100 thoughts on “Air Travel In Real Life

  1. Oh come on , you pay next to nothing and you sit your ass in a 80 million dollar aircraft which is SAFE. What more do you want ? Anyway the video is great 😀

  2. Is this targetted for 5 year olds or so? Anyone above 16 has been on a “real plane” for at least a dozen times. And is there air travel in any not-real life? But the crying kid and pilot anouncements are right on.

  3. That garbage thing is fuckin real man. Everytime i have to freaking put it inside the seat pouch and that thing at 3:23 had me dying

  4. If you are the antisocial type, run an airline. It's the only kind of business where you can constantly harass and demean your customers without going out of business.

  5. someone who made this great firm, like producer or writer please let me know who you are. i will buy you a gift! great!!!

  6. Ah the ending with the guy in the middle with his head sideways. Thats me right there EVERY FUCKING TIME GODDAMMIT WOULD YOU PEOPLE JUST HURRY THE FUCK UP

  7. You forgot waiting half an hour after docking on airport and that the people aren't allowed to stand up, but do it anyway haha

  8. Hilarious! Just one person is missing; the man who flips a giant newspaper open while there are people sitting beside him.

  9. The one thing that airlines never mention is the crying baby problem. It can ruin a flight, but airlines haven't got a clue what to do about this. They should make it their business to do something about it.

  10. OMG! This video was spot . My mom and I travel internationally and we were rolling. ? This video has every issue that you encounter when flying. We loved it!

  11. To the parents who bring their crying babies to a flight. Remember that there is a special place in hell for you.

  12. They forgot the 30 passengers with emotional issues who insist on bringing their barking dogs who urinated in the terminal

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