Adam Ruins Everything – How Tourists Turned Mount Everest into a Dump | truTV

Adam Ruins Everything – How Tourists Turned Mount Everest into a Dump | truTV

So, you said
your name’s Birch? Is that a nickname or– Pull me up!
Pull me up! Of course.
Sorry. (grunting) Thank you.
(sighing) Now, if you will
excuse me, I will be continuing
my Everest summit solo. I came up here to get
away from people. Hate to break it to you,
but Everest is actually
way too full of people. And this avalanche
of tourists is turning this
majestic mountain into a depressing dump. (scoffs)
I’m no tourist. I’m on a spiritual journey.
Summitting Mount Everest is the pinnacle
of human achievement. Sure, it was,
the first time. When mountaineers
Tenzing Norgay
and Edmund Hillary summited Mount Everest
in 1953, it was a feat never before
achieved by humankind. Huzzah, we’ve done it! And now, no one else
ever has to do it again. (Adam)
But today,
budget tour companies help over 100,000 amateurs
climb Everest every year. Unh!
(camera clicks) Ha-ha, crushing Everest A-F.
(imitates explosion) What?!
But he’s not
seeking enlightenment, he’s just a tourist!
Yeah! And to make matters worse,
these tourists are total slobs! So many climbers abandon
tents, equipment, and other items
on their climb, every year the mountain
accumulates around 50 new tons of trash. Ugh. Dude, can we Postmates
a maid up here? Oh, that is shameful! I will be taking all
of my waste with me. Yeah?
Well, don’t forget about your human waste. Everest tourists
annually leave behind around 26,000 pounds
of pee and poop. And since it takes longer
for waste to disintegrate at high altitudes, that means
this majestic mountain is now covered
in our poop-sicles. So much human waste
has built up over the years that local villages’
major water sources are now completely polluted, and their yaks
frequently get stuck in ponds of human poop. I can’t imagine anything
more disturbing. Well, it gets worse. Because Everest is also
covered in dead bodies. This once-pristine peak
is steadily becoming the world’s tallest
frozen cemetery. (thunder crashing) Hundreds of people have
died on Everest. For every ten
successful summits, there’s one dead body. And since the temperatures
are so frigid, they’ll never decompose. There are so many
frozen corpses on Everest, climbers actually use them
to navigate. Holy shit, is that a dead guy? Tight– that means
we make a left. But Everest isn’t just
dangerous for visitors. The indigenous Sherpas
are the ones taking the real risks– mapping out routes
and securing guide ropes, all while babysitting
these amateur alpinists. Ah, dude, can you take
a photo of me? (Adam)
It’s one of the deadliest
jobs on the planet. A third of people who die
on Everest are Sherpas. Oh, back up more so you can get that cloud
that looks like a –. Ahhh! Oh!
Whoa! He’s okay.
My trash broke his fall. This is appalling! Not only are these
narcissistic tourists ruining this sacred mountain, but they’re getting
people killed? Why hasn’t the government
of Nepal limited the amount
of people who can climb? They can’t afford to. Nepal is a very
low-income nation, and Everest tourism
is a major industry. Sorry, how many people
are in your tour? 200. My girl wants a destination
wedding at the summit, and then we’re all
gonna paraglide down. Ha! I am nothing
like that guy! I’m afraid you are. I know it’s your dream
to climb this sacred mountain. But the impact that you
and others have when you indulge
in that dream is turning Everest into
a poop-covered trash coffin. Oh, you’re right. I am no better
than those monsters who picnic in national parks. People ruin everything!

100 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – How Tourists Turned Mount Everest into a Dump | truTV

  1. They shoulf temporarily close mt. Everest and bann tourist climbers until the government finishes the mountain's rehabilitation. Mother nature needs to heal.

  2. Simply shameful. And here I thought that those mountaineers that climbed Everest respected the People and the Mountain. Man, was I wrong.

  3. Damn. And I thought it was bad that the Everest rollercoaster in Animal Kingdom was covered in hair ties, Mickey Ears, and wasted money.

  4. Who turned Mount Everest into a dump? Is it Muslims? NO. Is it brown people? NO. It's WHITE Christians…

  5. Also, Adam just sold his credibility in the last scene by reinforcing the myth that sound causes avalanches! Most of them happen naturally when large snow drifts build up and become loosely unstable, and man-made ones are caused when people walk on top of them!

  6. YAY! So lets all climb mount Everest Under water at great expense… at least the feecees and bodies will be eaten by sharks who will later develop cancer and strange new shark disseases because of how toxic humanity has become on a cellular level…

  7. The Sherpa people are the ONLY humans that should be allowed on this mountain since it seems as if they are the only ones who treat it with respect and NEVER underestimate it 🤷

  8. Can you do a special of 'Adam Ruins Everything' when you actually acknowledge the mediocre high-school like methodology this program uses to push its narrative?

  9. Adam Ruins the holocaust. He could say things such as "human soap is now widely recognized as a myth" and "where are the mountains of coke?" Since mountains of coke would be needed to burn all the bodies they claimed were burned. He could have David Irving on. It would be a great episode. Or Adam Ruins 9/11 "Sorry, it was an inside job."

  10. So what is the alternative that this show is advocating for? What care should tourists take to ensure that this situation is minimized?

  11. I can't wait until 3000 years when body start to show up on the bottom and they're trying to figure out why there so many dead bodies on a huge mountain

  12. The thing when we get them off and get to mount Olympus the same as that things going to happen to it and we're not even from Mars

  13. The problem with setting a limit to the number of permits is that only a small % of the people who set out to climb everest actually make it past the first camp or two so they may hand out the same number of permits each year but 1 year only 10% make it and another 90% make it. Maybe they could try to ban guided climbing companies, that would be a good start. Or making the permits more restricted by climbing experience which would be hard for the poor nation to afford. The more experienced a climber is the less problems they will have, and I'd also wager they have more respect for the mountains as well. Lastly there are two countries who can issue permits to the mountain so if one is more restricted then people will go to the other creating incentive for the countries to keep it less restricted.

  14. I watched this video before it was cool (i.e. before the picture of that queue) 😎

  15. I love how this is being recommended to me after the long queues on Everest blew up on the news recently

  16. Coming at you from 2019 when another 10 people just died on Everest lining up to get to the summit and running out of oxygen.

  17. There are plenty of high mountains to die on. If you're into the death zone, there are plenty of options.

  18. People ruin everything. We need a worldwide plague to decimate population right now. Too many of us already.

  19. Don't forget the amount of deaths caused this year is because the amount of people going up is clogging the path down.

  20. Sorry but it is time to allow natural selection to take it's course. Let the dumb people die up there or block people from climbing. Period.

  21. Would be cool if they made the boot at 2:44 Light green, because there is a body used for navigation called “Green Boots”

  22. Permit to climb Everest: $11,000 w/ freezing weather & risk of death, – Everest in VR: $650 w/ pizza and college tuition.

  23. So Nepal is a pore country and one of its only ways of making money are tourists coming to try to climb Mount Everest. But you want to stop that because people litter on the mountain.

  24. he overexxagerated everything to make it seem worse it isn’t near this bad it’s barely bad and it’s completely fine

  25. I'm fairly certain 100,000 people dont climb everest every year.

    I don't think the number of summiters will be even close to 100k

  26. Weird message, since some who do an activity are disrespectful, all who do it are equally as bad; no matter their actions, reasons, or circumstances

  27. I have an idea that just might work. Nepal should charge tourists extra for leaving trash behind, while making bags to store urine and dung which shall be carried by tourists themselves 🇳🇵.

  28. Gahhhhh, this is terrible! I feel bad for the people who live around the mountain, cause tourists ruin their places to live! Also… all the dead bodies, that’s not scary. This is why we sometimes shouldn’t do things; we hurt people, including the citizens who live there and around it, the animals, and people’s livelihoods! It’s disgusting! But maybe things will get better. Maybe we can have tours to clean up Everest, exhuming the bodies. If amateur climbers can so easily go up Everest, then maybe more experienced people, and we as concerned people, can help save Everest.

  29. Not sure why more blame isn't levied on Nepal's government in this video. They're the ones allowing tourists to climb and ignoring the welfare of their people. Saying that they're "too poor of a nation to say no" is a cop out answer.

  30. Adam I'm going to call BS on most of your statics on episode.
    "Budget tour companies help 100,000 people climb Everst every year."
    Has 100,000 people even climbed Everst since Hillary did it? Yet you say every year.

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