99 thoughts on “A Side of Mexico Most Tourists Don’t See

  1. Yes, it's nice to visit the beaches and the tourist spots. But when I think of my time in Mexico, I don't think of my time at the beach. I think of days like this. New foods to try, new things to see, and new Mexican friends sharing their culture with me…. this is the Mexico I know!

  2. Guadalajara has the most beautiful women in Latin America Canelo Alvarez the most famous boxer in Latin America is from Guadalajara also the 2010 miss universe Ximena Navarrete is from Guadalajara

  3. I am learning English watching your videos, I want to learn the language. greetings from oaxaca. ??️?

  4. Nice video of El Bosque de los Colomos I dindt know they have an arid garden! While in Guadalajara go to the tianguis de Tonalá, real mexican experience.

  5. Hey dan I notice something by watching your videos that you are in mexico a peaceful tranquil eazy nice going people that tell you bueno dias smile at people enjoy life everyone is happy everyone is always on the go going to the park rating happy and having fun, a big total difference from where I live now the usa full of mean racist means people

  6. Hello Dan, how are you?

    I started watching your videos a couple of weeks ago and I love them!!

    Thank you so much for loving Mexico…when I am homesick I love to watch your videos because I am living in Canada!

    Great work! 🙂

  7. Ve a los tacos que estan en la de copernico, son los tacos arabes todo mundo los conoce cierran a las 4:00 am tienes que ir estan bien ricos y a los tacos naranja deliciosos ??? ahi tambien tienen unas papas rellenas que estan para morirte! ???y por ultimo te recomiendo ir alguna buena pasteleria de gdl por que la reposteria en gdl esta de lujo de verdad lo prometo tiene mucha influencia europea los mejores pasteles que puedas encontrar en mexico! Aprovecha y conoce algun buen restaurante campestre muy bonito ambiente es otro royo con mariachi como el canelo por ejemplo se come muy rico

  8. Why don't you ask the name of the place to somebody before pronouncing it because you always pronounce bad the name of the places? The correct pronunciation of Zapopan is ZapÓpan no zÁpopan. And Zapopan is not as you think it is, Zapopan is bigger than Guadalajara, many area of Guadalajara is in reality Zapopan land, but tourists don't know it. The most modern area of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara is Zapopan territory in fact.

  9. Me gustó el video como siempre.. lo que no entiendo es como no sólo va a un lugar y no sabe nada del lugar sino que todavía se rodea de gente del lugar que esta igual de ignorante… El estado se llama Jalisco, la Ciudad de Guadalajara es su Capital y Zapopan es otra ciudad del mismo estado de Jalisco.. que alguien les explique bien a los youtubers por favor…

  10. Nice video Dan, I just don’t understand why your friend didn’t correct your Zapopan pronounciation. ?? it made me ansious.

  11. Dan, you are not prounancing the rigth way ((SAPOPAN )) it is SAPOPAN . anda no't. SAPO PAN DO not cute the Word in two. ?????????????

  12. Dan! Miss you man! thanks for going strong and making us all feel like we are hanging out with you. I can't wait to go back to Mexico. You have made me want to explore my country that I have not visited in a long time.

  13. I'm amazed with how developed these places are, just the showing of the new metro being built. Thanks for sharing a very different perspective of Mexico!!

  14. You might want to ask your friend how to pronounce the name of the city because it sounds like you're saying something in french. It's Za (short a) Po (long o ) pan (like how you say bread in spanish.

  15. Hey Dan!
    I just want you and the Kinetic Kennons to know that you guys are the reason why 2018 was amazing for me. The reason being, that prior to watching your videos I was absolutely terrified of traveling after I had my first son; which made me a bit sad because travel was my life prior to being a mom. However, watching your videos inspired me enough to stop making excuses and just go. I'm happy to report that my son is only one and a half years old and he's already been to Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Thank you so much. I can not thank you enough for all the information, insight, and stories you give 🙂 Keep it up!

  16. Daniel! hijo, que bueno que ya tienes un amigo mexicano. Aprovecha para practicar español, así podré entender todas tus historias.

  17. I love the channel and love the videos but I'm curious how Donald Trump is a supporter of a travel vlog about Mexico??? Is that just someone's screen name?

  18. Dan need a favor please, can you ask your buddy what is the largest Dental Clinic in that area with all inhouse equipment? I had some implants done in Ajijic and I need a one stop implant and permanent denture Clinic in Guad so I can come down for a few days and get everything completed.. If you can please.. Thanks

  19. The stress syllabus is PO, which means zaPOpan. Close though. In México as in Spanish One should always learn about its accents and words. You are One of them.

  20. Great! That park looks great. Hey all of you New Travel fans – Dan is $19usd away from meeting his Patreon goal. I donate – to keep these vids coming – please click on his Patreon link and donate a monthly amount – $1 $2 …$10. Let's hit his goal.

  21. Igual en la mayoría de los parques en México tienen internet gratis, bueno casi todos ya que en muchos la misma gente se roba el modem XD

  22. Hey Dan! I’ve been watching your videos for some 7 months now I really love your content, however, this video specially. I lived in Zapopan for 12 years and seeing this video brings me so much happiness and good memories. Thank you so much for appreciating and showing the best of mexico, I deeply love and appreciate it!
    By the way, I been in the Cafe San Pedro before too! They serve the best cajeta ice cream ever.

  23. Wow Dan… thanks for showing us those amazing places in Mexico which are not often shown for tourists…
    Loved youre back to Mexico??

  24. Zapopan is one of the biggest municipalities in Mexico, you just visited the historic center (the clasical side of it) Zapopan is so big, that one of it´s most developed districts is way far from where you be in this video, it actually has more than two modern areas, that just in Zapopan…. It seems to me your friends did not do a good job showing you the modern side og Guadalajara and it´s metro area. Guadalajara metro area is huge and you just visited the tradictional places, you missed the life style.

  25. Bro when a listen an american guy or girl talking I don't undersatnd anything but when I hear you I can perfectly understand all the video I love Canadian People the Best english

  26. I absolutely Love this video i also know that u are from Winnipeg……wooooooooo..i am from Vancouver, Canada…….yeah……Mexico is for us….Namaste

  27. Greetings from Monterrey! I'm just watching the video you made in Zapopan, Where you asked if it is "ZApo-pAn" or "ZApo-pAn". We Spanish speakers cannot hear any difference between both ways you "wrongly" pronounced it. It is ZapOpan. The "O" IS the one stressed in the pronounciation. "sapópan"/"sapOpan". I hope my "explanation" was clear enough to you, Dan. ???

  28. Looks like a much nicer place than I had imagined. We were in Guadalajara last summer but didn't go that way. Next time I will though.

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