Airline Travel Careers – Cypress College

Airline Travel Careers – Cypress College

♪ Music ♪ >>The Cypress College airline
and travel careers program is a dynamic program that offers three
different opportunities for students. They can major in flight attendant,
airline customer services or travel and tourism. There’s not that many programs like
this across the United States. One of the things that we do is
once students are getting close to achieving their certificates,
we’ll actually start working with them, telling them where to go to apply,
we’ll work with– they do a project where they
investigate different companies that they might want
to work for. Yeah, we’ve had tremendous success
with getting students hired, we have an outstanding
advisory board, we also have a lot of students that are out
there working that will help assist new students coming
on board so they’re getting the inside scoop on what they
can expect in the interview, what they can expect in training,
if it’s a good company or not. So, our best advocates for the
new students are the students that have graduated from us. ♪ Music ♪>>All our teachers have
been in the industry before, or are still in the industry
knowing that they’re enjoying it, and they’re teaching us about
it, and like just having like hands-on experience from them telling
us what we should or shouldn’t do, it’s really beneficial.>>We have many field trips
that we’re able to take part in, like today we went to
the Long Beach Airport, and they gave us a behind the
scenes tour not only at the airport, but the operations at Jet Blue Airlines. We’ve also been involved in
disaster preparedness drills, we did one at LAX a couple of
years ago, there’s another one coming up at Long Beach where we get
to be a part of how the airports train for disasters from airplane crashes, to earthquakes, things of that
nature, so it goes beyond the normal classroom setting where
we get to go out into the field, and really experience
the industry. >>Hi, my name is Sierra
Nagroan, I’ve been attending Cypress College for a few
semesters now. I personally, I love it here.
I meet lots of people, and the instructors actually know
what they are talking about, and I enjoy it here. ♪ Music ♪

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  1. Everyone tells me different things about being a fly attendant some say its a really exciting job, some say that really, it's just like a waitress and a boring life flying all day and at least three times to the same place … somebody tell me what is it like to be a fly attendant!

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