Adrienne Houghton’s Beach House Tour | All Things Adrienne

Adrienne Houghton’s Beach House Tour | All Things Adrienne

– What’s up you guys? It’s been an absolutely
incredible summer so far. The weather’s been amazing and I’ve been spending a lot of time at our Malibu beach house. The beach is definitely an
escape from the city for us and I just absolutely love falling asleep with the waves crashing in the background and being able to take long walks with my husband on the beach. One of the things I love about this home is that it’s a completely different style from our house in Bel Air and
it’s kinda fun to switch it up and play with different things. You ready for a full tour? Come check it out. (contemporary music) So starting off, this is the living room, and as you can see it’s very colorful and it actually came fully furnished. This decor would be
considered mid century modern, which is completely
different from my house. And at first I was like, I’m
gonna wanna change the sofas to everything all white,
and I’m not gonna lie, I kind of have fallen
in love with the blue, especially when you
look out into the ocean and it kinda gives you a beach vibe. It’s like yes, the blue of the ocean, the blue of the sofas. So I haven’t switched it up just yet. This is the TV room. I love, love, love the two flat
screens that are above here. Even though all the bedrooms
have their own TVs in them, this is really where
everyone comes to just chill and watch TV together. (contemporary music) And just right off the living
room is the bar over here. You guys, I’m obsessed
with not only the view, check out this stone quartz
wall, which I fell in love with, and this is where all the fun happens. I love that so many of our friends get to enjoy our vacation home and that they kinda just can come over, create cocktails of their own, and just have a good time and have fun. You gotta have fun when
you’re by the beach. I’m gonna take you on over to
my favorite part of the house, the kitchen, come on. (contemporary music) The kitchen is definitely my
favorite part of this house because it’s my dream kitchen
and I know it sounds crazy, but I actually cook more here
than I do at my other home. I love, love, love white marble. I had talked to Israel about it. I love the color of the floors, the wood. I love that this is an open floor plan and you kind of get to
mingle with everybody. People that are in the living
room that are at the bar, it’s exactly how I would
have designed it myself. Guess what guys? It’s a fridge that looks like a fridge! (gasps) What a shocker. Asking the realtor, like
okay but where’s the fridge? Like, how do you have a, they’re like, girl, this is the fridge,
and how crazy is this? Freezer. I love it. I think that even though it’s
smaller than my other kitchen this actually is way more my style. So I love, love, love
coffee but as you guys know I’m caffeine sensitive
so I have to do decaf but I’ve been drinking
coffee since I was a baby. Am I the only Latina that
literally had coffee, like cafe con leche in my bottle? Let me know in the comments below. Stunted my growth, that’s
why I’m four eleven, okay. I could have been five
nine like Cindy Crawford. (happy contemporary music) Like I said, for some reason
I cook more in this house. So I love the dining room table, especially because Israel’s
been writing his album here in the house with other
incredible writers. So when they just gather around
and enjoy a little something that I’ve prepared. I mainly cook seafood. Bomb salmon, miso cod, my
Chilean sea bass is incredible. And I love, love, love having
people over especially now because it is becoming a creative space, so I have great memories
around this table. There’s actually an entire
other floor to this house, a complete downstairs that
currently is under construction because Israel is creating literally the most phenomenal
studio with an unreal view. And so it’s actually available for rent for artists to come here
and either do writing camps, writing retreats, and I’ll put
the link in the description. But guess what guys? I don’t come with the house, the chef doesn’t come with the house. I wanted to point this out. I’m obsessed with these
kind of picnic baskets that come with everything in ’em. Look at this. So we love taking this down to the beach. Israel and I go down and
actually have picnics, which I freakin’ love and this
actually keeps things cool and it comes with all this. And you can get this
at Bed Bath and Beyond. I’m obsessed with it, also these two are also
from Bed Bath and Beyond. Love that store. We are on our way to the master bedroom but first I have to point this out. This is the coolest loft ever. Clearly, I’m not gonna climb up the ladder in this little dress but there are actually
three beds up there. And, okay as a kid this would have been
my dream hideout spot. Like, I can’t wait for
my nieces to come here and have the best time ever. I’m gonna be up there with
a projector watching movies and I feel like we should start a club and all hang out up in there and you need like a membership
to enter and a special knock. Love, love, love. (upbeat contemporary music) Welcome to the master bedroom. I’ve clearly made myself
comfortable already. I love this room mainly
because all of these doors actually completely open up and you can hear the waves crashing and it puts you to sleep. It’s that white noise that’s incredible and it’s not coming off a
machine, it’s the real thing. You guys know that I love
an all-white bedroom. I love white sheets, I love bedding. Have you guys ever heard of Bed in a Bag? I love that because it’s one-stop shop. You literally can get everything
for a super cheap price and you don’t have to figure out like, oh do I want these kind of pillows that go with this kind of sheets? No, it comes with
everything you possibly need and that’s where I got this from. I got the mirror from
Home Goods and I love it. I think it really brings a
rustic feel to the bedroom. And the chair, oh the
chairs, I love the chairs. They’re from Living Spaces. A fun fact. If you say my entertaining tips video, I actually got all the
candles in the house from the drugstore and I did
the trick with the Windex and I actually cleared it off the labels and so now they’re just beautiful all-white candles around the house. The master bathroom,
oh the master bathroom has the most incredible tub ever. Prepare for so many Instagram
pictures of me in it. There’s a rainfall shower. You know I like to keep
things simple and clean so all-white rugs in there. And I love it, it’s a chic bathroom. In addition to the master bedroom there are two other bedrooms in the house. One actually has a little loft in the top, which I’m obsessed with. I don’t know why. I feel like having a beach
house and like little nooks that you can like hide away
in and cuddle with someone are the cutest things ever. And that one is decorated
a little bit more nautical, which I was super into
and a lot of that bedding is actually by Ugg,
like yes, the Ugg boots. They make bedding, who knew? So that is all Ugg bedding in
there that’s super nautical and then in the other bedroom it’s a little bit more feminine
and a little bit more girly and it has a beach theme with creams and a cream throw in there and it’s just a really,
really pretty bathroom. (upbeat contemporary music) And right off of my bedroom is this absolutely breathtaking deck. I love, love, love. I feel like I mainly
spend my time out here. I love to lay out and
take a little bit of sun, just listen to music. There’s even a fire pit right there that we gather around at night. Guys, I’ve actually even
seen dolphins out here, which is incredible. Every time I spot one i’m like, my husband hears me screaming. He’s like, “What is wrong?” I’m like, “Nothing, I just saw a dolphin.” As amazing as this house
is for entertaining and obviously having friends over, I love nothing more when
it’s just Israel and I here and it’s super peaceful and
we just come out here to rest, just chill, it’s super romantic to me. I love, love, love just being out here and hearing the waves crashing. I know you can’t hear me
now because they’re so loud. I’m definitely happiest by the ocean. Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the tour
of our Malibu beach house. If you guys have any questions or comments of some of your favorite
places to escape to during the summer, let me
know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe,
I’ll see you back at my house. (blows a kiss and speaks
in foreign language) (upbeat contemporary music)

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