21 thoughts on “Adam Hambrick – The Boys of Summer – 1 Mic 1 Take (Live from Capitol Studios)

  1. Man we need artists like you to bring that real music back keep grinding. Ps that voice is the gift not for you but everybody…

  2. i have got to know who Adam's sideman is. Holy Moses! the man is the embodiment of consummate style, and grace: he just standing over there in the shadows, playing, and singing his heart out. who is this "masked" sidekick????

  3. he saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac … symbolizing the death of youthful freedom and optimism, sacrificed on the alter of adult ambition and consumerism, a fixed image juxtaposing the nostalgia of the past with the cynical future to which it's being carried …

    you saw a Garth Brooks sticker on a Cadillac … symbolizing that you kind of liked garth brooks back in the day.

    Beautiful cover … but some lyrics are there for a reason and best left alone.

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