A Tourist Guide in Accra | Travel Africa: Visit Ghana’s Capital

A Tourist Guide in Accra | Travel Africa: Visit Ghana’s Capital

My name is Princess Umul Hatiyya.
I’m the Globetrotting Princess and author. Welcome to my city, Accra.
Accra is the capital of Ghana. Now, today I’m taking you on a
tour to various places in the city. Accra is a bustling, busy city where people are kind and friendly and would help you. Accra is definitely the place to be. We’re currently at the Independence Square in Accra. Now, the Independence Square is the second largest square in the world, after Tiananmen Square. Now currently this place is empty, but during
Independence Day celebrations the place is packed. There’s so many people, colorfully
dressed to celebrate our Independence 6th of March in 1957. Mazera Restaurant in Osu is the best
place to visit for authentic Ghanaian dishes. They have a wide choice of Ghanaian dishes. They have Banku, Tilapia, Fufu and
goat meat light soup. And these are all delicacies we eat on a normal basis. The spices, we use a lot of ginger, a lot of garlic but also the way it’s prepared, I think that also
makes Ghanaian food even extra special. Accra has about four million people, Accra is a
major economic trading hub of Ghana. We’re in Makola Market. Makola Market
is the second largest market in West Africa. This is where I come to buy all my
fabric, food stuff. It’s a busy, bustly place. It’s a lovely place to come.
So if you want to get any souvenirs Makola Market is the place to come.
Now come on with me! Good afternoon! Now, these are colorful Ghanaian fabrics.
This is a Kente fabric which we wear for various occasions. And there are also
some cloths we wear for funerals and naming ceremonies.
Ok, I hope you enjoyed my tour of Accra. I look forward to seeing you in Accra, Ghana,
very soon. Bye bye for now!

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  1. There are much nicer places in Accra than this….you could have done better especially with Airport city and ridge than you showing us james town

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