About Us | Backpacking, Hunting and Camping with Luxe

About Us | Backpacking, Hunting and Camping with Luxe

We specialize in simple lightweight
teepees, a variety of hot tents, wood stoves and camp tarps, for backpacking
hunting and camping. Our warehouse and retail store is in the rainy Pacific
Northwest town of Forks, located in Washington State where we ship worldwide. We carry lightweight and unique camping
gear that we hope will inspire everyone to spend the night outdoors. Our company was started by Pacific
Northwest native Jake Morrison, out of his obsession and passion for camping
equipment, Luxe Hiking Gear was born. My name is Jake Morrison owner of Luxe Hiking Gear. I grew up hunting, it’s just in my blood
a way of life. I’d go out with my dad and two brothers, once I was older I became
obsessed with backpacking, and for a while there I pretty much lived on the
trail. Working in the outdoor industry for
years, Jake has been lucky to experience the most elite and expensive tents you
can buy. Being a gear nerd, he studied intensive the shape, performance and
materials, of all these tents and he realized that the highest costing
fabrics are mostly just for show or to save a negligible amount of weight, so he
found the perfect balance between performance and cost, getting real people
camping outside, by providing high quality practical tents at lower price
points. Thank you for listening to our story. We
look forward to you enjoying our products and becoming a part of our

22 thoughts on “About Us | Backpacking, Hunting and Camping with Luxe

  1. Thank you so much for joining us on our journey. You guys inspire us to be better each and everyday. Thanks for watching this short About Us video!

  2. Thanks for putting out some quality affordable gear that we can buy locally here in the PNW!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ love the vids too!

  3. Greetings from Ontario Canada. I love your videos. My wish list is to own a tent and stove from luxe. I’m 68 and the winter tent I have is starting to get a little heavy. Lol one of these days,,,,,,I will

  4. I recently discovered your company. I was thinking about the megahorn tipi . I would use with a stove, 2 adults and a preteen kid. Do you have a floor, bathtub type that is compatible or recommended?

  5. Just ordered my first backpacking tent from y’all. Thank you so much for making affordable gear!! We can’t all afford a 600$ backpacking tent!

  6. Hey guy's I currently have and been using an alacknack tent from cabelas. Do a lot of winter camping and looking forward to using the megahorn 3 with the 3w stove and other luxe gear I just purchased πŸ˜€πŸ‘

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