A visit to Pondicherry | Pondicherry Tourist Places | Puducherry Tourism [SandhikshanDas]

A visit to Pondicherry | Pondicherry Tourist Places | Puducherry Tourism [SandhikshanDas]

Hey guys, welcome to my channel this video is all about the trip to Puducherry or so called as Pondicherry So you will see the whole video in a glimpse based on my recent tour to Puducherry with some required informations So keep enjoying this video till end and if you are new comer Then please consider subscribing my channel by hitting the below red subscribe button and also tap the Bell button not to miss any upload Notification from me. Can watch more Pondicherry videos from “i” button or video link in video description Below. so next coming up>>>>>Pondicherry is an Union Territory and ex French colony of India situated at the southern part of Indian, Peninsula surrounded by Indian state Tamilnadu and Andhrapradesh Nearest railhead to reach to puducherry is the Puducherry station or Villupuram station Also, it is well-connected by air. Nearest airport is Puducherry Airport Anyone also come by Road or national highways which are well connected with all the nooks and corner of India So our journey was started from Santragachi junction Which is just next some station of howrah junction in West Bengal by Santragachi puducherry special train . There are plenty number of trains from the parts of all over India So we reached Pondicherry on the next day night nearby 11:25 p.m. Due to the two hours later of our train there are waiting room too at the Puducherry station in case you have reached late and have no hotel booking then can wait here otherwise can get car auto 24 hours from the outside of the station Next we did catch an auto to reach to our hotel by 12 a.m. At night And yes, we had our hotel booked and name is Sri Ravikrishna guesthouse, which is at MG Road area You can booked this hotel from below link at booking.com without any online payments. Just pay at check in. Next day morning
so there are many places to visit which are just tourist attraction spots So we just went to those places to visit Among of them three to four places are itself on the beach road, but we will go to the beach later There it was a small on road Lord Ganesh temple beside our hotel and near KFC outlet So first we went to Aralmigu Manakula Vinayagar temple Which temple is just dedicated to Lord Ganesha and just close to the rock beach Here inside the main temple photography is not allowed and from the outside shops You can buy the puja(worship) items Also we missed the blessing elephant Laxmi casue that time she was not present there Next we went to Sri Aurobindo Ashram which just beside the Arulmigu temple This Ashram is dedicated to shri Aurobindo and mother Mira Alfassa. Inside photography is not allowed and you must keep silent inside during your whole stay inside the ashram Next we are at Puducherry Museum, which is a government Museum And it is also just beside of Aurobindo Ashram or near to the rock beach orAralmigu temple. Inside there are various ancient rare item collection of British and Chol dynasty. Also here photography is not allowed Next we are going to serenity Beach which is at Villupuram district via Beach Road and it is just 24 kilometres from main Pondicherry town So after running some minutes we are now at Srenity Beach, which is just clam silent cool Beach This Beach has strong waves which just idle for surfers, and there are a surfing school, too Here you can spend quite hours of time which you will must enjoy So after next we are going to Auroville city Which is just 20 kilometers far from main Pondicherry town and 10 kilometer far from Serenity beach. This is the Auroville main road Now we have reached and you can park your own car at that paid parking area and After collecting the matrimandir viewpoint entry pass from the tourist information center I am on the way towards matrimandir Which is just aprox three kilometers far from entry point and my parent is on their free shuttle service Which is only for senior citizen or disabled persons Now we have reached Matrimandir viewpoint and it looks so elegant in golden color that reflects the sunlight Which is its property If you wanna go inside the matrimandir for concentration or wanna stay here in their resorts Then you need to collect permission at least three days prior of your journey from information center itself on the way back from matrimandir view point you can avail free bus service for every aged people which will drop you at the information center gate Then can check out the boutique and handicraft shops near the Information Center Also, there are lots of cafe here, which you must check out before you leave, Auroville City This is awesome city build with the motive that any citizen from all over the world can live here without any racism So this was our Auroville city tour For lunch dinner or Tiffin You must check out Hotel surguru Which is famous in Pondicherry for its food quality or varieties at very reasonable rate Then after a lunch we have come to Pondicherry Botanical Garden Which is just inside the pondicherry town and 3-5 minute car ride from MG Road area or rock beach Operation 15 rupees entry ticket for adult per head, we are now inside the garden here you can find various species of trees , aquarium, toy train ride for children, musical fountain and must enjoy the chirping of birds on all over the trees That day we visited the musical fountain was stopped and it only runs during the weekend at the evening. Also Same for the toy train ride too for the children Here if you are a parrot (parakeet actually) lover then you must enjoy their happy plays on the trees So after spending quite minutes of time we are now towards our hotel for that day Tomorrow morning we will go to the Sea beach to enjoy the sunrise view from the sunrise viewpoint and also the beauty of Beach So next day at dawn we are now out towards the promenade (Rock) beach to enjoy the sunrise from sunrise viewpoint Which is just 5 minute from our hotel This is Road side. Dr. BR Ambedkar statue Here at dawn Beach Road becomes a place of doing jogging or exercise for every aged people Now we are on the sunrise viewpoint. From here we can enjoy the sunrise. So lets Enjoy>>We have enjoyed a beautiful sunrise from here really and all the fisher men are coming back from see with their boats and fishes defending the every strong waves of the sea So just at the end of Beach Road where road is just bending towards inside There is a duplex park which is dedicated to Joseph Marquess duplex Who was the governor-general of French India Next just nearby to Duplex park there are Dr. B.R Ambedkar Mani Mandapam Which is a monument come memorial dedicated to Dr. B.R Ambeadkar This is the Le-Cafe which is the oldest cafe in Pondicherry where you can get french dishes to test Opposite of it There are French war memorial dedicated to those residents of French India who died for the country during the First World War Just beside of it there are a custom house And Just opposite again, there are the famous monument of our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi Opposite, there are also a statue of pandit Jawaharlal Nehru From here, you can also watch the old lighthouse and Tourists are not allowed to go up or inside the lighthouse This old lighthouse has been replaced by newly made lighthouse at some distance from Beach road This is the promenade hotel apartment which is the oldest apartment built as per the French architecture and has been named per the beach name and Nowadays, it is the most premium hotel in Pondicherry on the beach road Just coming some inside from the Beach Road, this is the Green Bharati Park, a piece of lungs of Pondicherry here anybody come for exercise or jogging in the morning. In the middle of the park, there are white Ayi Mandapam monument built during the time of Napoleon 3 , Empire of France Then, this is the Immaculate Conception catherdal Roman Catholic Church near the French Quarter of Pondicherry. The Church has front side Sacred Heart of Jesus statue visible inside it has very colorful Sanctuary and Beautifully painted celling. You can spend your time as much as you wanna stay here Again on evening. We are now at promenade beach. This Beach is famous and main beach in pondicherry Also known as ROCK Beach as you know At the night time it has totally different view than the day. On the evening, whole road traffic are closed for the tourists or people coming to this Beach Here every people on the beach road are enjoying a lot their selves with fresh coo sea l air Also can test out various food stalls on the beach road So finally after spending quite hours of time now we are going back to our hotel At The MG Road and just near of our hotel which is just opposite to the KFC Exclusive Jeans showroom which has the varieties of jeans at very reasonable price Also for dinner with chicken curry and paratha visit the food paradise restaurant, which is awesome in taste So we are now back to our hotel after dinner and can book this hotel for you Stay from below link on booking.com with PAY-AT-CHECKOUT option By the way our Pondicherry stay is over and next morning we have train towards Chennai from Puducherry station. So next Chennai part will come in another video and to watch must subscribe my channel to get notified of my uploads Hope you like this Pondicherry video then LIKE, SHARE & Comment below However, hope to catch you soon. Have a nice time ahead. Take care. Bye guys

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