Adults React to Top 10 Songs Of Summer 2018 (Spotify)

– [Bleep].
Messed up my whole list, Cardi! – Oh my god, stop!
I don’t like looking at twerking. – There were a lot of butts
in the music video, so it’s gotta be top five. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, recently Spotify put out
their list of their Top 10 Most Streamed Songs of the Summer.
– Oh. Okay. Oh, [bleep]! I’m gonna get it wrong,
but give me the damn paper. You’re gonna make me rank ’em. – (FBE) We’re gonna see if you can
correctly place where in the top 10 each one ranks.
– Oh, that’s crazy. Everyone uses Spotify. This is
literally gonna be the top 10 songs ever listened to this summer.
– Drake’s probably four out of the 10 top.
Sure we’ve got some Cardi B in there. – (FBE) First, we’re gonna
give you this. – Ohh, excellent.
I do like to prove that I’m smart. We’ll see how this goes.
– (FBE) As we’re gonna go through each song, after each one,
if you wanna place it where you think it goes in the top 10
and at the end, you’re gonna get a chance to move
any of your answers. – I know. And only
two rage quits per video. – I think I’m gonna do okay.
But I feel like I’ve been really out of the loop
with a lot of popular music, so it should be
an interesting time. – ♪ The feeling won’t let me sleep ♪
– Oh, okay. We got Dua Lipa. – Oh, I hear this on the radio.
– (sings along) ♪ Way you move ♪ ♪ The way you feel ♪
I love her so much. – ♪ One kiss is all it takes ♪
♪ Falling in love with me ♪ – I haven’t even heard this song.
– I feel like I have no idea where it places,
so this is gonna be interesting. I freaking love Dua Lipa, though. – She is a queen, Dua Lipa.
She taught me “new rules,” too. – (FBE) So, where would
you rank this video? – Number two.
– Six, “One Kiss.” – Number two, just because
it is international. – I don’t hear it that often,
so I’m gonna put that as number eight. – “One Kiss” isn’t number one.
It might be, like, eighth kiss. Let’s put it at eight. – ♪ Easier said than done
♪ I thought… ♪ – Oh, god.
– Ohh, Juice Wrld. – ♪ …my head ♪
♪ You found another one ♪ ♪ But I am the better one ♪
– “Lucid Dreams.” – Yeah, I haven’t heard this one. – The music video’s trippy as hell.
(chuckles) Oh my god. – I’ve literally
never heard this song. – The only reason I know
about Juice Wrld is because elders reacted to them. – I get it that it’s mood–
not moody, but swaying, and it’s cool.
But usually I need to bop. – Well, considering that this
is on my radio back to back to back on every channel I go to,
this has got to be up there. I’m gonna throw this at number five.
– Number seven. – I’m gonna put it at nine.
– Number four, ’cause I hear it all the time. – ♪ Taste, taste ♪
– (laughs) It’s just a shot of a butt. – Wow. That’s a lot of booty. – I love him so much. (laughs)
See, right now, I put him at number one. – Oh my god, stop!
I don’t like looking at twerking. It makes me cringe. – I’ve heard of the artist,
but I have no clue about this song. – Every year, there’s a radio song
that when it comes on the radio, I’m super excited. This is the one.
And it is a dirty video. – There were a lot of butts
in the music video, so it’s gotta be top five.
I’ll put Tyga at five. – Number nine.
– That’s going first. When you don’t know,
you just put it in the order you want. – 10, because it’s
the lowest number I can. – Nasty and people nasty
in the summer time and it’s the pool
and it’s booty shaking. Number two. – ♪ Kiki, do you love me? ♪
♪ Are you riding? ♪ – Oh. This has gotta be number one.
– That’s not fair. This became a meme! That’s an entirely different ballpark. – This blew up around the world,
so this has to be way up there. – ♪ ‘Cause you want you ♪
– He got that dumb grill in his mouth. – I do know a girl named Kiki,
which pleases me. She does not like it
when we sing this to her. – Hmm. Where there’s a lot
of twerking, but they’re wearing more clothes
than the Tyga music video. – I don’t know why we all
fascinated with the butts. Every video’s gotta be shaky,
shaky, rump, rump. That’s gonna be one.
– I’m gonna put her in three. – You made me do this stupid challenge
– ♪ …love me? ♪ ♪ Are you riding? ♪
– (Michelle) He’s so broken-hearted. I’m putting this as number three.
– Number… five. – One for now,
’cause that had a challenge. – ♪ Who am I? ♪
♪ Someone that’s afraid to let go ♪ – Who are these people? (laughs) Honestly, I’ve been on Mars. – There’s that XXTentacion.
I don’t even know if I’m pronouncing the name right,
but I really like this song. I mean, it’s pretty catchy. – I [bleep] love this song. – They’re fighting in a church!
Someone help them! – Rest in peace, my boy.
Aww, now I’m sad! – I’ll say three?
– Number nine, ’cause never heard of the artist.
– I’m gonna put that at eight. “Sad!” ’cause I’m sad,
because I don’t know any of these. – I might even put that
at number one, especially because he passed away
this year. It had such an impact on the community that, of course,
it’s gonna be a lot higher. – ♪ I wanna f-woop, woop woop,
but I’m broken hearted ♪ ♪ Cry, cry, cry… ♪
– Did she just say “quack”? – I’ve never heard of this. (laughs) – I don’t think I’ve ever heard this. – ♪ Solo, solo… ♪
– Oh, it’s Demi. Okay, featuring Demi. – Freaking love this song.
– Ooh, I like this song. I honestly don’t hear it
on the radio enough. – Never heard of that one,
but it’s Demi Lovato and, you know, bless her heart.
Girl, I see you. Keep it going. – I’m putting that at seven.
– Nine, because I’ve never heard it. – I’ve literally never even heard
of the person singing it. It’s gotta be 10.
– 10. Demi’s had a rough year too, so that might attribute
to more streams going to it. – ♪ And I’m rollin’,
rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ ♪ – Okay. Post.
– ♪ With my brothers like it’s Jonas, Jonas ♪
– I always like Post Malone. I do like this song. – Okay. So I’ve heard
of Post Malone. Never heard this song. – ♪ You probably think
that you are better now, better now ♪
♪ You only say that ’cause I’m not around,
not around ♪ ♪ You know I… ♪
– I love Post Malone. I love him.
I bought the album. – Ugh. The song is good
until you play it over and over and over and over and over
and over and over and over and over again.
– I’m gonna put that at number three for the time being.
– Number two. – I’ll put that as number nine.
– Lucky number seven for Post Malone. I’m surprised he cracked top 10.
That was quick. Post Malone’s still relatively new. – ♪ ‘Cause girls like you
run around with guys like… ♪ – I loved this video.
– Oh, I was here for this React video. – ♪ Girls like you, yeah, yeah, ♪
– Everyone loved this music video. It had so many powerful women.
– Oh my god. Is that Superwoman? What in the world?
Oh my god. I love her. – (sings along) ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ – I love this video. It’s so cute.
And also, I mean, Cardi’s B in it, so it has to be up there.
– Everybody likes this song. Now I might have to switch
some things around. – I don’t know. This music video
was huge because of all the cameos, but did people actually
care about the song? – I’ma put that at two.
– Number six, I think. – Today, they’re Maroon 6.
– Four, but it could go higher. This is not my game. (laughs)
I am not good at current music. – ♪ Youngblood ♪
– Oh, I love this album! I don’t think anyone cares,
though, is the thing. It’s gotta be towards the bottom. – Ooh, 5SOS?
– They’re big, too. What did I do?
This list is so messed up right now. – I’ve never heard of this before. – Is that Ponyboy Curtis?
I hope everybody knows what that is. – I know they just released
an album, too. And it’s really good,
but I haven’t really heard it on the radio that much.
– I’ve heard of 5 Seconds of Summer, but I’ve never listened
to any of their songs. – I’m putting that at five.
– I’m gonna put that at five. – I put it at nine.
Right now, all I’ve got is nine and 10.
– I have it at seven, but it’s gonna change.
– I literally have spot one or spot 10. (giggles)
I’m gonna put it at at 10. I’m so sorry, guys. – ♪ (singing in Spanish) ♪
– Ahh! [Bleep]. Messed up
my whole list, Cardi! – ♪ Diamond district in the Jag ♪
– I do hear this one frequently. – Anything with Spanish in it
is seeming to just boom. So, I feel like this
could be number one. – She’s so good.
Let me just put both headphones in right now.
So good. – That song was my favorite.
However many streams it has, I have half of it.
– Cardi, for the time being, has to go in 10,
’cause that’s her spot. – That’s gonna be my number one.
– Cardi B’s second, mostly ’cause it’s the only number
I have left, but also that makes sense. – Six, but I think
it’s higher than that. I’m not feeling too horrible
about my list. I mean, I don’t wanna
toot my own horn, but beep-beep. – (FBE) So, we’ll give you
about a minute if you wanna change
any of your answers. – Okay, I’m definitely
putting “One Kiss” to one with Dua Lipa.
– I’m gonna do “I Like It,” three. – 5SOS at seven and Post Malone
at four just to switch it up. And that’s the only change
I’m gonna make. – (FBE) Okay, so now that you’re done,
we’re going from number 10 to number one, and we’ll see
how many you got right. You get two points for every answer
you get spot on, and one point if you’re one away
from the correct answer. – Okay.
– (FBE) So number 10… – Okay.
– (FBE) …is “Youngblood” by 5 Seconds of Summer.
– Whaat? Zero. – I knew it was at the bottom!
Dang you, Luke Hemmings. – Oh my god.
I actually got one right. – Yeet! Two points to me. – (FBE) Number nine is “Taste” by Tyga featuring Offset.
– (gasps) (sputters) I’m speechless.
– Oh. I had him at five! I overestimated the butts!
– Dammit! (chuckles) Had that as seven.
– Yes! I put that as 10, so I got a point.
– Oh, I was only one off! So, that’s
(sing-song) one point. – (FBE) Number eight is “Solo.”
– Oh, damn. – I’m two off on all of these.
I’m not gonna get any points! I just want one point,
and I’ll be happy. – I was only one off!
– Hey, hey. I got that. Hey, I got that one right!
Two points. – (FBE) Number seven
is “One Kiss” by Calvin Harris with Dua Lipa.
(buzzer) – I should’ve kept it.
– Damn, I’m screwing this up royally. I put them down as three.
– Got that one, too. – I got two points for that!
– (FBE) Number six is “Better Now” by Post Malone.
– Ah, noo! I would’ve gotten that
if I hadn’t moved Post. Aw, crap.
– I was one spot off with him. – I had five for that,
so I get three points. – Super stoked about this.
Yes, I got it right on. – (FBE) Number five is “Sad!”
by XXXTentacion. – Psht. Well, that was just
down on my list. That was number nine on my list. – No, not there. I’m sad.
(buzzer) – Oh, god. That messed up
my whole thing. I am off. I might not even
get a point. – Ahh! I made it six, though. – (FBE) Number four is “Lucid Dreams”
by Juice Wrld. (buzzer)
– Oh, I had that as seven. (buzzer)
– No. I don’t wanna talk about it. – I picked it number five.
– I put that at number five. – (FBE) Number three is “I Like It”
by Cardi B featuring Bad Bunny and J Balvin.
– Missed it by one. – Come on, Cardi!
Why couldn’t you have been number one? – Two off again.
She was number one. Cardi did not hook me up.
– So, I get one. Yass! – I have that at number four.
I have a point! I’m on the board!
Come at me. – (FBE) Number two
is “Girls Like You.” – Put it as number four.
– Maroon 5, I like them as number five and the scoreboard does not. – Yeah, I got another point.
– OH! Damn! Still one point. – Yasss.
– (FBE) Which also means that number one…
– In your feelings! – (FBE) …is “In My Feelings”
by Drake. – I should’ve known.
Ugh, all the memes! – Yess! Victory is mine.
(ding) – I got one.
That’s all I ever wanted. – I was shooting for one point,
and I got two! That’s a 200% increase.
– Two, four, six, eight, nine. I got nine points, half.
Okay! I can’t wait to see how everybody else did. – (FBE) Finally, for you personally,
what has been your summer jam of 2018? – (laughs) The Nelly station
on Pandora. – Dua Lipa, a lot of her.
And then a lot of Betty Who. – “I Like It” by Cardi B.
That song, every time it comes on, they can’t overplay that song.
I start twerking when that song comes on.
I’m not gonna lie. – It’s a really stupid answer,
and it’s actually sort of a Drake song.
It’s the Degrassi theme song. That’s my summer jam,
’cause all I’ve spent this summer doing
is marathoning Degrassi. – Thanks for watching Adults React
and shoutout to Joseph Garcia and Megan M.
– ♪ Girls like you should hit that bell
and subscribe ♪ – What top 10 should we react to next?
Let us know down in the comments. Buh-bye.
– Hey, guys. Ethan here. And if you liked this video
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