5 thoughts on “Acampando con canoa en Canadá

  1. Very cool vid! The park is beautiful 1) That dog is amazing 2) The breakfast looked great but I chuckled when I saw the cup of instant coffee 3) Loved the early morning shot with the fog on the water.

  2. Loved it! Mu suggestions would be to switch the info at the beginning or have them through the video instead of having it at the end. Also I would of liked more info of the concept. Why do canoe portage rather than regular camping? What are the logistic involved, what to bring what to wear. Do you need to own your own canoe or you can rent one. Would of loved to see this spot on a map (and I am pretty sure it is not only 2 hours from Montreal 😉

  3. Sorry I meant 5 hours from Montreal! But have you ever done portaging in Canada? Really it’s an amazing experience!

  4. Ah, el contenido en cada episodio es mejor, me alegra full, =). Keep going. Me gustó mucha la idea de video experiencial y la explicación al final. Cya.

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