A Summer Scrapbook

A Summer Scrapbook

This is the story of a summer, not the summer that changed my life, though I guess you only know that in hindsight. This is the story of summer 2017 The summer my camera broke The summer I went to Paris
And the summer of trains so many trains Lately, I haven’t been making videos, not
because I didn’t want to, but because my camera broke. Not a good excuse at all. but for the first time, in a few years, I
saw the summer through my eyes, and through my mind, not trying to document it all and
have it validated online. Then I went to Paris and I was not disappointed. The city is filled with beauty, and there’s
truly magic all around. On every street corner and window view. In Welteroth inspired boomerangs and every. Single. ceiling. Can we talk about Parisian ceilings for a minute? And this summer I spent a lot of time on trains. Commuting back and forth exploring new cities
and thinking about strangers. How we sit next to each other for hours without
speaking. Sit by stories we never ask to hear, Struck
by the potential energy in accidental eye contact, the foolishness of wondering what
could have been. It was the summer of 2017.

7 thoughts on “A Summer Scrapbook

  1. Wow, that was quite the experience! I loved your commentary omgg and that satisfying rhyme at the end "the summer of 2017" sksjsklvx

  2. PERFECT USE OF THAT 'LOUVE' INSTRUMENTAL. This was motivating and energizing and thought-provoking. Great use of the clips you had due to your interesting and fun choices in editing. Favorite! 🙂

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