African Safari Destinations – Top 5 Most Popular (with prices)

African Safari Destinations – Top 5 Most Popular (with prices)

Welcome to African Safari top five
destinations. In this video you are going to learn where to go on your African
safari, what animals you’ll see, the best time to go, accommodation, Safari costs,
the best luxury packages, insiders tips and so much more.
Number 5 Tanzania. Tanzania is located in East Africa and perhaps most
notoriously known for the Serengeti, the home of the Great Wildebeest Migration
where more than two million animals can be seen crossing the plains of the
Serengeti each year. The Great Migration is Africa’s largest movement of animals
where each year more than two million animals go in search of greener grazing
pastures by following the seasonal rains in a circular pattern throughout the
Serengeti. The best time for game viewing is from July to October in the dry
season or between January and February in the calving season, where more than
400,000 animals are born. Tanzania offers a wide variety of
accommodation with four star luxury starting at seven hundred and
thirty-seven dollars per person sharing and five-star luxury starting at 1037
dollars per person sharing. Accommodation is either in a luxury Lodge or a tented
Safari, with a tented Safari you will go to the migration so you can be assured
of an excellent great migration wildlife safari experience. Number 4 Victoria Falls. Victoria
Falls is located in southern Africa on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe and
home to the world’s largest waterfall. The mighty Zambezi River powers this
UNESCO world heritage site and year-round African safari destination.
The best way to view the Falls is from a heli tour from up above, not only is
the view of the Victoria Falls from above a spectacular sight, you’ll be able
to see the many inlets and tributaries surrounding the Falls. The best time to
visit the Falls are between June to August where you can enjoy Devil’s pool
and superb wildlife viewing or between February and May after the summer rains
where the Falls are at its most powerful. The Victoria Falls is more than just a
waterfall destination. You’ll be able to enjoy wildlife safaris in the
neighbouring Chobe and Hwange National Parks. The Victoria Falls offers
activities for the whole family from zip lining, white water rafting, bungee
jumping, canopy tours and even the popular game drives at night. Victoria Falls offers a variety of four
and five star accommodation starting at two hundred and thirteen dollars per
person sharing for four star and three hundred eighty seven dollars per person
sharing for five star. The average stay at Victoria Falls is two to three nights. Accommodation in Victoria Falls is on a
fully inclusive basis or a bed-and-breakfast basis. Accommodation is
available at the heart of the falls or further up the river where you can enjoy
a more tranquil remote luxurious experience. Number 3 Cape Town South Africa. Cape
Town is located on the southern tip of Africa where the Atlantic and Pacific
Oceans meet. Cape Town is frequently voted the number one city in the world
for tourists to visit and the iconic Table Mountain forms the backdrop to
what is known as the Mother City. Cape Town is frequently the number one stop
on your African safari. The best time to visit Cape Town is between March and May,
you’ll experience the best weather and no rain. June to November offers great
winter specials and some of the best whale watching anywhere on earth. Cape
Town boasts spectacular beaches, scenery, wineries and ocean adventures. There is
an abundance of accommodation in Cape Town with four star luxury starting from
167 dollars per person sharing and five-star luxury from 287 dollars. Cape
Town boasts a wide variety of attractions and activities with
privately guided tours the best way to see the city. The Cape is also known as
the culinary capital of Africa with several of the world’s leading top 50
rated restaurants found here. A stay in the surrounding Cape Winelands for one to
two nights is an absolute must where you can be forgiven for thinking
you’ve escaped to the South of France. Number 2 Botswana. Botswana is located
to the north of South Africa between Namibia and Zimbabwe.
Botswana is considered by many to be the premier destination for a remote
luxury African safari. The best time to visit Botswana for your African safari
is from May to September during the dry season where temperatures are moderate
or June to October when the Okavango Delta floods and unique experiences like
mokoro safaris are available in addition to the big five and large elephant herd.
Botswana is the premiere destination to see big cats. If you want to see cheetah,
lion and leopard then Botswana is the perfect destination for your African
safari. When it comes to luxurious picture-perfect African safari
destinations it’s tough to beat Botswana. Luxury four-star prices start at
497 dollars per person sharing and luxury five-star prices start at nine
hundred and forty seven dollars per person sharing. These prices are fully
inclusive of all meals and local drinks as well as two privately guided safaris
per day. If you’re looking for a picture-perfect luxury African safari
destination, consider the Okavango Delta with its great many lodges sprinkled
along the banks of the rivers and waterways, where animals come to quench
their thirst from the daily Sun, with unique safari experiences like the
mokoro safari, you’ll get to navigate the banks of the Delta in a traditional
dugout canoe. This UNESCO world heritage site will create memories to last a
lifetime. Number 1The Kruger Park in South
Africa . The Kruger Park is located in the northeast of south africa on the border
of Mozambique and is Africa’s most popular safari destination.
If you want to see the big five on your African safari then the Kruger Park is
perfect for you, home to Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo and Rhino. In addition to
the Big Five, the Kruger Park is home to more than 140 large mammal species and
more than 500 bird species, more than any destination in Africa. The best time to
visit the Kruger Park is from July to October during the back end of winter.
The bush is less dense and the temperatures are cooler which means the
animals are more active during the day and you can see them better through the
vegetation. The experienced guides of the Kruger Park will help you spot your
favourite animals on your wildlife safari. The Kruger Park boasts a wide variety of
luxury lodges for you to choose from. Prices for luxury accommodation in the
Kruger Park start at 417 dollars per person sharing nightly for four star and
eight hundred and fifty seven dollars per person sharing nightly for luxury
five-star lodges. Accommodation at these price points comes fully inclusive of
all meals and local drinks as well as two daily game drives in a private 4×4
open top vehicle, with a private guide and tracker to help you find your
favourite animals in the bush. The luxuriously appointed lodges of the
Kruger Park are ideally situated to attract local wildlife. What sets the
Kruger Park apart from the other destinations in Africa is the overall
experience. The Kruger Park offers the best blend of hospitality, cuisine,
experienced guides, luxury settings, abundance of wildlife and fantastic
value for money on the African continent, and therefore the number one Safari
destination. African safari luxury packages. The most popular African safari
package is a combination of Cape Town for two to three nights with a night in
Franschhoek, The Kruger Park for three to four nights and Victoria Falls for two
nights. A four-star 7 night package will start at five thousand six hundred and
ninety dollars per person sharing, a five star
eight night package starts at seven thousand one hundred and twenty seven
dollars per person sharing and a five star premiere Safari for nine nights
starts at thirteen thousand three hundred and fifty seven dollars per
person sharing. At African Safari Home we represents over five hundred luxury
hotels and lodges in South and East Africa and specialise in tailor-made
packages. If you have any further questions or special requests or special
occasions we’d love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments section below
where you would like to go on your ideal African safari and what animals you’d
like to see. Would you like to see the Big Five or are there other specific
animals you’d like to see? Let us know or visit We look forward
to hearing from you and designing the African safari of your dreams!

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