸💸💸
    Don't worry you got everything you wanted…

    Costs 1 like

  8. Double checks first room to make sure door is locked. Doesn't even lock door at second room. Locks person inside a room…lol. Story checks out for sure.

  9. This story is bullshit. After that first experience no one would leave their door unlocked even if they were in a different country. I like the animation and narration though.

  10. "…so I didn't bother locking my door"

    It doesn't matter if the psycho was there or not, why tf wouldn't you lock your door??? It's not your bedroom, it's a hotel room.

  11. Not too shocked that a Japanese dude could speak English…. I’m here cause ai wanna know why he just passes out? And how the fuck he locked a hotel door from the other side?

  12. Good story but seriously who the fuck doesn’t lock their door after they almost get stabbed by Michael Jackson…

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