ADLEY LEARNS MAGIC!! Family Vacation to a New Amusement Park (our travel routine with kids)

ADLEY LEARNS MAGIC!! Family Vacation to a New Amusement Park (our travel routine with kids)

71 thoughts on “ADLEY LEARNS MAGIC!! Family Vacation to a New Amusement Park (our travel routine with kids)

  1. My baby sister watches u all the time first time I got to comment first ur on here 24 hours a day almost Lucy just has us all hooked on this channel. Love love love it all the way from Ireland

  2. My daughter is like one of adley's biggest fans she watches her videos everyday she said "i just want to go to her house and play with her"❤ thanks for keeping my daughter entertained. Kaleah 4 yrs old

  3. I ran down a hallway when I was Niko's age, ran into the corner of two cubicle walls and cut my head open. Scar to this day.

  4. are you going to be there on the weekend, because tomorrow we are heading to Universal In orlando FL from jupiter FL. And my little sister would probably love to see you guys there!

  5. Hi shawn that was me that you met there. My name is Christopher and I can't believe I met you. I am from San Diego and never thought I would ever meet you, I have watched your vlogs for the past 5 years every single day they are amazing thank you so much for putting me in the vlog

    It was the best day ever

  6. When I was Niko's age I ran into a brick wall in the hospital because I scraped my eye then cut my head open there was a lot of blood still have a scar too right in the middle of my forehead

  7. That looked super fun. To bad they called you out on the camera cause that could be some fun videos. Great stuff. Best day & Best wishes to you & yours.

  8. What day were you guys at the airport? I was there except in SouthWest and on the 29th. It was my first ever plane ride and I got the feel of traveling by having my flight delayed 3 hours and seeing the de-icing!

  9. My kid is doing things that she is not supposed to do like constantly begging for things ,cry’s all the time, and she is supposed to eat her vegetables but she is not and she loves her vegetables to so that is why she will never watch your kids again

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  12. This is the best video can you make more like 1000 because I love your videos I subscribed so much???????????????????????????☺️?? it was funny when you get your butt

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