ADVENTURES IN BANFF | Summer Canada Travel Guide 01

ADVENTURES IN BANFF | Summer Canada Travel Guide 01

Every year, we take an annual couple’s trip
with my bestie Jen, her husband Charlie, and then this guy right here. This year, we decided
to do [Karl: “Bonnf!”]. It’s Banff…Banff, Canada. [Karl: “Bonff”]. Don’t listen to
him. Hey y’all, it’s Renne from Travel Lushes and
it’s time for another destination series. This time I am taking all of you to Banff,
Canada. Yeah! Alright, so here is a sneak peek of everything I am going to show you
in my Canada videos. First up, my next Canada video is going to be all about food, because
my most popular video by far in my last destination series, was the one I did on what I ate in
Lima, Peru. I mean, you guys just ate that video right up. No pun intended. So this next
video is going to be just for all the foodies out there. Next up, after you finish satisfying
your appetites, I’m going to show you all my daily adventures in Canada. [Snapchat Recap]:
“So uh, yeah, hopefully this isn’t my last video post, because there is nobody on this
trail. It is just us. There’s nobody else out here!” So from Calgary, to Banff, and
back to Calgary, you’re going to see incredible scenery, beautiful wilderness, mountains,
lakes, hot springs, and you’re going to see some extremely dangerous wildlife. “What is
he doing? Oh there’s two of them!” “These little chipmunks out here are like ninjas.
They are aggressive!” Yeah. It was CRAZY. Ok so after all of that, if you’re like me,
and you go to a really awesome country, and at the end of the trip, you’re just like “Oh
my God, I don’t want to leave, this place is so awesome. I am moving here!” That is
me after like every trip. So if you finish watching this series and you’re like, man,
Banff is beautiful, like I could see myself living there. I got you covered. So, Jen and
I actually ran into this really awesome local who lives and works in Banff National Park
and he answered all of our questions about what Banff is like and what it takes to actually
move there, because there are special things that you need to know if you actually want
to move to Banff. It was actually really interesting because it was like every shop and restaurant
we went into, we kept hearing Australian accents, British accents, just accents that were NOT
Canadian. So it turns out a lot of people come from other countries to Banff to live
and work, and he answered all our questions about what it takes to actually be able to
do that. So that is it. I’m really excited to bring you along on my Canadian journey.
And if you missed my last destination series, it was on Peru, so go binge watch those videos
as you wait for the rest of my Canada videos to start rolling out. Alright, so to keep
up with the adventure, make sure you hit that subscribe button, and if you liked this video,
like literally “like” it, you know, hit that like button, like this video. That’s it guys.
I hope you enjoyed this video, and I can’t wait to see you on the next one. Bye bye!

22 thoughts on “ADVENTURES IN BANFF | Summer Canada Travel Guide 01

  1. Banff is my favorite place – we were just there in June – Glad you were able to go and check it out

  2. So happy I found your channel!! You are so good at what you do. We have a lot in common it seems. I love to travel! By the way, I make travel videos from all around the world. Feel free to experience the adventures and take a look! 🙂

  3. Love your channel! Definitely subbing! I started uploading videos a couple months ago if you don't mind checking my channel out! XO

  4. YESSS BANFF IS EVERYTHING!! It is so beautiful there <3 awesome job on this video, all those FOOOOOD and that cute squirrel hahah. Thumbs up girl 😀

  5. I literally like the video. another travel channel worth subscribing to. I got scared of the chipmunks though. LOL

  6. Thats a pretty cool idea ! I lived in Canada but never got to go to that side, I wanna go even more now 😉

  7. Hey! I was featured along side you in the live the adventure blog:) Just wanted to say that i love the content on your channel. It is really high quality! Keep up the good work! definitely dropping a sub:)

  8. lol, those chipmunks are so cute!
    And yep there's a massive push by a few companies in Australia to recruit people under 30 to work in Banff and other parts of Western Canada. Apparently it's pretty tough working there but everybody has a ball and by the end of it people have made friends for life! 😀

  9. Great job Renne, and nice choice of destinations. Banff is an absolute gem. Hope you enjoyed your time in Canada 😀

  10. Your channel is like a hidden treasure I just discovered! I'm from Calgary and your videos are so entertaining, authentic and high quality. I'm subscribing and can't wait for your channel to explode!! Woooooo 🇨🇦

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