AKIHABARA TOUR: Anime Shops & Arcades

AKIHABARA TOUR: Anime Shops & Arcades

We’ve just got to Akihabara JR Station There’s a big installation of gachapon In the middle of the station To get you ready for the arcades Today we’re in Akihabara! If you love manga, Figures & games And anime And you want to go figure hunting This is definitely the place to come Today I’m going to show you around And take you on a tour with me I’m going to pick out some of my favourite shops Show you the arcades And what’s here And where everything is We’re starting out at JR Akihabara Station Follow the signs to the Electric Town exit And you’ll be right here And straight away It’s so colourful! There’s so many arcades And shops And anime posters All around you So, starting from JR Akihabara Station Right here in front of me This is the road that takes you to the main road In Akihabara Which goes along this way Along this way there’s a couple of shops That’s not the main route though There’s a Maidreamin down there A maid cafe There’s about 5 branches of that On the corner here we’ve got Sega That’s an arcade And look how many floors there are To all these places First stop: we’re going to have a look round the arcade You can’t always film in there So I’ll do what I can Phil’s going to try & win this Sonic Now this is a new sort of machine You have to press the button When the light lines up with these sticks So close! On this, you can use your Suica or Pasmo card to pay Hold on You get another go? No that’s it We’ve got a lot to get round So I won’t show you too much here But if you want to see more about what games & machines there are Watch my other video: What’s in Japanese Arcades Continuing along this first street This shop with a yellow sign Is Radio Kaikan At first I only discovered the ground floor Which has a sort of card shop There’s a souvenir shop that sells quite a few Japanese Kitkats usually But it’s actually got loads of floors It’s got some secondhand figures up there Lots of gachapon And lots of good stuff to look round And we haven’t even got to the main street yet This is Gift Shop the Akiba That’s where you can find lots of Japanese Kitkats And sweets And souvenirs We’re going up the escalator Here on the first floor Or Floor 2 as they call it here in Japan We’ve got a load of glass cabinets to look through Now these are all secondhand figures But I’ve found they’re usually in perfect condition They just might not have all the boxes, that’s all Someone’s getting rid of their K-On collection!! In this one, someone’s selling coins & medals So you really can find all sorts Here just opposite the shop Is a whole bank of gachapon So many! Look at all these plushies! There’s several branches of this shop: Robot Robot I think there’s another one in Akiba There’s one in Nakano as well They sell secondhand figures & toys And all sorts of things In Radio Kaikan there’s actually 10 floors To look round There’s so much in there You could spend ages just looking round that But we’ve got a lot more to get through Now we’ve got to the end of the road And this is the main street of Akihabara So colourful, I love how the buildings look round here There’s a couple of shops this way And arcades But the main bulk of it Will be to your right, that way On both sides of the street And also, on this side There’s a few backstreets behind there to explore as well Up here we’ve got Maidreamin the maid cafe You can hear the song on the street I told you there’s so many of them You can still see the other one down there by the station On the street you can see maids giving out their leaflets Trying to bring customers into their cafes Here’s another arcade: Adores It’s a bit of a smaller arcade But there are several floors Always look upstairs And see what there is And just outside on the street You can see a lot of gachapon On both sides First gachapon of the day! What are you getting, Phil? Hamsters in shoes Hamuketsu That means hamster bottoms And I got…. The hamster in the blue shoe This one! We’re just continuing along the main street Along here it’s really easy to find All the main shops You don’t need to worry about writing down the details of them It’s pretty much wall-to-wall figure shops There are a few normal shops like suits & things in between Here we’ve got a games shop I love how these are decorated They’ve got so many anime pictures on the outside And even stuck to the floor inside Right next door, here’s Taito Station That’s one of the main, big brands of arcades That and Sega You see quite a lot Look how many floors there are Look at all those gachapon outside! There’s so many! Arcades are great And they’re a lot of fun But they’re really loud! It’s like an onslaught on the senses! And they’re also quite smoky Especially on the floors with the video games Because people sit & have a cigarette Japan doesn’t have a smoking ban Like in the UK Here there’s some places to get snacks There’s crepes, takoyaki And… beef on sticks Just next to that This penguin is the mascot of Don Quijote Which is a big store that sells All sorts of things, basically You can find a lot of crazy gadgets Costumes, sweets It’s quite a good place to presents for people The figure stores & arcades Get a little more sparse, the further you get from the station But there are still some good shops down here And I’ve found figures at really good prices In stores further along, away from the main section We’re just going to continue walking along this side Then we’re going to cross over Look round the other side And explore the backstreets over there This shop’s got some lucky bags outside Utubukuro Not fukubukuro They’re 1000 yen I don’t see that very often actually Inside they’ve got secondhand figures & prize figures Here’s a shop with just gachapon machines And nothing else! It’s called Gacha Gacha We’ve just crossed over the main road And we’re going to start going back down towards the station But before we do There’s one shop up here It’s called Friends And that’s a retro game shop It’s a really small, indie place And it’s really difficult to find You need to look for the ramen shop next door And a sign for a dodgy-looking massage place If you can read katakana It says “Fu-ren-zu” Up this way Oh dear, it’s shut today & tomorrow Just temporarily But here’s the door It seems like kind of a backstreet staircase to go up If you do go in there It’s rammed full of games There isn’t much room It’s here & on the floor above It’s really cool – good place to come, check it out I think the prices are quite good & you’ll find some fairly rare things here It’s worth coming along Again, further away from the station There’s not so much But we’ll hit on lots of shops soon Don’t all these vertical signs look cool They’re so colourful Up here there’s an Akiba System Idol shop Always look up & see what signs there are Because you might miss out on things This shop’s got a lot of secondhand figures And it looks like some new ones in boxes as well And they’ve got lucky bags too Maybe that’s a new thing they’re doing now I’ve never seen this one before Apparently there’s a retro games shop down this staircase What did we say about shops being in unlikely-looking places?! We’ve just been walking down the main street We’ve come to this really tall, gold building Which I think is some sort of event or convention space We’re going to turn right here Into the backstreets Across the street there’s @Home cafe That’s one of the famous maid cafes I’ve been to that one & it’s actually Pretty similar to Maidreamin It’s not that different The cafe itself is on several floors up here This is a good shop to look round It’s got lots on the floors above The ground floor has figures, I think it has some books & manga The Animate x Good Smile Cafe There’s Lashinbang I always think that’s a funny name That’s a figure shop And another branch of Robot Robot That’s the secondhand figure shop we saw Back in Radio Kaikan There’s a lot to look through On the top floor we’ve just been on There’s loads of cosplays They’re actually quite expensive The outfits are between about 5 and 30 thousand yen The wigs are about the same as well Some of the wigs are actually quite pricey But I guess they must be pretty good quality And I’m no cosplayer Though I have done a grand total of 3 cosplays But I think if you were into cosplay It’d be really exciting to look round Even if you make your own clothes For cosplays You can get all the accessories Like ties, and they had shoes And the traditional Japanese sandals and things So it’d be really fun to look round There are a couple of random shops in here as well There’s a little shop selling yoyos And an army surplus store We’re just turning into a backstreet by the side of that shop we were just in Here we are at Kotobukiya They do slightly more pricey, really good quality figures But lately we haven’t had so much luck with them Every time we’ve seen a really good figure It’s been sold out So I think it might be one of those situations Where you have to pre-order them as soon as they come out To get the really good ones But still, the figures are all on display And it’s fun to look round On the bottom floor They’ve got more sort of merch And small goods See… she’s sold out…. She’s sold out She’s sold out She’s cute! She’s sold out as well The colourful ones at the back I like their outfits Sold out There’s some coin lockers here We’re on the same street as Kotobukiya So if you buy too much stuff And get fed up with carrying it around You can put it in a locker They’re 200 yen And you can often find them at stations as well Let’s continue this way Narrowly avoiding getting run over We’re just continuing down this street This is underneath the railway tracks now Here’s Mulan That’s another figure shop Now we’re heading back towards the main road A j-pop live there! We’re back on the main street now It’s just going to start to rain by the feel of it Akihabara’s not too bad a place to come in the rain Because you can go into the arcades There’s lots of shops to go in We’ve just gone round the block And headed back into the backstreets There’s a couple more places I want to show you back here Here’s Super Potato This is a retro games shop It’s a pretty good one It’s over a couple of floors They’ve got all different types of retro games And it’s so packed The aisles are really narrow And they’ve got so much stuff I always think a funny thing about this shop Is they have piles of old consoles Stacked up They’re all shrink-wrapped And they just have so many of them Piled up The entrance is quite easy to miss We’ve just walked past it several times This is the road that Kotobukiya’s on It’s also right next to that really tall gold building Look for the yellow sign And if you can read katakana It’s Su-pa Po-ta-to The games are arranged alphabetically by hiragana If you don’t read Japanese The spines are all in katakana And kanji So you have to pull them out to see what the games are Outside the other side of the station The opposit side to Electric Town You can see the AKB48 Cafe and Shop And the Gundam Cafe Across the square It really is quite overwhleming How much there is in Akiba to look round If there is a particular figure you’re searching for It makes it really fun Because you’re always thinking Am I going to find it in the next cabinet? Is it going to be just around the corner? Usually I spend a day in Akihabara Maybe if you’re not really into figure hunting Half a day would be ok But I usually spend a whole day looking round here There’s just so much So I hope you enjoyed the tour And found that interesting If you’ve got any questions Just put them in the comments There’s more from Akihabara coming up And new Japan videos every Thursday If you want to subscribe See you soon!

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