Adrienne & Israel Houghton’s Dream Vacation | All Things Adrienne

Adrienne & Israel Houghton’s Dream Vacation | All Things Adrienne

– Hey everybody as you may
have seen on Instagram, Israel and I just spent
the last month in Europe. It was the dream vacation of our lives and we’re about to give
you all the details on everything we did. Where we ate, what we drank,
where we partied, did we party? – Not really.
– Not really. – We didn’t do a lot of partying. – It just sounded really good to say that. Anyway, we’re gonna give
you all the details, this is gonna be a really crazy video. Get ready for the ride. – Here we go. (Upbeat tropical music) – First things first, where did we go? We started our trip in Rome. – In Rome. – From Rome, we then
boarded a yacht and visited – The entire – Italian Riviera.
– Italian River. – I’m sorry, who?
– River-era. (laughing) – The Italian – Riviera, all the way up to Portofino, Elba, Riomaggiore, – Where was the one I really loved? – Forte Dei Marmi. – – Forte Dei Marmi was my favorite. – Yup, so that was amazing. – Yep and from there we went to
– London – From London we went to
– Paris – From Paris we went to
– Venice – Italy. From
– Venice we went back to Paris – We went back to Paris. From Paris we went to
– to the Amalfi Coast We flew to Naples. We stayed in Positano. We stayed in
– Rovello Then we went to Nice. Then after Nice
– We went to Monaco – After Monaco we went to Chateau Eza. Which is a village that was to die for. – That place is magaical – Then from Eza went to
– Cannes – Then we went to Antibes and then from the Antibes then we went back to Paris. And, now we are here and
confused and jet lagged. (Upbeat Music) – First of all to call Utopia Four a boat – Is an insult – It’s an insult – This is a 243 foot super luxury yacht. – [Adrienne] Yeah, you
guys. The fricken furniture and all the bedding is Airmans. It was, I’m not gonna lie, we have these incredible friends, Loren and JR Ridinger. Its their boat, we were
there with our friends, Dwayne and Amber McLachlan and, to be there and be a part of, ya know – Their maiden voyage.
– Yeah – This was their first voyage
in this brand new yacht. – And yeah, this has been
a dream come true for them. And to just see the
fruition of all of their work and their dreams was just an awesome thing to be apart of. We never get seasick
– No – And guys, this boat
is not a normal boat. Like, you literally, it’s
flying through the ocean and you feel no movement.
– Nothing. – Like, you don’t even
know that it’s moving until you look to the
side, at like a window, or a glass door and you’re like holy crap
– We’re moving. – It’s unbelievable. We
were made to be on yachts. (laughing) I wish. Like, I am so about this boat. Like, I actually told Israel I’m like babe, I kinda want a boat. And then, we started thinking
what would our boats name be? You know how like, in Wolf of Wall Street, he got her, the Naomi. Like, what’s my boat name? We’re working on it. – We’ll let ya know. Stay tuned. Comment below. (Laughing) (Up beat music) – I know we’ve discussed
this before, I think. But, Israel would definitely be considered the more, big splurger. And, I’m frugal Fran. So, even when we’re picking hotels, like, I’ll be like, babe, all we’re doing is taking a shower there and, like sleeping. And then, we don’t spend
time in the hotel room. We’re out, ya know, adventuring. And like, we’re seeing the city we’re in. No, this man right here. I benefit from the fact that he’s bougie. And, I aint mad at it. He’s fancy. – I’m fancy that way. But, that’s the way it is. At the same time – We did find some really
cute places, though. That were a nice compromise. – Absolutley. Yeah. And, that
was kinda the goal, always. Is to find the middle ground, of like. We’re not trying to be extra bougie. For the reason that she just mentioned. We’re not going to be – It’s unnecessary
– be in the room that much. – Specially for young
people that are traveling you guys, get out there and travel. Save your money. Get a group of girlfriends. All three of you guys can
stay in the same room. All you’re doing is literally, taking a shower, going to
sleep, for a little bit. Sleep on the beach. – I will say this. We actually booked every
room with – We sure did. He’s obsessed with those
– I’m obsessed with – Because he gets he gets his free room after he’s like done enough He’s like I got a free room babe. Where do you want to stay. – And we use some of the
free rooms on this trip. – We sure did.
– So, chill. – Alright, good job. You get a point. (Upbeat music) I loved, loved Italy so much. Because, I had never been there, before. And, we got to make some
amazing, brand new, memories. I think, just getting
on the boats, and like, pulling up to Capri, was unreal. Come on. The Blue Grotto
– That was amazing One of the most magical
moments I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. Just to think that’s like
a, natural, what it is? That like happened on its own. One of the world wonders. I don’t think it actually
is but, it felt like that. – I fell in love with Venice,
like, the second we got there. Like, got off the plane, got on a boat. Took the boat to this amazing
hotel that we stayed at. And, there was something about being on the water the whole time. And, going everywhere.
– Guys – By boat was great. – The whole city is water. Like, you don’t, there’s
no cars there, at all. You literally take water taxis. Literally, it’s like
walking out of your house you take a water taxi
to the grocery store. Water taxi to, you water taxi everywhere. And, I know a lot of you
guys saw the pictures and you’re like, oh my
God, that looks so fancy. Like, you guys, that
was a basic water taxi. And, even that was so suddenly beautiful. Israel kept making fun of me because, when we went to
go have our gondola ride. Which is a must. If you ever go to Venice, you have to go and get a gondola ride. It’s just unreal. And, I kept saying the
whole time, you’re like, Adrienne you can’t say that. Tell them what I said. – She kept saying this
looks like Disney World. (laughing) And I’m like, you can’t say that. Disney World attempts to look like this. But, this is the real thing. – I couldn’t believe
the views from Positano. I just was like, this is, I mean, you can’t even
capture it in a photo. – [Israel] You can’t. – [Adrienne] Like, trust
me, I tried on Instagram. You know, I be trying. I had a real camera and,
everything this trip and, I was there with my little
camera just trying to capture. And, you can’t. It looks beautiful but, babe,
when we woke up that morning and walked down and we saw
the private beach area. – You feel like you’re inside
of a painting the whole time. – Yes
– And, no matter how amazing your photographer is, I’m joking, it’s impossible to capture. But, you have to be in it. You have to imbibe it, you
have to feel all the feels and, smell all the smells and – Eat all the eats.
– All the eats. (Upbeat Italian music) – The food was definitely one
of the highlights of the trip. There’s so much incredible food. In Italy, in the South
Pacific, oh my gosh, even Monaco La Maree.
– Yeah – Okay, but we have to
say, one of the best meals we had in the entire trip was in Venice. – Absolutely. So, some friends of mine who had gone before us said, what you do when you go to
Venice is just, go get lost. Just, get off the boat, go to
the main square and just walk until you find something. So, we kinda took that advice. – I loved getting lost with you. – I do too, baby. – We literally would just
walk in like find these little streets and corners and gelato and that bomb pizza that we
found when I sat down to – [Israel] Yes. Yes. – When we were getting out
there everyone told us, oh my God, you guys are
going to gain so much weight with all the bread and the
croissants and the baguettes. – And the pasta, pizza.
– Pasta, pizza – So, we were like we will not be broken. – Unless, so we made this
pact with each other that, if the carbs are worth it.
– We’ll eat them. – We’ll indulge, moderately
in some of the carbs. – But, if it’s a basic
whole bread basket, nah fam, it ain’t worth it. – If they bring bread to the
table and it is not warm. – And fresh, like, you can
tell when it’s like piping hot and like, one of us will eat it. Take a bite and go
– It’s not worth it. – It’s not worth it.
Or, take a bite and go, nah, you got to try this babe.
– This is worth it. – Then, I be like, okay cool. – That’s how we did it. So, we actually did pretty
well, as far as, weight loss. – We walked a lot.
– Yeah, we walked everywhere. – We walked so much, which I love. And, I kinda stay in the same place and, Israel lost five more pounds, so whatever. (Upbeat happy music) Packing was a major issue
for us because we were like, we are going to be moving and shaking, and going from so many different places, that we have got to like, pack light. And, be able to be like, jump on a train from London to Paris. Jump from airplane to airplane. So, Israel told me that I
could only bring a carry on. That we were not allowed to check luggage. So, I had my carry on and then we shared a hat box.
– Yup – And, then you had your carry on. And, how did we do it? Tell them your technique. Tuck and roll. – The technique is to
roll really, really tight. – No he is, guys I don’t, I
don’t pack my own luggage. He packs it for me and he’s the best. Like, literally, he’ll
take my bathing suit and when he’s done, my bathing
suit is like, this big. Like, it is packed. So, because, my clothing actually. I only packed two pairs of
shoes, no, three pairs of shoes. The clear sandals. The black YSL and, oh no, and
I had two pair of slippers. And, when I tell you we
did it. We made it happen. And, when you think about summer clothing everything is really tiny anyway. Every little sun dress is like this big. So, that worked. How you
did it, I have no idea. You were linen out and you
bought stuff, actually. – I did buy a few things yeah.
– Yeah. – One of my favorite things
was the fact that like, I’m on this fancy yacht, with my
1999 Fashion Nova outfits on. So, I love that, during the
summer you can really find such cute elements and they don’t
have to cost a lot of money. So, I was like, on a really fancy yacht in my really affordable clothing. – All my stuff is, really, really, – You were wearing Fashion Nova Men. – Expensive, except my Fashion Nova Mens. – You’re such a liar. No you really, are these Fashion Nova? – These are not. – Oh. But, he did have
Fashion Nova jeans on. – I did and they’re amazing. – I was about to take a
picture of them and be like, hashtag Fashion Nova Men. (Upbeat Italian music) – I would like to say that
there was a typical day but, there really wasn’t.
– Oh my gosh. – We we’re constantly on the go. And, if I’m honest,
everything sort of, lead to hey, this would be a great
place to take a picture. So, that kind of became, no shade, – I felt a little shade there. – That just kinda became – It was like where is my Instagram movement happening today? – The movement of the
day. But, give me props. Like, I would, scout spots out and go – Babe you got so good.
– Wait, stop right here – Let’s get this. – [Adrienne] Yeah, even in the
car when we pulled over you were like, this would be a dope spot to do the picture in the car. And, that was awesome. Okay. – [Israel] Cause I was
speaking, her love language. – Yes.
– We got to get a good shot. – Do it for the gram. (Upbeat music) – We’re good travelers. – We love to travel. – We love to vacation. We’re not the greatest tourist, in the world.
– We are not. – So, we like to kinda go places chill. – Look around.
– See what’s up. – The end. – Have something great to eat and, – Like I don’t want to sit and
– Chill be in museums all day long. We might pop in and go, oh
my God, that’s beautiful. See the main things there is to see. But, like, we can’t get up
everyday at eight o’clock in the morning and spend the
whole day walking and seeing. I can’t do it. I can not. I can not. I can’t do it. You can’t
either. Which is great. It would really suck
if one of us was like, I have so many places I want to see. I need to go here. I need to go there. And, the other one was like, nah fam. That would be awful. We think the same.
– We agree, yeah. We’re like, let’s go
see somethings and then, let’s lay at the beach and chill. (Upbeat chill music) So, if you’re going to Europe here are a few things that you should be aware of. (Laughing) – One
– Number one – They are never in a rush.
– No – What is urgent to you, my
friend, is not urgent to them. – And, here’s why, in America,
if you go sit at a restaurant that waiter, that is
waiting on you, is making a very small amount of money
and they depend on a great tip. – Tips. Yeah. – In Europe, they could
care less about your tips. It’s not even really
available when the bill comes. – They’re not used to tips,
they don’t work off tips. So, they’re, when they get
to you, they get to you. Girl, this is when the Lord wants you to test your patience, okay. Just chill there, relax,
scroll through Instagram. – Take your time. – Take your time.
– You’re going to need it. – Trust me, they’re taking their time. – Yeah, exactly. – Number two. Ice is not
a common thing in Europe. So, when they come and bring you drinks, the drink might possibly be luke warm. And, ice is not like, you
know how here in the states, like, it’s always, what is that called? – It’s expected – Yeah, it’s not expected there. So, you have to ask for ice and
then when you do ask for ice be prepared for them
– Be prepared for them. – They are bringing you one cube. (Upbeat Italian music) Babe, was this like, we keep saying, this was the vacation of a lifetime. – Of the lifetime, for sure. – And, hopefully
– Granted we have a lot more life to live and
we’ve got something to top. But, the truth is we went
everywhere we could have ever possibly imagined going. And, we took it all in, it was amazing. – I think what made this
trip really special is that, hopefully this might possibly be the last, like, vacation where
it’s just the two of us. So, I think being really
intentional about stuff like that, I think, makes every
moment together so special. And, we really just took
every moment in and, you made everything super romantic. But, that’s just you, with your romance. And, I loved it. It was all so surreal. And, I can’t wait to go back someday. – [Israel] We’ll definitely go back. – So, that was all the details of our trip in Europe this summer. We want to hear you’ve
been doing this summer. So, let us know where, in the. – In the comments. You can comment below. – That’s right, comment
below, let us know. It doesn’t have to be that you
went somewhere crazy exotic. We just love hearing
about your adventures. So, let us know and don’t forget to subscribe.
– Subscribe. We love, love, love you. (Laughing) – You’re not right. (Upbeat tropical music)

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