A Tourist’s Take on New York City Snow – Between the Scenes: The Daily Show

A Tourist’s Take on New York City Snow – Between the Scenes: The Daily Show

– Where are you from? – [Audience Member] New Zealand. – New Zealand? Oh, that’s a long journey, yeah? How long are you here for? – [Audience Member] Six weeks. Six weeks? It’s like, flats? Six weeks? Yeah, that’s cool. Why did you come now? Were you just like,
I wanna see what suffering and the
cold seems like? Just wanna feel it? – [Audience Member]
Summer holidays. – Summer holidays? (laughing) So you’re just like, I’m
just gonna skip summer? Do you guys get
snow in New Zealand? No you don’t, right? Not even with climate
change it hasn’t happened? ‘Cause in South Africa we
didn’t really get snow, and now get a bit of snow
at random times, sometimes. You guys, no snow? – [Audience Member] We get
snow, like, down south. – Right. – [Audience Member] Really down
south, but not where we are. – So it’s just like, so
are you enjoying the snow? – [Audience Member] Yeah. – Yeah, you see I
like that, yeah. ‘Cause New Yorkers,
everyone is just like, there’s goddamn snow everywhere. The goddamn snow everywhere. And then like, every
foreigners is like. ♪ It’s the most wonderful
time of the year ♪ (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “A Tourist’s Take on New York City Snow – Between the Scenes: The Daily Show

  1. Here in Michigan we will have snow, but then it will get up to 40. Then the next day we will have another snowstorm. It never stops. We hate it too here.

  2. Where is NZ does this guy live??? And where can we find the rock he lives under. It basically snows almost everywhere in NZ. I live in North East NZ and it snows here in winter.

  3. Come to Atlanta! We'd love to have you experience our version of blizzard conditions. The snow doesn't melt for minutes after hitting the ground!

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  5. Yes, as a nyer, I can also say that I hate it when it snows whilst my friends from other states that don't get snow are like "but why, snow is so wonderful" and I'm yelling back like "NO IT'S NOT, YOU KNOW THE DELAYS WE'RE GONNA HAVE NOW UGH"

  6. Trevor – Google New Zealand or have a peep at Google Earth. Think you'll be amazed at how big their mountains are and how many Glaciers & Ski slopes they have.

  7. Yeah we get snow in SA too now a bit more frequent than usual. Especially the Drakensberg Mountains and Mooi River. The worst one I remember was in 1996 we actually made snowman and stuff it was crazy.

  8. ha – so true – as a kiwi I went to Canada (Toronto then Belleville) end of 2013 when they were in middle of worst snowstorm in years – it was wonderful, awesome – loved the cold & the snow – all these Canadians kept saying "why would you leave paradise for this"

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  10. New Zealand gets snow but only the bottom half and the tip of the mountains in the north. Saying that as I live in the north i ahvent actualy seen snow and I'm 21…

  11. Trevor! You're too young! When I was growing up, we often had snow in SA. But that was loooooooong ago! But didn't Zuma say he'd be president till something or other freezes over? Perhaps it's happening now…..

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  13. That was me in Berlin back when it snowed a lot. All the Germans were like hmmmmpf more snow, and I was dancing on it like a kid.

  14. It's so true. I'm an Australian living in Tokyo and the one day of the year we get snow is magical to me, makes me feel 5 years old.

  15. Being miserable and treating other people like dirt is every New Yorker’s God-given right!!….. Your two minutes are up, goodnight."

  16. Thaaat is some illegal magic there. You look at him, you smile, you feel like the world is fine. Illegal, I'm telling ya…

  17. Why am I still subscribed to this BS? I think I thought he was hot but after that crash and burn debate he had with Tomi, it quickly converted me. Great job Daily Show, your horrible host added one more to the conservative side. Glad I am on a side of reason and facts.

  18. This is too relatable. When I first moved to the US and settled in NY and it snowed in November I thought it was the most amazing thing ever, since I never saw any snow before. Having lived in NYC for 3+ years I absolutely fucking hate the snow now.

  19. This guy is a great cultural ambassador for us in New Zealand. He could have mentioned our amazing mountain ski fields like Wanaka though. Who are you #kiwitalkingtotrevor ? Actually, Trevor or Trev is one of our great kiwi comedy characters. If somesome says "Trev" then you know a joke with a bloke is coming up…

  20. many professional skiers from Europe go to New Zealand during summer, to train because they have a kind of alps in the south full of snow

  21. I love that he can just have a random conversation with a member of the audience and still be totally hilarious and engaging. God he's perfect

  22. Shit man we just had snow again last week and the week before and its expected to snow again this week. Some March….

  23. i'm from cleveland and went to university in chicago. my best friend (whom i didn't meet until, like, junior year and who also only spent one full winter in chicago) is from LA. he was so annoying during the winter because was like, "ohmygooood look at the beautiful snow isn't it magical" as we're trudging through two feet of snow to get to class–because our school literally never plowed campus–and i was just like, "no, ulyses, it's not. it fucking sucks. shut up." hahaha and even now he just moved to connecticut and he's still all "ooooo the snow is so pretty" and in my head i'm thinking, "haaaa yea you wait in about one more winter you're going to be like 'dude the snow sucks and i hate it.'"

  24. Proof the world is round.
    The audience member went to New York in the winter when it was summer in New Zealand.

    It's not a coincidence everybody that thinks the world is flat lives in the Northern Hemisphere.
    People that live in the Southern Hemisphere are living proof the world is round.

  25. Trevor Noah is a very funny comedian (same league as Kevin Hart), but I feel the dailyshow are holding his talent down.

    What do u expect from ad sponsored media

  26. OMG…I can't stop laughing. As a bred NYer (Harlem girl) I can't stop laughing. I teach in the Bronx though so I know (Ugh, traveling to the Bronx in the snow). Every morning when I have to go to work, Keeping in mind I live on a hill — EVERY MORNING when the snow hits, I call on my inner Charlton Heston and say, "Goddamn snow! Goddamn Bronx! Goddamn, you all to Hell!". However, winter remains my favorite season despite it all.

  27. What's the name of the soundtrack that plays at the last … Please, someone help!

  28. Trevor, I think you're the best of all the comedians there is! To be honest. You make me laugh all the time. But you are very intellectual. When you speak, I listen. Thanks, Trevor!

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