Adam Driver End of Summer Monologue – SNL

Adam Driver End of Summer Monologue – SNL

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  1. “I’m terrible at small talk” I have never related to this man more in my life. As someone who has similar problems I can really hear how nervous he is when they try to initiate small talk with him (even though some of this has been amplified for comedic effect you can also tell when you watch interviews of him because I’ve heard he doesn’t like them) even here you can tell he’s pushing himself out his comfort zone. You would never think that someone who does acting as a career would be so quiet. I think it just goes to show you how much talent this man has. I love him so much he’s really out there trying his absolute best serving as inspiration to others

  2. Well this is good news! Atleast I know he is keeping his awesome hair (and not going bald like some theory) for Star Wars Ep9 🙌🏼

  3. Who the fuck still watches SNL? Gay ass liberal nonsense which lost its charm years ago. SNL is so dead. Oh look they got a fat girl acting like a typical fat girl character.

  4. Feminism takes over star wars, tries to over promote every girl character they have and under show every guy character new or old… and somehow the main male Antagonists is still the most popular person out of all the new generation of starwars characters/actors…. lmfao

  5. I can't explain, the first time I saw him i thought he was weird looking, but the more i watch him the more I love him 😄 he is adorable even when he plays a gallactic super villain

  6. Dude is it just me or did that just show us that he knows how to bring the funny out of each one of those people.

  7. I’m glad that he’s having fun and being himself and being free. In most interviews he seems nervous(which I’m sure he is) and shy and stuff— but he’s not like that

  8. I love that he takes pride in his journey to where he is now. He entered the Marines, and while he was never deployed, he had to work hard to be one of the few who get to be a Marine. Still, he took that, and went to JULLIARD, one of the hardest art schools to get accepted to, and then he got into STAR WARS.

    Like, he still remains chill despite all that and he is married and has a child to which he keeps out of the spotlight. He is dope af.

  9. I thought they did a very good job with his monologue. He clearly isn’t someone who can just go up and be funny for 5 minutes straight on his own, so they used other cast members to help him through and they kept it short. I like the guy a lot, and I think he’s a fantastic story.

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