A vacation 2/2 [ Love is in small things: S2 / Puuung ]

A vacation 2/2 [ Love is in small things: S2 / Puuung ]

Good morning! Where is your sister? She left home early in the morning. I think as if we’re married because we’re having breakfast together like this. I brought something delicious.

100 thoughts on “A vacation 2/2 [ Love is in small things: S2 / Puuung ]

  1. Sadly …my bf has broke up wid me ….and now we r just friend…n from now i will miss to send ur videos to him??

  2. Kolija ki sundor go sona amader dream gulo amoni hobe sona…ami dulnai chorbo tumi dulna thela dibi..abar tumi chorbe ami thela dibo Sona ….I love you amar riaz pagol ®}

  3. I can’t help watching these animated videos more than one or two times . I simply love them . They are so cute and specially he is so cute and caring and kind while she is super huggable girlfriend who loves to be around him all the time and he too ❤️ . Hopefully I shall also find someone for me too ?.
    Thanks for sharing such videos as it spreads love and kindness amongst all of us .

  4. That kiss scene was literally one of the cutest things I’ve seen. Thank you Puuung. Once again your making my heart melt with joy. God bless you.

  5. When will you both get married!,
    That physict really love you or just!.., Dear puuung always be happy, making animation is just your hobby or it's your profession!,may you have a very happy life.

  6. To be very very honest, this is by far the only reason I hope that love exists… Thank you so much Puuung? 사랑해여??

  7. Ohhhh! To be on holiday! Where's the ???????? Can't have a holiday without ??????! I think they need to get to the local grocer, and grab the ?????,. I think their love for each other will be stronger with ?????.??? Cheers Plantman

  8. OMG, I love it, thank you! Each video give me a wonderful feeling. I could watch this for hours!?❤️☺️

  9. Ahhh just like our life with my girlfriend, we love your animations so much, Puuung, they are a reflection of us (O u O).
    P.S.: we love how they eat! XD

  10. Yay new update ❤️❤️.. It always make me feel better ??. So calm and cute ?? it was like it's taking me to other dimension lol.

  11. I am amazed, not just on your animations but on what you are doing, creating love and positivity, and spread it to the world. I'm a new subscriber but I appreciate your works so much and i'm thankful that I have found your channel. May you continue to do things like this coz' the world needs it.

  12. I love that the couple(you) includes Garfield in their little adventures. Lol. He’s poking out of the handbag. ☺️❤️

  13. I really appreciate how you focus on the very pure and daily moments, keepin it family-friendly and such. That being said, from the thumbnail and the girl asking where his sister was, I thought you would have implied they were gonna do it ???

  14. I can't believe it! I love this couple. I have my puuung's collection on Pinterest and I didn't know that you have a youtube channel. This notification made me happy?

  15. If ever in the future, do you mind like making a video about the homes you draw in your videos? It's just that I love them so much, they're the kind of rooms I love that I hope in the future, I can base off of them my own home 🙂

  16. Watching the video makes me feel that I want to experience that kind of life, with you G, but I think it will never happen 🙁 never in my wildest dreams

  17. Y cuando voy a oír tu voz diciéndome te amo no quiero que te vallas la noche esta muy fría envuélveme en tus brazos asta que llegue el día mmm❤️???

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