88 thoughts on “Advanced English Conversation Lesson #6: Summer ☀️ (learn real English w/ subtitles)

  1. Thank you so much for your teaching.I can't wait to watch next lessons.I have no idea where are you from?Please answer me.?

  2. I really appreciate when Kate shows up to shoot an YouTube video with you. It's really cool and, kind of, i like this shock between british and american accent. Thanks for it, you guys are awesome!!

  3. I love summer, I like even the hottest days, because I hate cold weather. For me summer as well equals freedom, seaside holiday, swimming and sunbathing. My favourite food during the summer are fruits (like peaches, apricots, watermelons and melons). I like the light and the perfumed smells, the colors of the flowers and the green of the trees. I feel like I'm 10 years younger…:)

  4. My favorite season is winter. Is not summer BC I hate when it's really hot, moreover I live in Spain, Murcia, a city which is too hot for summer, so maybe I'd get sunburn if I go to the beach. And I like winter because I'd prefer millions time the cold than the heat because I can't beard the sensation when I sweat I really can't , and also it's a nice season to ski, I love it although I have just skied twice.

  5. Hello Jacke and Kate. Summer is my favourite season because the daylight is longer and allows you to spend more time on terraces having a cold drink (here in Spain is very popular as you know). Another reason is the light clothes that we use to wear, it's very easy. In winter is the opposite layers and layers of clothing, (very uncomfortable).
    A strong hug from Spain.

  6. Hi Jack, It's a long time that I couldn't follow you, I hope from this video I will not miss anymore! A hug Hi from Kosova ????

  7. thank you very much! so interesting to see Kate in your video Jack! She talks so real and lively. .Does Kate have her own youtube channel?

  8. keep it up my friend! God bless u
    I recommend you to use images, you know, edit the video and put images when you are trying to explain something so we all can understand better 😀

  9. is this ok? Anne asked the family if Helen behaved from that way always or not. I have to make a question using reported speech.

  10. i really get a lot information in this video just like how do u spent ur time during in summer time that a lot to us cuz we had get so many point that we couldnt know before , thanks a lot both of you

  11. such a great thing see you again, i think that is good make interviews on youtube about any topic of what you want, keep that way, good luck in everything, thank you Jack

  12. Amazing lesson! Thank you both for this one, especially Kate for the topic!)) But Jack, honestly you're looking pale and thin maybe you need to get fat, at least a little)

  13. great ,, i love this video it's facinating , idk …. i adore british accent ,, it's beautiful ,,, i 've been focusing on british accent lately . however, when i hear another accent it's lil bit distract me or spoil my focusing. but i know i am not british native speaker,, and there are lots of ppl around the world with different accents , at least this video help me to learn two diffent accents.

  14. everybody said "love british and american accent in this conversation" but sorry who speaks in American accent and who in British accent? I can't distinguish the accents ?

  15. It's really interesting when you have differents accents in the same conversation.
    I live in Brazil, so I enjoy summer and I love fruits!! Sadly, I have never been in a camp during the summer vacations. Hey Jack, please share your dragon shirt picture! =))

  16. Hi from Brazil. We have summer here for almost the whole year!! Thank you for this conversation!! It helps us a lot to practice listening 🙂

  17. Congratulations!. I really appreciate you spend time making a video to teach English and you are a beautiful couple I hope to see your video again. Thanks

  18. I have to congratulate you for the success of your channel! I'm one of the first 200 subs and you were present all the way of my English language acquisition. thank you !

  19. summer is indeed my favorite one, I really enjoy the sun and hot days, just because winter is difficult to deal with, since where I live we have a summer-based life. I'm from Brazil, there are no seasons but summer.

  20. I like to talk with a native speakers for improve my English language by whats up (009647802807165)

  21. The summer is my favorite season because I can go to the beach, drink a super cold beer, swim in the pool, take cold shower, eat ice cream… I love the Summer!

  22. Summer is my favorite season because of school break. and my favorite summer food is "Abdoogh Khiar"

  23. It's very amazing to see two person talking different accent ,to be honest British accent was the best hh

  24. Hello and Jack and Kate. I really enjoy watching your videos, over and over again, looking to screen your sentences. bye.

  25. Hi! Unfortunataly, I passed my summer in my house, studying, because I could not go anywhere without money. And, speaking about food… I eat rice and beans, typical here from Brazil. If is the summer my favorite season? Well, in this tropical country is very difficul to choice one or another station…

  26. My favorite season is the summer, of coarse! Because here in Russia I have too few opportunities to get heatwaves. I like swimming and fast tubing. In the summer I enjoy tomatoes and herb like salad.

  27. these videos about conversation are really useful!!! thank you! I really love the fact you can eat tomatos, salt and bread when you are lying on the beach! it's as simple as a pleasure!

  28. These talkings between a British and an American person as you both do is very useful to us because we can observe the differences. I personally prefer British pronounciation, accent and vocalulary, it's very, very beautiful!!

  29. I'm trying to take advantages from every season. For example, summer is the best season for swimming, winter is for skiing. My favorite food is tomatoes during summer. My favorite drink is beer. Every season?

  30. Wow, this was my first video I saw on this channel, and I love it 🙂
    You two seem to be very friendly, and it was really nice to Listen to you for this 20 minutes. I am german, and going to hold an oral exam in english next thursday. It was really good to See this video for preparation, because it really fits for my situation now. It's nearly Summer, and you're talking free and Fluid. I loved to Listen to you, greetings from germany ✌ 🙂

  31. My favourite summer activity is go to the beach or swimming pool and rest in the sunbed with the umbrella on while I read my favourite newspaper or book , I listen to music in my phone and I have by my side a nice and refreshing cocktail. About my summer favourite fruit I have to say that is mango.

  32. It is like a dream come true, hearing american and British English at the same time thanks a lot guys god bless you, i really love learnin' English.

  33. Hi There, Hello Jack and Kate,
    It's very trivial but my favorite activity in summer is walking to the beach. I can do it, from my house to the beach, through a forest , then, swim in the ocean and lie on the sand. After that, I can assure you are sleeping very well. Gazpacho is my favorite dish. I am living in Basque Country but Gazpacho is Spanish dish more especially from Andalusia. Tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers,, crumb of the bread, eggs , coriander, paprika, oliv oil, balsamic vinegar, basil. You mix all these ingredients and You put them on the fridge two or three hours. That's all. Here, in the Basque Country, it is a heat wave. 40 ° celsius since Monday.

  34. А для начинающих русский перевод будет? Да и текст английский надо писать на экране. Вы там, что, на профессионалов работаете? Ну вы странные. Сами себе говорите, говорите, а где ваша аудитория?

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